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Sally Symonds
You think you can't lose weight because of your hectic sched? You can! Here's how.
Your weight can fluctuate by up to 2 kg throughout the day so the best method is to get up, go to the toilet, get naked
Always weigh yourself at the same time, wearing the same thing, on the same scales.
@Adina_Yocham: Weight Loss Tip: If you eat something and no one sees you eat it, it has no calories.” If only...
Losing weight is about being DUMB - Dreamy, Unrealistic, Motivating and Bold. Are you DUMB enough?
Exercise is one of the easiest ways to increase your metabolism (or the rate at which your body burns the food you consume).
Get the most out of your resistance band training with these 50 resistance band exercises eBook!
Increasing your metabolism is like building a bigger engine for your car - you can change your body from a 4cylinder to a V8!
What is your favorite motivational quote? Post it in the comments below and whichever co...
Water, Sports and Energy Drinks for Weight Loss…
Previously unknown virus that lives in half the world's population could play a major role in obesity and diabetes…
Identify a get out of jail free food to help you on your weight loss way.
Push, press and squat your way to weight loss with these three Swiss ball exercise combinations!
Identify your biggest bad food weakness. What can you do to stop it being a problem?
Do you opt for a surgery to lose weight? You have to read it first. #surgery #weightloss #health #body