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A Toffee Crisp is one of your five a day right???
Today, 4 computers crashed on me & the toaster broke...It has happened people, the Decepticons are here
Dumbo over here forgot to bring her brolly DIDNT SHE
I refuse to be anyone's "sometimes" or any form of a second option
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I just realised I've survived everything I've ever encountered in life. I have a 100% survival rate. I'm bloody nailing it.
The Beach Boys will never fail to put me in a great mood
Everyone deserves to know someone who makes them go '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Inside
Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight 🌟
I have a serious amount of love for the person that created cheese
6am hill sprints have ruined me 😅😩
i want to feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field
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100% sure the smile will be gone in a few minutes 😅 #runtime
I love waking up to the smell of toast 😍
There are some good people in this world.
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Do you ever just space out and you're just staring at something and the next thing you know that 'something' is someone's ass
You don't realise how much you need your big toes until you injure one.
People like to say "this would have happened if that hadn't happened" when all they should be saying is "I'm not letting that happen again"
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Ant-man time! Finally!
Made these tasty little frozen yoghurt protein things! ❄️ #protein #snack #froyo #nomnoms
I really need some goddamn pizza
You know you've had a good leg day when you need to use the wheelchair ramp rather than the stairs when leaving the gym 😅
When you're REALLY looking forward to eating something & then get to the kitchen only to find someone else has eaten it... :))))))
Once you've developed swimmers shoulders that's it, they're there forever
Poached eggs & salmon on wholemeal muffins for breakfast 🍳🐟 #healthy #eggsroyale #breakfast #healthyfood
This guy's opening paragraph on Wikipedia though.. #badass
Thursday evening thoughts #fitness #cardio #food
Nicole Carroll: "It's always an incredibly difficult choice... The 2015 Spirit of the Games winner is Dan Bailey."
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I hate this sort of fine rain, it's like... extra wet
When your abs are hurting from working out and you're one of those people that laughs at everything :))))) #HAHAHAow 😔
ALWAYS. #Repost @dannyjonesfitness When a cheat bite becomes a cheat night. 😩
I forgot to bring food to work this morning, nothing since breakfast, i am about to MURDER someone
How do you battle your food cravings? Understanding them can make things easier! Read more:
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*enters my own password* I'm in
Be grateful with everything you have and you will be successful in everything you do

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