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Ryan Donnell
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Need incentive to go. @Dealflicks is a solution MT @aprilarrg: Movie Attendance Among Younger ‘Digital’ Audiences Drops 15% in 2014: Nielsen
So you are about the treble? RT @MeghanMcCain: Megan Trainor and I are not the same person, I swear! ;)
.@Dr_Potatoes_ Hey @ManMadeMoon, does your dad still have the Goblin King suit? #Labyrinth
Also will Cumberbatch have an American or English accent? #DoctorStrange
Watching the animated @DrStrange movie on @netflix. This is going to be interesting to see how they show this movie.
Watching @SharknadoSyfy The Second One for the first time. They kill a lot of stars in the first 10 mins.
From this #SonyHack, I think we can all be certain that Sony is just an awfully run company.
That right there should be the mantra of all companies. #Brandable
Warby Parker CEO: "For us it's all about wild, fast growth while maintaining awesome customer experiences." @borisonr
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My stomach right now is reconsidering that hunger for Chinese food. #grumble
I saw someone change into ski pants before leaving work. That man was a smart man. #WinterStormDamon #CrazyRain
Soaking wet clothes is very uncomfortable. #WinterStormDamon
Al Pacino met with Marvel Studios. My wild guess is that he's up for the role of Lockjaw in #Inhumans. HOO-HAH!
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A Wii U is mandatory if you want to talk about 2014's Game of the Year
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#NoTechmoBowl RT @EAMaddenNFL For the first time ever, @BoJackson is coming to Madden. Start dominating:
Doritos Pizza is the dumbest, most American thing I've ever heard of. I'm most definitely going to eat that.
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Here's how @HendricksGin hunts cool young customers—and captures them.… by @LizSegran via @FastCompany
.@McDonalds finally letting you mix and match value meals. Too little too late to help sales. Need a PR campaign or reduce prices.
Mom, Dad, thank you for teaching your children how to think and how to dream #KeepBuilding…
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It is the time of the year when it is so cold it will randomly snow.
Pro Tip: Always order a second pizza so you can have a pizza to look forward to while you're eating a pizza.
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#SonyOops RT @VirtuaMe: 10K down votes 1K up votes Final Fantasy VII - PlayStation Experience Trailer | PS4
Oh this is going to be good. Mr. White is back for #SPECTRE @007…
.@RoboBreakfast I assume Apes, Guardians, Edge of Tomorrow are up there too? #SaturdayNightSciFi
Thank god @netflix has the third season of @AHSFX.
And don’t be afraid to toot your horn. Everyone can't see all of your accomplishments. RT @TWDCjobs: #WordsofWisdom
Ok now @tacobell if you come out with the Doritos taco shells then we can talk.
...I just reminded myself I am out on Monday
So I just sent an e-mail to my work e-mail address to remind myself to do something and I got my out of office saying I will out on Monday.
Time for a new #WhatCheerBeer. Here's a slight hint, @WaltDisneyWorld fans might guess it...
Pretty sweet @dominos has an app for @Pebble. They know my love for pizza.
Orion has no issues; weather has cleared. We are go for launch.
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We have all seen the trailer, how did you feel when you first saw #TheForceAwakens teaser?
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Pick up the phone...its the store calling...Mobile shopping is taking over | #Brandable
Names is for tombstones baby
In my future home, I am definitely having secret passages.
It took a while but Daniel Craig’s Bond finally got to #SPECTRE. Blofeld’s casting is as solid since Telly Savalas.
Scrub. Today's planned launch of #Orion is postponed due to valve issue. Our next possible launch window opens at 7:05am ET Friday
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