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Ryan Serhant
Here are a few big relationship lessons Emilia and I have learned!…
432 Park in the distance and 56 Leonard in the foreground peeking above the neighbors on this ominous Manhattan morning...
5AM. Why have 1 job if you can have 5?
15 Renwick fading into darkness as the sky burns over the New Jersey skyline...
Good morning from the HUGE eastern facing views of another new @serhant_team listing coming this week. It's like the sky is on fire. Just like us!
The surprise screening at the New York Film Festival was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! Yes, that's Adam Horovitz (aka Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys) on stage with us. He's in the movie and he KILLS IT. And after a very successful day of open houses and showings for my NYC and LA teams, I'd say today was a phenome
Emilia woke up this morning to a flood of texts and emails from people in Greece telling her there is a Front Page article and a 2 page spread in Proto Thema newspaper (basically Greece's "New York Times") about our engagement. Apparently the Greek's are a huge fan of real estate AND a good love sto
Today is the greatest day in the world! Right?! #readysetgo @emilia_bechrakis
Thank you to the 190,000 people who now follow me on this little app called @instagram from all over the world (hello my new friends in Africa!). And thank you all for the well wishes on my and my Greek Princess's engagement. As a classic @instagram thank you, here is the sun setting on Manhattan as
Another beautiful Saturday in NYC! We're loving this last push of summer! #nyc @RyanSerhant
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If you're in a NYC cab this week, you can watch me give a tour of our $8.5M townhouse listing in SoHo! @serhant_team
I find that I work harder when I set rewards for myself. If I meet 10 new leads today, I get a new tie. Or if I sell this apartment over the asking, I get the new iPhone. Or if my team surpasses our monthly quota, I take everyone out. Those are the rewards that I have to set to keep me focused on th
What a day, what a team. Life is a crazy thing. If I had listened to everyone else, I wouldn't be where I am today with two bicoastal top producing real estate teams, a hit TV show, a hit movie, a hot fiancé, and...well, guess you will have to wait and see 😎 @theserhantteam_la #expansion #readysetg
Three months ago I was watching @RyanSerhant kill the real estate game in NY on tv. A month and a half…
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CONGRATULATIONS @yomamamui on closing on your OWN APARTMENT IN SOHO!!!! You know you're doing something right when a girl you originally hired as an intern a few years ago is now spending millions on her own place 😘 @serhant_team
@sam_realla just leased this bad boy for $220,000 for...wait for it...TWO WEEKS. THAT'S $110,000 per week. That's $15,714 per day. That's $654 per hour. That's $10 per MINUTE to stay in this house. #onlyinLA #samrealisabeast @theserhantteam_la
On rainy days I like this, I always think of nights like last night. Pink and purple sky's the limit.
This is the greatest picture I have ever taken. I just left this house (a $30M pitch on the Upper West Side) and I had to stop and take this shot. This is life. Never-ending winding multi-million dollar stairs and I'm just wide-eyed-excited anxious-inquisitive-invigorated with the journey past and t
@RyanSerhant Truly 1 if the most successful & ambitious people I've ever seen !!!
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A lot of people ask me how I got into real estate. A lot of people think I went to school for real estate. A lot of people think my family is in real estate. The truth is, it was the spring of 2008 and I had just been killed off on As the World Turns. I had moved to New York in 2006 and supported my
The views from our new penthouse listing (with its own private elevator!) are INSANE.
Amazing panel discussion last night on the state of the new development market in New York with rock stars Faith Hope Consolo, John Genovese of Westfield, Neil Garfinkel, and Ed Hogan of Brookfield. Power panel. Thank you Judy and Vince for arranging!
β€œ@THR: @THR's roundup of recent weddings, engagements and babies: Bow Wow engaged to reality star” πŸ’πŸ’œ
My beautiful little girl. No matter how high her heels are, she still has to stand on her tip-toes to make it into the selfie. #determination πŸ’œ PS I'm just REALLY tall
@RyanSerhant @glamourmag I saw you posted this earlier but I wanted to sit down & really read it with a silent room. Now I'm crying. πŸ’œ
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My unforgettable, incredible weekend! What It's Like to Attend Your First Movie Premiere...thanks @glamourmag!…
A big thumbs up to working from the 3rd row today. The 2015 Escalade has an aisle so that long legged men like me can stretch when needed.
I love this 2 bedroom loft we are bringing to market today. Who doesn't want 13 foot ceilings in their own TriBeCa oasis? And for under $2M? @kaptanungaboonga @serhant_team
@RyanSerhant love the show mate! Sending support from Australia!
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@RyanSerhant You know you've made it when you are reported internationally.
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NEW LISTING THURSDAY! 211 Elizabeth. SoHo at its best. Designed by Roman and Williams, the interior designers of the Boom Boom Room, The Standard Hotel and The Ace Hotel. Wood burning fireplace, Calacutta Gold marble in the bathrooms, brass fixtures, and a kitchen adorned in Danish oiled wood. $3,25
AMAZING! GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION! Congratulations to Noah, Scott Rudin, and Lila Yacoub on a HUGE achievement for While We're Young. I can't wait for the world to see this πŸ’œ
East coast! MDLLA is on in 50 minutes and I'm on it with @sam_realla LET'S GO @theserhantteam_la