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The world's first genetically modified babies will graduate high school this year
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How Baseball Fans Said Goodbye to Derek Jeter…
A storybook ending of all storybook endings. In his final game in the Bronx, Derek Jeter wins it with a #walkoff:
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@acmaria I'm going to grab a modem, and may need some tech support. <3u, thx!
@acmaria that's the f/n I phone 6, babe. We all got em yesterday. Ok, I fiber. Ted it. I still have galaxy s5. Mine is bigger than yours; )
@acmaria my I phone 6... what? I bought you one too
Jeter thanks fans in special commercial, then homers… via @MLB
Let's chat on Cyber Dust. My username is praetorian
RECAP: Behind 7 strong innings from @BMcCarthy32, #Yankees salvage series finale at The Trop.
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My shot, courtesy of Virgin Galactic. How do you know when you're in outer space? -Cause you're doing sh*t like this.
Sweet! It's like getting a direct message minus having the Twitter account. @ChrisEvans: cool. scary. wow.…"
@RobertDowneyJr You, my friend are an inspiration. Hat's off, man. And may God dwell in your heart.
@BuzzFeed 20 years later, fish' attorney sues doctor for mistaking aging gene for tumor.
Let's chat on Cyber Dust. My username is praetorian
Bastard! U boosted 1? @MacRumors: Photos from 747. Flying iPhone 6 Units to U.S.… by @julipuli"
@not_romo -I can this pigskin into them mountains:D
Before The Conjuring, there was Annabelle.
RECAP: @CY24_7 steals home for the deciding run as #Yankees are victorious in Baltimore.
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@PatsCheer @Patriots Nice work. Who's the person on the right? A heads up would be awesome. Thx!
Tonight #NorthernLights may be visible as far south as Seattle, Chicago, NYC. Share photos:
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#nowplaying tom petty - don't come around here no more #spotify
#911 Our casualty. The spirit of the people lost will continue to inspire, and will never be forgotten.
Y? Kick kik! Download Cyberdust, for true anonymity. @goodballs: I'm trying to troll people on kik. @mcuban is taking txting to new levels
Where's our friend Ed, gone? @Wheeler_Dealers: @mikebrewer trades his way to a super car #TradingUp @Velocity at 9/8c
Amazing photo from last night's view of the fire from Washburn Point @YosemiteNPS. #Yosemite
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What's it worth today? @UberFacts @Hubble9355
@mcuban @USPS #Blogmaveric? Brilliant! Praetorian here, bro. We need a stratagy. A way to cloak cyberD. Told my girl it was cashe cleaner:)
Her: Do you ski? Me: Yeah, I'm awesome. Her: How was last season? Me: Awesome.
My ancestors discovered gravity by watching mixtapes drop. I was homeschooled.
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Pple,think! This isn't about race, or police brutality. It's about our safety. @Jax6655: @salanthony @villares @zaibatsu Citizens hv rights.
Obsequious?Yes.Overly deferential?No. My heart goes out to her family. But defying a cop will get yu bustd @CryingWolfe @villares @zaibatsu
War erupts over Craigslist poster looking for gym equipment : theCHIVE via @theCHIVE
@villares @zaibatsu Idk.These guys r tactically trained to anticipate the worst. Once an arrest is in motion, procedure and protocol follow.
Masahiro Tanaka feeling stronger, still intends to pitch for @Yankees this season:
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RECAP: Prado collects 3 hits behind @BMcCarthy32's solid outing as #Yankees roll to victory.
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@_LoneStarSass Melatonin, warm milk, Xanax. Any, or, all in this situation will help to alleviate any added anxiety Twitter may be causing.
Naked people, a taser, photoshoot. I'm game. Original:
@zaibatsu Forgive me, but why didn’t she just move?
Newfound Asteroid Will Give Earth Super-Close Shave on Sunday
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