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العيد مش عاجبني يا أم عيد
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*owns tons of clothes* *wear three same things*
Friend: Go ask! Me: No you go ask. Friend: no you! Me: Oh, fine can i have ketchup
Shout out to all the beautiful women who don't need to dress half naked to get a man's attention... Stay classy!!
My mom is: • annoying • dramatic • irritating • beautiful • loving • caring • strong • amazing at the end of the day I still love her.
Mr: gaweby 3l so2al dah Ana: la msh 3arfh Mr:Tab el ba3deh? Ana:bardo mah 3arfh Mr:tab fakkary wana ma3aky Ana:
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You don't even understand your own words, shall i believe them?
Don't start a conversation if you can't keep it going
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I'm nothing doing nothing,
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.
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Don't you ever wanna tell someone "EVERYONE HATES YOU STUPID ASS!!!"
اه يا زمن خليت للمعفن ثمن.
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Give respect and loyalty only to those who deserve it.
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Life is so short, just do what the hell makes you happy.
Hot guys are like sushi, they suck.
Baba: khod yabny masrofak aho 3ashan mat'olesh haga w enzl ekhrog shwya kman yala ya sedy , ana:
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E7na shelnaa obaaa7!!!!
El defaa3 daye3 .. We el hogoom kaman?!!! Ana shayfa kefaya keda kora we ne2lb ballet b2aa