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Ryan Donnell
Wow Jae Crowder just hit a shot from out of bounds...on the other side of the court. #Celtics
Kid: Daddy can I give some of my candy to that duck? Me: No, ducks only eat things they find in nature, like bread.
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Aren’t most appendectomies emergencies? They aren’t treated like wisdom teeth.
You can add bacon to a @Five_Guys shake? Hmm..
I always enjoy some Huey Lewis👍🏻 (@ Providence Place Mall in Providence,
And I thought Jeff Bezos couldn't make a worse decision than the Fire phone. We have a @amazon brick and motar store.
Well one good thing about getting up at 4 am is you get to see meteor showers.
From a consumer standpoint this #StarTrek deal is terrible. @CBS really thinks their content is on par with @netflix to charge $6. #nope
The most ridiculous summary I have ever heard…and I like it.…
Wow @joinsunshine is the weather app I would have developed. Clean and crowd-sourced.
Building a Generation. How @LEGO_Group is making girl's play unique, in a good way. | #Brandable
Don't be hungry 😟 order out 😋 get a taco…okv
Looks like Providence is starting to embrace Comic Con. Good. Very good. #RICC…
Should the New England area get rid of Daylight Savings Time?
One of the best pumpkins I have had. Good pumpkin after taste - Drinking a Wolaver's Organic Pumpkin Ale -
.@Disney working with their partners shows of truly wonderful ads so far.…
Happy Halloween courtesy of seagulls. #crabsnotcandy
There is the hint of the pastry at the end. It has a strawberry smell too. - Drinking a Toaster Pastry -
Especially when you can see your seat mate moving around because he is over six feet #MBTA #subtweet
I am sorry on a Friday it is just freakin rude to fall asleep in a two seater on the commuter rail when the car is empty. #mbta
You're welcome Internet
Why didn't I bring a warmer coat. #fiftydegreesisstillcold
A2 Engagement, engagement, engagement. Make them feel they are a part of the brand, because they are. #viralchat
A1 Community is important because they are your brand ambassadors. Whether directly or indirectly, they are marketing for you. #viralchat
That snow day @Nike commercial would have been appropriate for just northern NFL team players.
Really @FanDuel the promo code is TUCK for tonight's game? Is the next DEFLATE? #TNF #Patriots
Wow. In light of this Apple needs to alter/improve Apple Pay with rewards or people will just use apps to pay.…
It is interesting all these articles about reaching out or marketing to millennials. The straight truth is they don’t have money to spend.
We are living in a world where someone is named Kim Dotcom.
Jeeze @CNBC is looking bad calling the top GOP candidates liars #GOPDebate
This is the important question tonight…
.@JohnKasich is honestly the only one who makes sense on this stage. But he has one foot off it.
The blimp came up, didn't expect that. #GOPDebate
Good for the audience to boo the moderator. @CNBC shouldn't get another debate with this panel. Dear lord. #GOPDebate
Seriously @CNBC this is a national stage. Your moderators are terrible.
Shame on @CNBC for a personal attack on @marcorubio. Talk about politics not what is going on at home.
The moderators of this debate don't seem very measured or respected. #GOPDebate
Great marketing stunt but also calls attention to where our priorities are.…

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