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u used call me on my excel phone
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I can't wear earphones when I'm home alone. I have to be prepared to fight off murderers etc
How not to get a job
I'm so busy and stressed all the time that I just keep forgetting to eat. Someone hold me and feed me biscuits
I miss when twitter was real good
I judge all the leaders I meet by how they treat the cameraman and @jeremycorbyn just offered to make me a cup of tea
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Finding someone who likes frank ocean as much as I do makes my whole year
Woman thinks she has ‘teleported’ after forklift picks up Portaloo
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How do you even use twitter these days
I neeEeeEeEEEeed to move to london
My whole life right now is worrying about whether it's coat weather or not
Always feels good when a company that knows my name addresses me as "customer"
I just misread cook book as cock block. I need help
I was outside for like an hour and I'm pretty sure I'm dead now
I just saw a video where this girl didn't notice she had a huge spider crawling on her face. How am I supposed to live my life after this??
There are so many good games on steam right now goodbye money
I think I'll renew my wow subscription and hibernate for the next week
I'm reading old messages I sent to ppl and laughing at how funny I am
My mum just walked in in the middle of a oitnb lesbian sex scene. She's probably very confused rn
1% doing what feels like actual work and 99% admin
Diane abbott looks different this week
There's a huge difference between "expressing an opinion" and just being an awful person
Nigel Farage's private browsing history
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I am procrastinating so much that I've just scrolled through 3 days worth of tweets
I just want to eat digestive biscuits and cry about how bad I am at stats
*breaks down*
We've been working on Earnably for literally months so it would mean a lot if you checked it out!
We're finally open! Please go visit our site, sign up, and start earning some points!
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*dies from exhaustion*
I probably could've worded this better but I'm finding a lot of the posts about the #londonprotest infuriating.
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Enough getting angry about politics for one day *returns to work*
sky news: "the police have estimated around 100 people were protesting" 100? can you not count? #ToriesOutNow
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Hooray, @CarolineLucas holds her seat. Like finding a tenner in your coat pocket as you watch your house burn to the ground. #GE2015
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Even if the electoral system is corrupt, proportional representation would have meant UKIP would have won a lot more than just 1 seat
After everything, after every fucking scenario I considered I never ever thought a majority would happen. I feel sick this is horrible
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You can barely call this a majority when almost half the population aren't going to be happy with the result
Even though UKIP probably aren't going to win a lot of seats it's still terrifying that they're getting so many votes #GE2015
Going to bed on #GE2015 is a bit like Christmas Eve except with the risk of waking up to find Santa has set fire to all the presents
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Anyone who votes UKIP today is a total fuckwit
why have I just renewed my wow subscription right before my exams
Someone needs to bring me biscuits and give me a massage
I hope he does wonderwall
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I feel so empowered when hot guys like me back on tinder
So done rn
Happy bday me

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