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If you think sunshine brings you happiness , then you haven't danced in the rain.
Enjoy the best things in life cause you aint gonna get to live it twice
Der Virus der Gier erschafft Zombies
I want to build such a cute robot with the raspberry pi also c:
What are you, a golden retriever? What do you care what other people think?
What's better, winning all that money or not caring about it?
This looks important!
Iron Man 2 with my best :]
I don't need anyone who doesn't need me.. #JustSaying
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i never change, i simply become more myself..
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for me the best game this year :D it just makes a huge fun…
Wer sich selbst erniedrigt, will erhöhet werden.
Einen Glauben annehmen, bloss weil er Sitte ist, das heisst doch: unredlich sein, feige sein, faul sein !
Ich vermute, dass wir nur sehen, was wir kennen.
this raspberry pi is awesome c: I must have it
Blue Slide Park ♫♪
Kritik ist die Lust am Guten, mit Vermehrung der Lust durch Erkenntnis des Mißratenen.
it's hurts because I now understand that you never cared and that you never will.
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Nietzsche du bist mein Held