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Ryan Donnell
Don’t lie, when you see I Heart Huckabees on your on screen guide, you think it is a Mike Huckabee reality show.
At that point I could not become Spider-man and walk on the ceiling…
So this woman is playing Spotify on her phone speakers in the train station, like an 80s boom box. Too bad the music isn't 80s.
Tornadoes psh, it is ceviche time (@ Machu Picchu in Providence, RI)
Oh lightning woke them up
With a tornado nearby the train feels like a disaster movie with everyone oblivious to the outside.
Reynolds Wrap rolls a clever outdoor ad onto Wrigley Field:
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Nice Heroes Reborn commercial with Metallica.
Not bad, almost like a Cherry Coke in terms of after taste - Drinking a Del's Black Cherry Shandy -
Bill Paxton in Nightwalker is his anti-character in Twister.
So #Scorpio you are just going to want to live your life. #MehHoroscopes
No not the expensive truffles, straight plain mushrooms.
After going to a local farmers market I realized some people have some pretty zany ideas for companies/products. A mushroom company for one.
The taste isn't what your expecting and that's what makes it g... (Hell or High Watermelon) #photo
Getting the ears lowered...pretty brutal saying when you think about it (@ Stefano's European Barber)
Edge of Tomorrow is a very interesting movie though. Up there with Looper in terms of throwing you in and little needless explanation
The aliens from Edge of Tomorrow really look like the robots from The Matrix.
My dog really wanted to look out this window. #suchseat #muchview
Snap to it! @Snapchat is starting to change their business model for the better. | #Brandable
So are you on the wagon or off the wagon?…
This 20-year-old inventor said he could clean up the ocean—now he's really doing it
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Customers pay for that premium. If they don’t then they really weren’t your target.…
I just got 5 sleazy emails and one phone call from different recruiters today. Why today? #WouldYouLikeToWorkInNigeria
So @JurassicPark is obviously awesome. Went into a new track that asks a lot of questions for a sequel. #LawAndOrderJP
It's time (@ Showcase Providence Place & IMAX for Jurassic World: An IMAX 3D Experience in Providence, RI)
So I just got my first pedicure. I just realized that women love to incorporate massages in everything. Men need to take notice...
Made it to June 11th without using AC. It's been a cold winter/spring.
A good, not great update | Twitter is making your conversations easier to follow -
I hope @jonnybernthal’s Punisher has a Cap/Iron Man relationship with @Daredevil. Working together but at different ends of ideals.
And this will change in 2016 | Facebook still favourite with most global brands: Study -
The idea of this is bizarre. Twitter parody accounts making thousands and creating memes -
Remember MySpace Tom? Apparently he is a really good photographer. -
I tend to agree with the comments regarding the Frozen ride. Disney should have put a ride somewhere else and had just characters in Norway
The first details of the revamped EPCOT Norway pavilion with a Frozen ride and people are not happy (see comments)…
Probably one of the craziest in product marketing right there.…
Wow I never thought I would hear it but John Williams themes from The Lost World are in @m_giacchino’s #JurassicWorld soundtrack.
Punisher vs Daredevil battles in the comics are BRUTAL. This was one of my faves as a kid. @WhilcePortacio art!
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Anyone else concerned that #JurassicWorld hasn’t been screened for critics? Have some stones @UniversalPics
Punisher was my favorite comic book character other than Spider-man. I am a big fan of this casting. #Daredevil
Even though I love @ThomasJane as Frank, @jonnybernthal is a good choice.
Frank Castle is coming to Hell's Kitchen. Those who stand in his way shall be punished. Story:
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