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Seriously though, can someone tell @ddlovato how ignorant she is? Maybe then she'll learn how to #GoCryinToHerMama.. #RealRichWorld #AssFace
I don't hate any celebrities besides Bill O'Reilly and @ddlovato. She's such a spoiled whore with an okay body and a man's face. #Butterface
#SorryImNotSorry butttttt, @ddlovato deserved to be bullied. Can we say whiny, spoiled little brat much? Oh, and she's not even attractive..
I'm at @Hampton Austin Airport South in Austin, TX
@saltyshelley Welcome Shelley! If you have any questions or need any assistance, just let us know!
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I'm at Hilton Austin - @HiltonHotels (Austin, TX) w/ 2 others
I'm at Westgate Shopping Center (Austin, TX)
Warning: Avicii is making a rock album with Billie Joe Armstrong, Chris Martin, and Serj Tankian
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Don't look away 💚 from the arms of a moment
Talked @CarloThaJackal into getting me a #FourLoko! I call that a #ScoreLoko 😎
Shoutout to my #wce @saltyshelley i love her more and more everyday
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I'm so glad that emoticons and emojis are somewhat socially acceptable again! 😎🌴#ForAWhileTheyWereWeirdird
1. Beer 2. Mixed Drinks 3. Shots 4. None of the above (Yes, I'm a Party Pooper) What's your choice?
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I will always love you Green Day 💚💚💚
Listening to !Uno! by Green Day! 💚
Why isn't chipotle open 24 hours???
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With Car, Jax, Tina & Bryce (@ Off The Hookah Lounge And Smoke Shop)
Chilling with Car, Jax, Tina, and Bryce (@ South Park Ranch Apartments)