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Need. Sweets. 🍭🍬🍫πŸͺπŸ°πŸ¦πŸŽ‚πŸ©
"Stahp. I'm allergic to cats." 😾
Online professor gives us two questions to answer for our exam with no length requirement. How am I supposed to know how much to write!?
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Find someone who loves you like Tate loved Violet πŸ’–
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Monday's are the worst because I don't get to talk to my boy much. 😞@CoolStuddMuffinn
I fall for @CoolStuddMuffin more and more every day. 😍❀️
Why can't @kaitlyn_bushong have green eyes?..
Telling a girl she's beautiful can make her day a 100 times better.
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Why does my family share pictures of when I was 12 and a fatty? Because they hate me, that's why.
My man crush all day, everyday. @CoolStuddMuffin I love you πŸŒŽβž‘οΈπŸŒ™&πŸŒŽπŸ”™
I've got someone who waits, waits for me and right now he's where I need to be. ❀️
I'll ride in on a sunny day, sing you a song, then steel your heart away. @CoolStuddMuffin
Found a boy, but we don't fit in here. One day we're going to pack it up and leave here. πŸ’Ό
when boys are half asleep but roll over & wrap their arms around you and pull you closer nothing is better, nothing don't try to argue 😍
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The people that we love the most are the ones who make us cry the hardest.
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Don't ask me what wrong unless you're ready to see every oz of water come rushing out of my eyes.
This is one night I'm wishing I could rewind. Put the moon back in the sky, unkiss your lips just to kiss them again. 😍
Do you remember when we started this mess, my heart was beating out of my cheat.
Literally am counting down the minutes until I can see my boyfriend.
I can't wait for thisπŸ˜πŸ’πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
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So, let's take one more trip around the moon. πŸŒ™
The sky's dropping Jupiter around us like some old train. ❀️
So tired of watching other people get proposed to. My turn.
You'll appreciate these things one day. #AtLeastIHope
Mass irritation.
I'm surrounded by a million things that make me think of @CoolStuddMuffin everyday. 😒
Guess what Cody got me for our one year.. A fist bump. #awesome #jk
I need food. Right now.
Not enough sleep. πŸ˜”
No sleep for Sammy tonight. ✌️
Nothing better than feeling completely alone. πŸ˜“
Cody woke me so early that my eyes hurt. 😒 why
So many cravings. πŸ˜“
I work in the day + toad works at night = I never see toad. πŸΈπŸ˜”
First day on the job tomorrow. 😁