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Sairen Khay
Exams in a bit… @JLo @Trios22 @Drios818 @LeahRemini a luck from u would mean everything. 💋
@SairenKhay Good luck! JLo lang kailangan mo makakaperfect ka eh. XD
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@SairenKhay anubayan! Exam na naman! May bayad na tong goodluck ko ha! Lol😂 GOOOODLUUUCK SISSYYYYYYY😁😁
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Exam again tomorrow before our Midterm week. 💔�#everydayexaminationdayday.
"@JoelOsteen: God is counting on us to make a difference—to lift people up, to show mercy and be understanding." 🙏
"@fatjoe: My sis @JLo & I are #1 on the @ConquerEnt charts! Do it look like we Stressin'? HELL NAW!" Congrats!!! 👏
New Music: Jennifer Lopez ft Iggy Azalea - Booty (Remix) |
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#JLOVERS VOTE EVERY HOUR!! #BOOTY ON TOP!! @JLo > Nicki Minaj vs. Jennifer Lopez: Whose Booty-Obsessed Song Is Best?…
"We're sorry, but the player has detected this stream is not currently available in your area..." WHERE THE HELL DO I LIVE? IN MARS? 😔🌏
Yay!! #JLoBooty is NUMBER 1 today, this week, this month & ALL TIME!!! Congrats Mama! 👏🎉
"@Pontifex: From the cross, Christ teaches us to love even those who do not love us." 🙏
Breaking my own rules today…
.@JLo and @IGGYAZALEA's "Booty" remix will make you want to dance:
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Still Around is one of my fave old song of jen… 💖☺#Rebirthh@JLoo
Hav u seen them on the dance floor, they got d boom shake d room that's the lightning & a thunder.😍
" just have to do the best u can everyday..." - @JLo #QuoteOfTheDay
#TOA #P1 My head's killing me I'm losing sleep and I'm waking up tired, of it all... 🎶
Exams again tomorrow... Exams everyday, everyday not okay... lol. 😶