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Ryan Grant
Absolutely. RT @RICKSH0W @brianstelter Satirical or not, John Oliver is doing a better job than most.
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Normalcy is so fucking boring. Lol
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VIDEO: Jason "White Chocolate” Williams can still ball at the age of 38
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Best wishes for @TeamVic . That's a real human moment to see him emotional. Stay strong brother
#amen RT @ItsMikeHill If something is MINE I should be able to sell should these college kids on scholarship. #Gurley
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Horrible. RT @MOKNYDN: SEE IT: NYPD officer knocks teen unconscious with punch over suspicious cigarette
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Just bc this past week has been awesome. #toughestguyyouknow #addedawesomeoneness
Please read my column about what the current state of the NFL says about our culture via @PageSix.
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Need someone to come cook for then fam. Thanks in advance
Time is not a measure of quality or love.
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So I'm wack and behind. Are all yall on snapchat? Like for real for real ?
Sounds like hate lol RT @RayD_66: Well looks like Notre Dame is moving up 😑
ND is making folks sweat
Why is instagram censoring the words Garcinia Kola?? What is that you ask? That is the plant used to fight Ebola virus in africa.
That boy Lacy is good. Lol he is showing yall what he is about . Don't ever question his ability.
Mick doing his thing lolRT @BleacherReport: VIDEO: Ohio State’s strength coach slams fan
0-100 lol RT @JamalLiggin: #LP Rooftop training @iamdiddy in #NYC ☁️🏢🗽�
My family conversations are absolutely phenomenal. Hilarious. Truth. Just all around the shit lol
Man on fire. Enough said
What's the word tonight? ?
Appreciate that. i dont even have my own college jersey RT @likeagcips: @RyanGrant25 brooooo. I rocked your jersey today for them irish fcks
Soooooo @kbull53 that's how you know ur big time lol. When your squad is using a pic of you for a formation . But we still smacking yall lol
"Stand up for what is right even if you are standing alone"
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Lol clever @ShowtimeRHEC: @RyanGrant25 @quangerst After interceptions or nah?
tell me what film he is watching lol RT @quangerst: I tell you @RyanGrant25 is the best tackler and well sounded player on our defense.
PLEASE think before u speak. Please lol. Just a little. Think. Then when u have thought, STOP and think one more time. only helps everyone
Soooo how many people are really experiencing with the good Ole iphone 6?
Guy is literally apologizing, between groans, to the cop that just shot him several times point blank for no reason…
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Perfect display of me just surrendering to my notion of when. Lol #BabyG u come whenever you are ready.
Cops kick/break leg of 10yr old boy they realize is recording them, sexually assault his mom…
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Absurd RT @AaronNagler: Lol RT @awfulannouncing: ESPN has suspended Bill Simmons for three weeks!
Simmons's suspension for talking shit about the NFL is longer than the one Ray Rice got for knocking out his wife.
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One more time RT @BENBALLER: This iphone6 sucks for sure. The Galaxy S5 is just far more superior in every way. Got my contacts back though.
@RyanGrant25 Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld is a worthy addition to our roll call of rising stars of the arts:…
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A lot of you ladies look better than these celebrities in real life but you still so envious of them and their looks
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61% of fans on ESPN's SportsNation say Roger Goodell should NOT remain commissioner.
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Green Bay is no bustling metropolis, but it sure is nice to leave your house an hour before a flight and still have a ton of time to spare.
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Oh u really didnt get didnt it? Wrong person buddy RT @JFAL1962: @RyanGrant25 are you gonna get a chance to watch the Wave today? #BEATduke?
I like to see my little kid fans up early. Love yall lol RT @gwrCA: Morning @RyanGrant25 can a big fan get a RT? #25❤️❤️ @JamalLiggin
Uh im going to start eating this breakfast lol RT @JFAL1962: @RyanGrant25 you getting the start this week? #GOODluck
This may be unpopular to say, but based off this @DVNJr story, Ray Rice has a great case for his appeal
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the people committing horrible acts. </end>
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of child rape committed by priests wasn't higher than the general rate, but that wasn't the issue. It was that the Church *actively enabled*
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