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Green Day is going to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year! #GREENDAY #FAVBAND #NUMBERONEFAN
I'm boycotting #CBS from now on unless it's a #Broncos game. They need to realize that the current NFL season means more than the last one..
CBS bumped Broncos for Seattle? Even though we have the better record this year&are way closer to TX? Newsflash CBS, the Superbowl is over..
Watt's up?! Getting the sack! Not so "lucky" now, are you Colts? #JJWatt #HOUvsIND
The #Texans are losing right now because the #Colts have all the LUCK..
"Never feel a loss for something not gained." - @witteeme What a great quote! Never thought about it that way. #Wisdom
Well tonight sucked.
Just yelled at a girl over Instagram for posting a spoiler about #PrettyLittleLiars without any warning, hahaha! #BitchDeservedIt #PLLaddict
Shelley need beer
You seriously gotta check out @Lewis_Lovering's tweets. You won't be sorry! Follow him while you're at it, he follows back. #CoolDude
There's a fine line between being an #InternetPerson and having ADHD...
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Looking for something to do tonight in #VictoriaTx, what's going down tonight guys?!
Guesssssss who is back in the 361?! THIS girl! So what's going on tonight #VictoriaTx?! Impress me!
"The promise of beer is a terrible thing to jinx" - @saltyshelley
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Galileo wins Dancing With The Stars! #MillennialHistory @midnight
I want you all to go follow him 👉 RT@Lewis_Loveringg:@saltyshelleyy Thankyou so much for helping me gain my audience! 😄
I'm so happy that I'm beginning to build an amazing @twitter #network! Love all my followers!
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Need coffee brain no function without :/
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Willy Wanker and the Silicon Factory #BoobieMovies @midnight
#LetMeTakeASelfie or four. 📷 #Selfie #Collage #MileyFace! 👅
How Charlie Overcame The Chocolate Factory, Diabetes, and The Great Oompa Loompa Liberation #BookSequels @midnight
Chicken Soup for the Soul-less #BookSequels @midnight
The Great Zombie: Gatsby's Return #BookSequels @midnight
Alice's Adventures in Rehab #BookSequels @midnight
Photo bombing the two greatest QB's of all time, Elway and Manning. #tbt #ThursdayNightFootball
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I am no #FairweatherFan. My blood has been blue and orange since Feb 25 1991 & it always will be. #BroncosGirl #DenverForever 🏈#WinOrLosee
I'm following all the Broncos players on Twitter now, crossing my fingers that I get a followback from one or all of them. #GreatestMenAlive
Now next week I need my #FabFour [DEN/NO/MIA/HOU] to do it again!! & KeithyQ's Eagles need to bring home the dub against the #Seacocks 🏈🎉
Me: "I'm tweeting about the game right now" @CarloThaJackal: "About your perfect week?" "About my HASHTAG-perfect-week" 🏈#PERFECTWEEKK#NFLL