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freddie from icarly now... bye
I'm watching icarly on netflix with no regrets
somehow I've become obsessed with jazz music
@Independent: The UK's first cereal cafe will open its doors in London next month” shit this sounds amazing
My money spending is getting very out of control
I have a very strong love/hate relationship with maths atm
I'm going to be like 30 by the time I finish my education
"Open bar"
james off the apprentice has KILLED ME
Oh god I am so far behind with all my TV shows
Clicking your back is BLISS
Is it too early to make breakfast
I never even know what day it is anymore
I'm so cold that I'm making my laptop overheat just to keep warm
I did this really cute thing on my wall
So many exciting things happening at once ahhhh
I feel like all I'm doing these days is sending important emails
I wish I could put into words how fluffy my new pillow cases are
I had a dream that I went to argos to buy a lamp but they had a new catalogue with no lamps in it. I was distraught when I woke up
I have always thought sam pepper was disgusting for the way he treated girls in his videos and I'm glad people are standing up to it
I just love joseph gordon-levitt so much. it hurts
Grandmother discovers she's been growing cannabis by accident
Retweeted by Ryan
I'm so glad the UK is staying together #indyref
When I have a close encounter with a spider I get itchy for like 3 years
Hmm I really want to start a blog soon
I just said tit instead of it in a really formal email my life is over
I've just spent six hours planning how I want to redecorate my room I need to get a life
People are retweeting something I tweeted over 2 years ago I am slightly concerned
Stupid dog let me sleep I hate dogs also stop sleeping on me
He's falling asleep on me but simultaneously crushing my internal organs
How do you make a whiny dog shut the f up
It's 3am and I'm taking my friend's dog outside to shit this is the life
Gotta start sleeping at an acceptable time
I've started playing world of warcraft again this is bad for my bank balance
My feet kill for like 3 full days after work
I get really excited about little things (eg breakfast) I am like a newborn puppy
Welcome to my life
I can never sleep at night because I'm always too excited for breakfast
This is my new favourite thing EVER…
I literally just daydreamed about eating a chicken mcnugget
I spoke French to my French neighbour once and now she speaks French to me all the time. I know like 3 words I just keep saying ahhh oui oui
I had a dream that tesco banned me from all their stores for buying too many strawberries. I don't even like strawberries
Sooo excited I love peter capaldi
It's 2.45am and I'm sat in bed laughing to myself this is the life
Scottish accents are so cool even though I can't understand them at all
I need filtering before I say things
If I was myself on twitter everyone would think I was a right weirdo literally 90% of my irl conversations are about farting and poop