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Sairen Khay
Beautiful day for lunch in Malibu @ Ron & Kelly Meyers w/ Attorney General Kamala Harris. Thx Donna Langley!
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I have to sleep its 12:29am already… but I don't want to… coz maybe while I'm asleep @JLo will release #booty & I will missed it. 😁 🙌
Big big booty coz she got the natural booty… big big booty coz she got the natural booty Shake that! 🎶😁(my
☺😍💞@JLosQuoteses: "To all my LOVE!RS out there, I love you forever." ♥ - Jennifer Lopez"
Interviewer: What is something people will never understand about you? Jen: " How much I love my fans." ♥ - Jennifer Lopez {@JLo}
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When my classmates are all sending me emoticons of happiness coz we don't have classes tomorrow… got me like…
YAS!!!! "Suspension of classes for September 15, 2014 in selected areas 👉…a " via@govphh
Excitement overload for @JLo's #Booty Video!! Coming soon... so let's all Stay tuned!! (did that rhyme?) lol. #Worththewait #JLoBooty
That mini heart attack u felt after seeing "Jennifer Lopez Retweeted & Favorited your tweet" & when u viewed it, it's a #JLover...wew. 😷🙊
Living courageously means being bold in Christ, following your heart, taking some risks, and not allowing fear to keep you from God's best.
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The wind... Oh My God!! Stay safe Philippines... Bagyong Luis umalis kana po...
"My fans are my family. They're not just fans." ♥ - Jennifer Lopez {@JLo}
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guess the people who really loves you accepts you for who you truly are
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"@lorenridinger: If you don't respect yourself, why would others respect you? #inspirationalquotes"
If only our manicurist is as great as @TomBachik… I will never have a problem with my nails… lol… 💅 idk what suits on my nails tho…
You know when you're doing absolutely great and fine… always remember God blessed you so much… let's not forget to thank him. 🙏#blessedd
"@VirgoTerms: #Virgos always believe their way is the best way. That’s why they always seem to be the leaders when it comes to group work."
You know… when life seems to be unfair… just pray… nothing works better than that. 🙏
Be who you are… 👌
Her laugh & smile was our everything… her happiness was our happiness…
My suitor when i was on the 6th Grade just chatted on me and its been like 9 yrs since we've talked and seen each other... & now... ☺
"@SairenKhay: You better stop criticizing people... coz you don't know their story in the first place..." 👊
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You better stop criticizing people... coz you don't know their story in the first place...
"When something is destined... It's destined..." - @JLo
Sometimes… I believe in True Love… Sometimes I don't… but now I guess TRUE LOVE & Fairy Tales do exist. ☺💕#Faithh#Hopee#Lovee
Thinking all day about the day that changed us 4ever. Our strength our courage and how through all the pain...LOVE remains. #911anniversary
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Witnessing Jen's journey from fly girl to aka… just made me feel like… WOW!!! She's… idk what's the perfect word for that. Lol. @JLo
I heart heart #Nino… 🙏👏👌💗
i just can't get over with #JLoBooty @FashionRocksTV WATCH IT HERE!!! >>>>…
Time to prepare for school… again… 😔 talk to y'all later. 😘
That moment when Jen really killed the stage last night & at the end she's this sweet humble girl who bow down…just saying… she's adorable…
Just like her perfume she's a glowing goddess… @JLo you should know that. 😘
OMG!!! i didn't noticed the time, IT'S ALREADYYY 1:34 in the morning!!!!!!! I need some sleep... atleast i'm almost done with my #JLoProject
i hate COMMERCIALS... 😔
Jennifer Hudson is HERE!!!! #FashionRocks
fireball of @pitbull tho is so good... :)
It's already @pitbull!!!! then Jennifer Hudson then one more, then @JLo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #JLoFashionRocks #JLoBooty
You only love me with my big sunglasses... 🎶#FashionRockss 🎶