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Ryan Donnell
I have to say @VerizonFiOS is the worst when it comes to @netflix
Anyone else truly miss the @THX deep note before a movie?
I remember when I saw his shadow in the theater, I literally felt like I was 5 inside. So giddy. #AttackoftheClones
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I don't mean to brag, but I just got a residual check for $2.42 for Leprechaun 2. #LivingTheDream
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This looks delicious RT @Oreo Frozen Pop Culture Has A New Phenomenon Oreo Freeze Pops #OreoSnackHacks
I literally laughed out loud in the theater when I first saw these guys taking pot shots. #ThePhantomMenace
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I know this sounds like a crazy casting but why not @AdriannePalicki for Jaina Solo in @starwars #EpisodeVII?
Also a random Running Man movie fact: @PaulaAbdul did all the choreography.
Gotta love The Running Man. Richard Dawson being Richard Dawson. Jesse Ventura as Captain Freedom. Arnold saying “I’ll be back"
After a week in Disneyland, I am looking forward to the serenity and dignity of a major nerd convention.
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So my work has a is the same thing right @AgentsofSHIELD?
Too bad SHIELD can't meet up with Wolverine in the Canadian wilderness. #AgentsofSHIELD
Oh wow I just heard a very old woman use a Death Race 2000 reference. #nerdsneverdie
Buy 8 tires get 5 free! RT @Flynah What if Joseph A. Bank opened a tire store?
If you are not buying 3 tires and getting the 4th free, you are doing it wrong. #salenotreallyasale
Catching up season 6 of @MadMen_AMC, that first episode really drew me back in.
what I liked about Captain America is that Steve and Natasha have a legit friendship and it's not awkward pre-romance BS
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Whoever thought @Target on a sunny warm Sunday would look like there was a zombie apocalypse tomorrow.