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*speachless* nuthinbut<34yaCheri TY! @Luminous_Cheri: @salanthony you win the MAVS backpack. Congrats. DM me your info and #cyberdust name."
@VinceSager #CyberDustJokeOfTheDay" There was a bear and a rabbit sh*ting in the woods. The bear turns to the ...
Anything Mavs:)) @Luminous_Cheri: Most unique sports gear ever! Pick your sport. Pick your team. #MerryChristmas"
If Jesus were on earth today wht would he drive? A #VWJettawagon. & w/optimal faith there's legroom enough for 12
Only in 2014 could news of a Seth Rogen movie upstage the President normalizing U.S.-Cuba relations
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OMG LIFE COMPLETE!...Use the Minion emojis with the Makemoji app! 😍🙌
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I can feel the day looming when my roommate/ part time gf asks "What's #Cyberdust"?
The Police - So Lonely: via @YouTube
@ellendiane Yeah, you too. Boston? Bummer! I'm in Ct.
Miss ya, bro! Tell mom, an extra plate for Christmas eve. +12am (mass) @Gbeezy_99: This is how we do at the Browns!
Add me on @ cyberdustapp. My username is (+praetorian). #DustMe…
"@joshshiney: #oil prices down while Eric Selquist(country) @PayLessOil continues it's quality customer services"
IT:have you deleted your cookies? Me:yea the chocolate ones. There may be some raisin ones left IT:is there somebody else I could talk to?
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15 Most expensive wristwatches that costs over 1 million dollar… via @TiptopWatches
@BestGoreTweets @crazylifefacts How's the-- OMG! Does the foot still sting?";) The buzz around the water cooler -- plenty of B movies:)
the temptation of joy - jatun #spotify
@TomLoxas @jab_lo_now_ski Let me know when they grab a center fielder w/a big bat. #Yankees
If your turning 40, you have my sypathy. For, I'd rather be 50 than 40.…
Make librarians cry by calling it a "Book Museum" while taking pictures with your iPad.
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Want a Telescope for Christmas? Here's What You Need to Know
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Tiger: 'I feel great' to return to hero… via @ESPNGolf
@JustSayNow Peer pressure acompanied by a box of slim Jims and a panic attack is enough to sway anyone to just say no.
#nowplaying The Temptation of Joy - Jatun #spotify
Live freely. Browse freely. #ChooseIndependent, choose Firefox:
Black Friday Brawls - CNNMoney…
A 9-volt battery is all this tiny charger needs to revive your phone:
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Drone pilot wanted: Starting salary $100,000. via @CNNMoney
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Grand jury has decided not to indict the police officer that killed Michael Brown.
CM Security protects my phone and privacy, think you will love it.
Whats the name of this classic cowboy comedy?
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Samantha Cristoforetti (space camp alumni) prepares for the greatest trip of her life.…
@SheliJ Follow-up office visit ...Priceless:j
David Robertson's road to a $50 million pay day via @nypost
@StephanieCA_H explain that to baby
You should be required to read a book for every 10 selfies you take.
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@StephanieCA_H your worried about me? We'll I get these butterflies in my stomach, tho. I wanna mary you! Baby,
@StephanieCA_H lol. I gotta go to bed, but you'll c me this ) or next. Nite babe; )
@StephanieCA_H o watched 1. Did i insult you? You're gonna married me. What do you pants have to sabotage that