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Ryan Grant
sport rugby nfl 124,714 followers
Wealthy men and beautiful women: #NotreDame research challenges the "trophy wife" concept via @CBSThisMorning
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Ewwww New York Giants.. don't know if that was the best decision to make
@AishaThalia: Power in numbers. Please put your positive thoughts/prayers in the universe for my grandma. 🙌”🙏💓🌀✨
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I wish a helicopter could lift my car out this RT @PrivateJetLady: @RyanGrant25 that's why @kobebryant bought a helicopter! #notraffic
This traffic is really messing with my zen thing right now lol
Please do. Strive to be better
Douchebag @BENBALLER didnt hit me RT @PremiumPete: @RyanGrant25 Where were u the other night I thought u were coming up to the show w/ Ben?
Very thankful for my circle of friends and family. I feed off their energy.
Some of us are way too occupied with others, to truly see embrace and choose the healing we need to honor the presence of another
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'When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter, say thank you and grow.'
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I'm the type of guy to put that bumper sticker on a Bentley
@lifeisajourni wants to sleep until 11 am. This is the alarm she gets. Lol disclaimer this is my schmoog boog little cousin so it's all love. But u stay at my house it's all fair game.
These two young jokers @donnieblvze & @lifeisajourni couldn't hang with ya boy. Lol teenagers smh
Top 8 my bad but u know why I meant
How many of yall had beef with friends bc of that MySpace Top 10? Lol
Women might not care about some of the stuff men do lol but doesn't change the fact it's for them
Plain and simple. Everything man does is for women. Even if it's in a competition with another man its still for women.
I was having this conversation with my homies about why men do things.
I would love to go fishing. Not a fisher by any means but I'm sure I would enjoy It at this point .
Really interesting how so many Americans are being locked up for petty crimes and good ole Jimmy H Gets away with a fine. Not surprised
Oh jfk airport can't you just let my cousin off the plane? I've been here for hours . So long I'm thinking of just getting on on a flight
Haha i set myself up RT @kbull53: @RyanGrant25 haha Have a great day bro
Now that the world cup is over let's talk about all the fucked up shit that went on in Brazil just to have it there..