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Ryan Jhoe
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Selamat pagi 🌞 Selamat Sore 🕒 Selamat Malam 🌚 Good Evening ⭐ Good Night 🌝 🌚 untuk semua!
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Why Diego Bunuel don't have twitter account? :O
"@elephansten: Are you german? — no. Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see..." ..XD
I just made an article about Lake Natron and now it's already on television :O
Hello people, good morning if you live in Asia and Australia. Good Night to all the people in Europe!
Cow milk contains on average 3x the amount of protein than human milk which can creates metabolic disturbances
Cow milk acidifies the body pH which in turn trigger a biological correction
Milk is the worst processed food in history
If you're an adult, you won't die if you aren't drinking milk
People who have lactose intolerant basically are luckiest people
I need something to control my hormones, most of them are messed up ..
"@YoTeenageDream: #YoureMoreAttractiveIf you cook :)" #YoureMoreAttractiveIf you give me delicious foods for free every day :p
People from upper Asia (japanese, korean, chinese, taiwan) basically have narrow eyes but not from the rest part of Asia
It's like showing to the audience that basically Asian have narrow eyes, and people who aren't asian might think like that, that is so wrong
Why mostly movies or tv shows I watch represent asian characters with narrow eyes, that's racist. Not all Asian have narrow eyes..
That's life tho..
Everything change and happen so fast
So, Naya Rivera want to get married? :O
Watching The Walking Dead ..Alone
This show is so cool! I learn a lot! :3
Have a nice weekend people, go take some rest! :)
Naya is always good when singing ballads, I wish she come up with ballads single rather than pop because it will cover the tone of her voice
Ballads and folk truly always makes emotional
Every cast sing so wonderful and I love most of the songs they sing to honor Cory
So, I just watch Glee 5x03 and what I like from this episode that it was full of soulful ballad and folk songs which I really loveee.....
You don't ignore people if you love them and if you care about them, especially the people that brings impact in your life
When people understand things in their life, either they start to regret or being wiser
It takes times for people to understand things in their life
Basically Abir already told what's in my mind
To be honest I haven't heard it but the Quarterback EP will probably be good and that's why it's doing so well.
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Don't go chasing other people. The most important person in the world to focus on is yourself, that's it. Remember that and you'll go far.
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When did I sell my soul to grey's anatomy and how do I get it back
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One thing that surely makes you stand and survive is because you hold on to hope
Go to and prepare to be amazed
Oh, take me back to the start...
I just googled what YOLO means. Im officially not cool.
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Odd Orphan Planet Found Not Orbiting a Star --One of Trillions in the Milky Way?
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I can't watch TV because I change from cable TV to satellite TV but more channels to watch..y.a.y
Since the Hollywood reporter pics are already out I can now post this pic. BTS 200th episode
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Glee Is Nothing Without Brittana just look at them they love each other so much and their love is forever ♥
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" Most people do not research what they are putting into their body, which is foolish." Agreed.
I just wondering if blond people also have dandruff..
And also in twitter you found some people are judgmental, ignorance and complains a lot