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Ryan Grant
The NY Knicks are down by 33 points. The score is 98-65. The didn't even have the decency to wait a week or two before subjecting us to this
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Ladies and Gentleman, the Knicks started the night off with no enthusiasm from the crowd, a horrible singing of the Nat'l Anthem. And now...
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I've been sent this pic from various media outlets. Keep it going! I want the world to know about #DetroitUnWatered!
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The jobs dont last long lol RT @AishaThalia: I will never know how people with jobs party during the week. 😩😂
Bed frames are hella hard to find lol RT @JoeBudden:Niggas standards so low now, we want a chick that don’t party all week & has a bed frame
Worth a shot lol. Hope all is well brother with you and the fam RT @GregJennings: Sir, you're clearly not eligible! Lol.
I gotta get back on my #beardgang flow. I've been tripping lol
So Saban can live in a multi-million $$ home paid for by a "charitable organization" but a kid can't have an extra helping of pasta. Got it.
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Oh soft you have become lol
Crazy. RT @vivalablackgirl: Poor baby. I really feel for this kid. RT @A6thSense: Son...
Justin Brent. Good for you brother. Good. For. You. Lol
Wow! Players safety is 100% top priority. Ejecting a player for a questionable hit is questionable. #FOOTBALLisFOOTBALL
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RT @DosEquis: Women feel his presence, even when he’s not in the room.
Lol spot on RT @TimTrew: Just because you look good doesn't make you a good look. Open a fucking book or something.
I hate woman crush Wednesday more than I hated follow Friday. I hate that face app that makes you skin look like waxed honey buns even more.
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Beautiful. 9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the …:
Tell Mama I Luh Ya.. P.O.P. Hold It Down.. PIMP$QUAD - IB Danny LoPriore Jr. & Joel Jeezy #JXL #Sesamestreet
Well hello there
Detroit. You are officially off the hoook for being "So Cold" bc the South is gonna hold it down evidently lol…
The Combat Jack Show does amazing interviews. Peep this episode with the classy 9th Wonder. Bombs were dropped.
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Thats the best answer . I love that lol RT @okerland: @RyanGrant25 I like to display my black belt so people know not to mess with me
Someone explain to me the point of displaying the type of belt u have on in your outfit ? I'm looking for real answer from someone who does
Tell the children the truth. Look at the eye chart. Watch the entire Disney's Ducktales Says "Ask About Illuminati":
NFL if player safety is your first priority explain how a team plays On Sunday night and then again on Thursday night?
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Not feeling it . But hey a win is a win
That's a weak ass call
Just marched down the field
Those nd boys are playing good ball trey RT @wingoz: FSU has one rushing yard in this game.. One
We might be going to sizzler lol
Why is he back there returning kicks
Dont start talking about other games already craig lol RT @djhomicide: Norte Dame vs Usc gon be a good game too
I'll take that spot ref lol
Good spot ref lol way to seee that
How the hell is any Maroon 5 song gonna get u pumped up lol. #wacksauce
Everyone's going back to the '93 ND/FSU Game #rightlyso but I remember the 2002 game when my man @RyanGrant25 had two touchdowns. #ND4Life
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ND jerry!!! RT @JerryRice: ND needs to limit turnovers n hopefully it shud b a good game RT @49erlover4life: #IhopeitsaGoodGame
Wamp wamp. ND baby RT @djhomicide: Let's get to this FSU Game tho..Who cares about non play off teams 👹
Never let an NFL narrative fool you. For many teams, “character” is on a sliding scale tied to talent. Pressure to win changes standards.
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Driving to hamptons mid day on a friday =a slow death
You don't have a "mild" concussion. You either have one or you don't.
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What is the benefit of knowledge if not applied?
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Anytime a young person tells me that they are so far along for their age, blah..I am going to point to a 17 yr old Nobel Prize winner
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Lol tell em RT @justincrabb: @RyanGrant25 @theleaguefxx or maybe as rafi's twin brother? Ha!
I think I should be on the @theleaguefxx lol as myself. The former awesome fantasy Fball player Who gets confused for the new rookie lol
@budha_jones: Atheist jailed for denying ‘higher power’ in Calif. drug rehab gets $2M via @ajam
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