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Ryan Donnell
After a wonderful bourbon tasting @NikkisLiquors, I feel like I am getting judgy eyes from every mom in the restaurant.
Bad meal! That means crab rangoons. I feel like Cookie Monster in the cookie aisle (@ Apsara Palace)…
Took my first Irish lesson today on @duolingo. Whew that is a unique language but felt proud to hear my ancestors' language.
So I like @lawlessfilm however I feel there are so many great actors that all command time that the middle third of this movie is a mess.
Captain Marvel and Nova RT @JamesGunn: Which character from the comics do YOU most want to see in Guardians of the Galaxy 2? #gotg
Video: Angry Birds Transformers 80s Commercial. So 80s that Hasbro contracted Vince DiCola to rescore the...
So watching the 90s The Stand miniseries. Very strange, almost Twin Peaks like. Gotta love Kareem with the Monty Python nod.
…that being said, haven’t read a reason why they did it. If they knew they were doing this, why wait?
So @CVSHealth goes full rebrand (even a fancy new twitter handle). To fit the brand, they pulled cigarettes overnight, 1 month early.
CHICKEN! (@ Whole Foods Market in Providence, RI)…
#Banx “If You Don't Have a Bitcoin Strategy, You Will Regret it in 5 Years” – Fran Strajna…
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Ok Soda was a @CocaCola marketing failure. However, did it just miss its target? | #Brandable
I can't help wondering what films Michael Bay likes to watch in his free time
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Looks like @TheRealStanLee let it slip that @Marvel is working on Black Panther.…
Episode VII gets another Game of Thrones actor in Miltos Yerolemou. A master swordsman, eh?…
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Now that's an awesome plane. RT @skfromkett X-Ray Delta One Plane.
After taking a day to digest #TheStrain, I realized Fet is the character you always wanted on Walking Dead. Does what needs to be done.
A little @JohnCarter on @SpikeTV. Again such an underrated movie.
That was a good episode of #TheStrain. Always need a good gas station survival. #FetMan
Fet in @TheStrainFX is like another Fett man. #totalbamf
Mike Stackpole quips: "George R.R. Martin's writing a Star Wars book called Last Days of Alderaan. Everyone dies."
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Adventures in Wikipedia: Enrique Iglesias is related to Steve McQueen.
Trying out @acorns as a balance to my investing/savings. Very nice and easy to use app so far.
@garywhitta: Seriously considering a Flash Gordon re-watch tonight. It’s been far too long.” #flashahhhahhh
Watching Afflicted, interesting so far. Smart, faster build in a found footage movie.
Hot dog and 80s movies at the drive in, perfect. RT @SmithfieldAW No better way to enjoy this weather!!
Watching E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Drive In. #ohyeah
Summer float at the drive in (@ A&W - @SmithfieldAW in Greenville, RI)…
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Fiery ocean! (@ Three Sisters in Providence, RI)…
When someone tells me they are well read, I can't help but think they go to the psychic a little too much.
For promoted tweets I don't know who gets worse replies, @kochfacts, @SeaWorld or @MonsantoCo. #PRGeniuses
What a difference even a short time span makes #babyboomers RT @ValaAfshar: Work in 1990 versus 2013
.@thinkgeek’s website redesign and rebrand is very smooth/clean. #Brandable
Wow King Solomon’s Mines is just a really terrible B-movie copy of Indiana Jones.
I will try. #withgreatpowercomesgreatresponsibility RT @SmithsonianChan You're welcome. Use your newfound skills responsibly!
My brain is hurting! RT @Lumosity: Our site is currently down, but we're hard at work restoring it. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Didn’t notice this before watching Haywire with @ginacarano that Tupper Lake is on the highway sign. Check it @Tyler_The_Don.
The Fifth Element will always be awesome.
Wow talk about some competition from @DollarShaveClub, Gillette doing subscription razors.
Samsung does the #IceBucketChallenge. Despite the donation, it comes off as lazy. It is still an ad. | #Brandable…
Am I watching Ninja history? Yes. Am I learning crazy ways to infiltrate and knock you out? Yes. Thanks @SmithsonianChan
Beef Hearth! (@ Chelo's Hometown Bar & Grille in Providence, RI)…