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If you're planning on doing haram activities on Eid, you are not celebrating Eid, you're giving shaytan a welcome back party.
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The Sharī'ah we claim to love to see established is the SAME Sharī'ah which punishes for this kind of behaviour. May Allāh ﷻ guide us all.
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How can we claim the correct Aqīdah & Manhaj while we joke & talk unnecessarily here with the opposite gender openly with little or no Hayā?
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#Sheik #Muhammad Ibn Abd Al #Wahhab #Masjid, #Doha - #Qatar #yawmaljumuah #friday #Ramadan #Sawm #QiyamAlLayl #NightOfLight #Islam #Ramadan #Hijri1436 #Ramadan2015
Beloved brothers & sisters please at least bring up the #muslim Uyghurs issue in the twitter. Don't let the East Turkistan second #Andalusia
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﷽ Qul Huwa Allahu Aĥad 💠Allahus Samad 💠Lam yelid wa lam yulad💠Wa lam yakul-La-hû kufu-wan ahad💠
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Muftis & Sheikhs are very busy giving lecture about peace, love and brotherhood when it comes East #Turkistan issue their tongue paralyzed
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Ya scholars & Daee of #Islam, why are you so dumb, deaf & blind 2 muslim Uyghurs in East Turkistan? Don't you accountable in front of Allah?
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My beloved brothers & sisters plz retweet. Thank you. #FreedomForEastTurkestan
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"You are not allowed 2 pray in mosque without this card " issued by Nawa village #Islamic society in East #Turkistan
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This is one of the reason why our ummah is in humiliation. They limit Islam to salah and saum !!
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Dome of The Rock is also a part of Masjid Al Aqsa but don't don't get confused between them.
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Allah created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Abrahamic religions forbids homosexuality.
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ISIS is not a threat for Turkey. The real threat for Turkey is PKK who directly aim to divide our country &point their guns to our soldiers.
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Muslim #Uyghur farmers forced into labour work & forced to eat during #Ramadan #Islam #Ummah #Islamophobia #China
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Fiqh al-Munafiqin - Referring all matters back to your favourite scholars, but never referring them back to Allah and His Messenger
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Fitna upon Fitna.
That Moment when somebody love Us for the sake of #Allah #Ramadan2015
#Awaken #Again #backtoreality #sun #fx #me #crop #morning #sunrise #sat #focus
Stand Against Kalla Nonbu. #coconuts #milkies #Ramadan #FakeFasting #Fasting #moderate #hashtags #social #Tamil
When Laws of Lord, taken part by part and Moderators call us to elect it and implement it one by one for Decades. #Democracy #StayMuslim
When Law of Lord, become optional for the Believers of the same Lord. #Democracy #StayMuslim
On this day (6 June, 1982) Israeli forces invaded Lebanon. They would remain until 1985.
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We live in a society where we wake up our kids for school.. But not for Fajr! #Priorities
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Becoming a slave of anything other than Allah is humiliation.
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Asus ZenFone 2 available tomorrow in the U.S. and Canada starting at $199…
Top 5 most popular Android apps from last week: A5 Browser, Seabeard…
HTC is skipping a mini variant of the One M9…
Appeals court reverses on part of the $930 million Apple v. Samsung verdict…
LG Escape2 for AT&T with Android 5.0 now available…
Galaxy S6 in Blue Topaz and Green Emerald S6 edge join the lineup…
Must-have Quick Charge 2.0 accessories for your Android phone and tablet…
T-Mobile is dropping the price of the LG Optimus L90 to $49 with a qualified prepaid plan…
Google’s Designed for Families program set to go live during Google I/O…
Xiaomi Mi Store US and UK beta launch set for May 19…
ASUS ZenWatch getting its Android 5.1.1 update…
Top 10 Android app updates this week: Google Fit, CBS…
Samsung teases Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 edge…
Samsung Galaxy S6 Active shows up on Samsung Plus page…
Chromecast adds CBS All Access, FOX Now, FXNOW, HGTV and others to its lineup…
Samsung Gear Live disappears from Google Store…
Top 10 new Android games this week: Seabeard, Spellcrafter…
Samsung’s Clear View cases reportedly scratching Galaxy S6 edge devices…
Freedom of Speech is ended when you challenge their values. #FreeSheikhOmarBakri
May Allah #FreeSheikhOmarBakri Muhammad (saw) said, The ulema are the inheritors of the Prophets!
Shaykh Omar taught to defend Islam from your side and to call to Allah's Sharia'ah whereever u may be on His planet #FreeSheikhOmarBakri
Sheikh Omar taught us giving public dawah at any cost is compulsory #Freesheikhomarbakri #TweetStorm

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