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Next-level wrapped salmon game
Germany might have the most ambitious national effort to combat global warming on the planet
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Here's a clip of what happened last night at the official launch party in South Carolina for @voicetheapp
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The launch party for @voicetheapp will be making some loud noises tonight, get ready Clemson
A little foolish to think I'd sleep tonight
Execs spend too much time on legal, financial, compliance risks—not enough time on more impactful strategic risks:
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Google is offering $100,000 in Cloud Platform credits to select #startups via @TechCrunch @fredericl…
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Saying yes to this apartment and its view. Hello Greenville, check out the new digs
Always remember that your company's HR department doesn't exist to protect you, it protects your company from you.
"Where are your next 6 months headed and what's your burn rate?" STARTUPS, ALWAYS BE ABLE TO ANSWER THIS ON THE SPOT #entrepreneurship
Few things are as awkward as a first date at a Starbucks inside a mall - got half a mind to sit real close and live tweet this #firstdate
Don't sleep on substitutes. They'll put you out of business. #entrepreneurship #business #startup
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"I really like your scaling back-end" (if tech talk were flirting)
Yates gets promotion. #LAUNCHPARTY @voicetheapp
Some perspective on world population: there are more people living inside this circle than outside this circle.
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If you ever want to live like no one else you first have to live like no one else
The hardest part of entrepreneurship is remembering to eat.
Artisanal mixed beverages
Srsly it was really good
I made a really amazing salad and I wanted to instagram it but I ate it before I got a chance to so here's a tweet about it instead.
Clemson: get ready to PARTY 9/13 with @itsR3ll and @djfunkywhiteboy! Open bar all night, FREE entry… click attend NOW
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1:47 AM on a Friday night and I'm beta testing our brand new build published moments ago. There are 24hrs in a day, use all of them #launch
"@itsR3ll: it's going down!!! Official launch party for @voicetheapp with @djfunkywhiteboy" this is gonna be CRAZY
Those Germans sure knew what they were doing
Hey look Android Wear tells jokes!
Clemson be on the look out for @voicetheapp swag and event flyers. Sept 13th me and @itsR3ll are throwing down for the launch party at 356
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If you had 100 things to do each day how would you choose your first task?
#selfie spotted in the wild
I don't know if I'm comfortable with that uber driver knowing where I live now
Huge shout out to #PSG for the free Raspberry Pi celebrating their launch of the Beer Access Management platform #BAM
Brazil Court Issues Injunction Against Secret And Calls For App To Be Remotely Wiped… via @TechCrunch
"@itsR3ll: 9/13 I will be live in South Carolina. The launch party for @voicetheapp Alongside @djfunkywhiteboy - $$Gonna be a dope night$$
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9/13 I will be live in South Carolina. The launch party for @voicetheapp Alongside @djfunkywhiteboy S/O to @ClemsonParties & @CUhangover 🙌
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Barney is a cuddle machine
@ClemsonParties @CUhangover get psyched for our Launch Party on 9/13 at 356! Performances by @djfunkywhiteboy and @itsR3ll -- more info soon
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It’s moments like these that show the stark differences between Twitter and Facebook. Twitter : real-time news and streams. FB : Ice buckets
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"People on @Tinder look less attractive on this watch." - @Batts_Masterson on the Samsung Gear 2 Live
I just earned the 'Beer Connoisseur' badge on @untappd!
Ehhhhh - Drinking a Hitachino Nest Weizen by @kiuchibrewery -
Our brand new landing page is now live! check and sign up to download today!
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I just earned the 'Apprentice' badge on @untappd!