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Ryan Donnell
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One of the most awkward feelings in the world: being that seventh member to walk in an elevator.
Has anyone brought up that future female clothing in Total Recall is accurate? #howdyquaid
#MBTA cars? MT @FastCoDesign How does public trans in the US discriminate against minorities?
This could be one headline. RT @USATODAY Today's #frontpage: Banks face billions in #forex fines. Six-figure jobs, no college degree needed.
Steve from corporate too! #TooManyCooks
One of my favorite pumpkin beers - Drinking a Roadsmary’s Baby by @2RoadsBrewing -
Well looks like this episode of @WalkingDead_AMC is having an issue with too many cooks. #spoilthebroth
Just watched #Mercy on @netflix. Had a lot of promise in the built up and great cinematography. Just terrible, mediocre ending.
Great find in #Freeport today. @tuscanbrickoven has great local food and just an awesome atmosphere.
Holy Maine (@ Kennebunk Service Plaza (Northbound) in Kennebunk, ME)
Am I the only one confused by @RottenTomatoes 'fresh' standings? I feel they are getting paid to make Interstellar fresh.
So looks like @TweetDeck and Yosemite don't like each other...
I requested a framed photo of David Hasselhoff when I booked my hotel in Shanghai. As a joke. They delivered.
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.@DannyDeVito’s face after he didn’t get a hoagie from @Wawa is like my face living day in and day out without @Wawa.
Season 9 of @alwayssunny is awesome. Thank you @netflix. #itsart
@MisfitsTamara There's a rhythm to the trilogy titles: 1st is vague, 2nd plot descriptive, 3rd summing up overall arc of trilogy.
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Star Wars: Don't Even Bother Asking The Force A Question Until It's Had Its Coffee #starwars
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has completed principal photography. #StarWarsVII #TheForceAwakens
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Hey @starwars how did you know it was my birthday today? #TheForceAwakens
Burger and a beer birthday eve (at @HarrysBarBurger in Providence, RI)
A donut with no hole is a danish. A 10 car commuter rail with two doors open is the #MBTA
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Maybe it’s the power trying to come back on… #JurassicPark
.@Gansettbeer is releasing a HP Lovecraft Honey Ale. Hmm...…
Get out there and vote in a new Senator!…wait, what? The Emperor dissolved the senate? How will he maintain control without the bureaucracy?
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Sorry I still don't get the rule that prevented the #Patriots from pulling that trick play off. So a team can't fake...ever?
I enjoy your new name @Flynah. You should be John Wick for longer. I feel like he doesn't follow the rules of calendars and time.
This snow thing...
Wow #ricomiccon and Prov getting a terrible reputation. Eliza Dushku: I Was Robbed on Halloween by Costumed Muggers…
Next up for #WhatCheerBeer, a little memory from @WaltDisneyWorld. Specifically Germany in Epcot.
Good news @ricomiccon sold out, bad news apparently they overbooked and people aren’t being allowed in. #Oops
Keeping on the @GhostAdventures marathon. Now the Exorcist house. @Zak_Bagans no vomiting.
This guy is really into his book on real estate and apparently the girl next to him. "Uhhh what a ya a model?" #mbta
Drunk guy just disagreed with my estimation on arrival time for the train. Just been riding it for oh 2-3 years. #mbta
First crazy of the night: drunk old guy talking to himself on the #mbta
Woah @Kodak, welcome back bro. Digital cam that you sit down and it takes a 360 shot.…
Oh @Zak_Bagans, I miss your investigative ghost journalism. @GhostAdventures
So is @llcoolj joining a @Marvel movie? There sure are plenty including TV.…
So Black Widow didn’t pick up Thor’s hammer in the #AgentsofSHIELD #AvengersAgeOfUltron trailer. Here’s might be why.…
I do like crazy @JimCarrey as Riddler. He would have been a good Joker as well.
So Russia decided to go on a joy ride around Europe. 19 military craft intercepted by NATO. 19!…