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Ryan Donnell
Being a data monkey is overrated, you need to be thinking creatively in your job.
New Jack Edwards @FredToucher RT @freemaneric: ESPN predicted Bill Simmons years before he was part of the network:…
This is outrageous @espn, stand up for your reporters or you are no better than the league networks.…
It is like a train wreck I can’t look away. #10000BC #mamothtrainwreck
Watching 10,000 BC…wow this movie is competing with the worst movies I have ever seen.
Really @AAAnews you tacked on another 45 minutes and told me to go get a drink? I am trying to get home what kind of service is this?!
Man @AAAnews you are really pushing that hour fifteen minute response time
Last night's @AgentsofSHIELD showed how much the series has grown. Got me very excited for @AgentCarterTV.
GoDaddy realizes that sex doesn't sell, pivots ad campaign. #Brandable…
#Branding rules the world: It used to take a year to sell 10 million #iPhones. #Apple just did it in a weekend
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Am I the only one that isn't a fan of the @Gotham soundtrack so far? It doesn't fit a lot of scenes. #GothamPremiere
Is this Law and Order: Gotham? #GothamPremiere
With a tattoo, @Reebok changes from being a shoe brand into a lifestyle. #Brandable…
MLS rebrands with different logo for each club. #Brandable -…
Lululemon Opens First Stores for Dudes. Did we need it?… #Brandable
It ought to be a crime just to feel this good. I swear, it ought to be a crime just to be this ‘hood. I gotta go to work.
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Watching The Devil's Carnival. Elements of Dante, very different but interesting.
September 21; 100 days left in the year to: 1 learn a new skill 2 join a network 3 start a blog 4 give a speech 5 read new books start now
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Smile and wave at the neighbor you see drive by every day. #goodneighbor
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I have to say @Twitch is pretty neat.
I am sorry America, @CBS' shows are just awful.
It's easy to ignore what we can't see. Moon - 100% mapped Mars - 100% mapped Earth's oceans - 5% mapped
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It's a chicken 'n waffles kind of day
Chain smoker in front of me, I haven't smelled anything this bad in America. Congrats. #mbta
It is funny with this Scottish vote because it is a nearly 100% turnout, no sample size can ever predict what the entire population will do
BTW if Scotland wins their independence and we don’t get Amazing Grace on bagpipes and Mel Gibson screaming, then we have failed.
Oh…well we are all doomed...
The lesson from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, always trust Donald Sutherland. And oh yeah society is bad.
Getting a pie @FlatbreadP. Oh right @BrownUniversity is back in session... #oldman
Boom. Space. RT @SpaceX: Honored to be chosen by @NASA to be part of America's human spaceflight program
You aren’t truly browsing the internet unless one of your tabs is your e-mail. #truth
Sorry just saw the Maze Runner commercial and said “meh"
<<<— Frustrated. Yes but it isn’t good for the firm when your staff sees this disparity.
I am all for relaxing and being recharged, but toxic staff are a lot different than effective workers.
If you work for a team and you take a little more Life on that Work/Life balance you are directly affecting your team’s Work in Work/Life.
Being from the USA, you figure we would be unanimous support for the freedom of the Scots.
Seriously @TavernintheSq in South Station, you can't play Renegade by Styx and not have me rock out. This is painful holding back.
Wow @Vikings have no shame. They are going to play Peterson.
Just heard someone explain U2 as "Oh they sing that Beautiful Day song." #facepalm #JoshuaTree
Not a fan of having to put on a jacket (@ Providence Train Station (PVD) - MBTA & @Amtrak in Providence, RI)…
Ordering more beer equipment. All-grain man… #WhatCheerBeer