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Salman Rushdie
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.@azarnafisi A bad memory is a great gift. Anyway... Hello! Hope all well with you! All the best.
.@azarnafisi @LateNightSeth This is funny. I don't remember this confusion at all & I greatly admire your work Azar - oh and you too Seth.
Tonight at the Cheltenham literature festival...
.@R1card0G0nzalez I have signed the petition and added a statement. Thank you.
.@DolapoAina @EricaJong yes the "African man" is the great American writer James Baldwin -- I'm amused that you think the other guy is me.
Thank you Derek #Jeter. What a winning hit, what a player. #FarewellCaptain
With American String Quartet & Paul Cantelon on Oct. 17th! "Salman Rushdie to appear at FDU WAMFest via @ShareThis"
Did you know that @SalmanRushdie recorded the audio tour for our Clemente show? Listen online:
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Always a great night if I get to talk to my favorite author @SalmanRushdie
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.@olgabeatriztorr That is a fake quote. There are quite a few of those in circulation. Read my books, not the internet.
Three years on Twitter already! Time flies when you're having fun. Thanks for sticking around, all of you. Yes, even you.
My friend the brilliant @suphala is playing her tablas at Barbes in Brooklyn on Thursday. Go if you can!
.@hellenista yes that was me.Thank you, glad you liked M's C. Particularly nice to hear today: "Saleem's birthday." Happy Independence Day!
.@rajamama another totally fraudulent quote. The internet can be a very dishonest place.
Just found this old picture, c.1987, on this fascinating site. #tbt…
Twelve years ago. Milan (Rushdie) and Mylène (Farmer), Paris, 2002. #tbt
#GünterGrass #NadineGordimer and @SalmanRushdie” Back in the day. Grass's 70th birthday, Thalia Theater, Hamburg.
Writing Haroun and the Sea of Stories, at an undisclosed location, 1989. #tbt
.@ErosBonazzi That is funny and probably true. However, I can't be bothered to return the compliment. Good luck to her.
.@786Lyz @hizbe_e_wahdat seems all I do on Twitter now is correct idiocies. The man in this photo is not me. Does bigotry makes you blind?
.@kelbun I have never said this or anything like it. This is a mischievous and entirely invented quotation.
.@AMadumoole I have never said this or anything like it. This is a mischievous and entirely invented quotation.
@englishpen: Delighted to announce that @SalmanRushdie has won the 2014 PEN/ Pinter Prize” Great birthday present!
Thanks for the kind birthday wishes everyone. Much appreciated!
James Joyce's picture of Leopold Bloom. Today is the 110th anniv. of Bloom's odyssey around Dublin in…
Social Valuator Twitter "value" is ridiculous, obviously. Just a game to play. Not really worth playing.
My Twitter account is worth $515,522.88, according to the Social Valuator app. See how much you are worth:
QCommsLDN plans global expansion with @LAsalzman, Anna Gorham @ZafRushdie hires… … welcome to the family!
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@prweekuknews: Quintessentially plans global expansion w Brian Salzman, Anna Gorham and Zafar Rushdie…” Go Zafar!
Life in the tabloids: so strange. 2 people, friends for 30 years, get a bite to eat. Hot gossip! Hold the front page!…
@Elif_Safak: It was a true pleasure to talk about #GarciaMarquez with @mariellaf1 @SalmanRushdie & Nick Caistor on @BBCRadio4” Likewise!
.@ThinkingHearts @TarekFatah Yeah he was a hot guy. Probably a beard thing.
.@DylansCandyBar I assume this is a "joke."Fair enough.But my real views about the cookie of life remain unexpressed.If anyone's wondering.
@ishteyaquekamil: @SalmanRushdie What about your spel."ILLATIRITE" ?” Isn't it sweet that you don't even know you're being teased?
@MoskowitzEva: Thank you SR for visiting us today! @SuccessCharters” It was so much fun! Hi to all the scholars!
@sohailparas:Malala karing Moo kala.Billi tailay se bahir aa hee gyi” anyone who thinks that's me is nuts.Just FYI.
If you've never read @SalmanRushdie, thought it might be too hard or too much work, get his memoir Joseph Anton. It is a joy to read. A joy.
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.@JohnPollock And from Amazon UK at… worried me and I had to check.
.@RushdieExplains Are you by any chance related to @KimKierkegaard -ashian? If not. you guys should meet. I think you'd get along.
.@marcosfaria70 sadly no Rio this trip. Lecturing in Porto Alegre tonight, São Paulo Wednesday, Salvador Thursday #FrontiersofThought
At the PEN Gala with the great Chloe Wofford. (AKA Toni Morrison.)
Public Library Abandons Plan to Revamp 42nd Street Building @nytimes - a great victory for all who love the NYPL.
.@Amit_Dallas @ndtv This is a blatant lie, of course, but we have come to expect no less from Modi's Toadies.
Keep on trolling, Modi Toadies. You help prove my point with every ugly tweet. I'm going back to work.
.@jpressler @sternbergh This is also true but relieved to still have balls unbusted.
.@sternbergh So true. Kind of breaks my heart too. My bad memory and my mistake. Apologies to Stephen Colbert.