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Ryan Grant
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Phenomenal lol @tonyjefferson1: Blake griffin is my favorite nba player cuz of this ! Lol so fresh @blakegriffin32
Short but #Powerful video from @joerogan. We need to throw some kettelbells around, Joe! @Onnit
Short but #Powerful video from @joerogan. We need to throw some kettelbells around, Joe! @Onnit
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I'm sure the words trainer and fitness are the most newly used words in the past year
Motherfuckers will spend 100k on a wedding just to complain about money for the next 3 years of their relationship. #america
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Lol i said this boy has skills RT @michaelsmith: And that 3-year old that got stuck in the claw machine in Nebraska? Future Navy Seal
East coast yea I'm done with you weather wise. Unacceptable
they got him.... cuz we all know he didny committ suicide…
Best commentator in sportsRT @joerogan:pleasure meeting Max Kellerman today! My all time favorite boxing commentator
The beard is back
Word i said same thing RT @BENBALLER: oh yeh, last thing; Jessica Sanchez killed that national anthem. made Ashanti look kinda bad. smh.
Fabby come on now lol RT @MistahFAB: Shits a draw
First time in a while I'm really happy for a boxer lol. Pac!!!!! Went and took it
Make it a good fight please.. Shit lol
She killed that national anthem.. and i don't mean Ashanti lol
Give my love kid RT @BENBALLER: @RyanGrant25 he's right here next to me playing with London lol. Praying no fuckery happens tonight
Pacquiao can't just beat Bradley on the cards tonight. He needs to beat the everloving cat shit out of him. He gotta embarrass him
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My homie just said marriage is like Fight Club.. First rule.....
Just met a few people from @PDFNY and @RyanGrant25 They are very inspiring people and we had a great time. Thank you guys so much <3 xx
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All conversaciones today should be about this, leading into this, or foreshadowing this. If not please refrain from communicating with me today lol. Its on. #Gameofthrones #iturnedmyhouseintoacastle #candlesanddimlighting #ionlyhaveonedragonlol
Ryan Grant 80 yard td 1/1/12 vs. Detroit Lions @RyanGrant25 Yeah your the man! What a great game this was.
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Ehhhh what the hell.. Its Friday , I'll be that guy. Lol Hair crazy, shower hazy, abs lazy.. @willy_beamen @daddylion1982 I'm coming for ya. Lol Well not really but whatever. Boom!!!