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@BarneyBarks @RyanDeMattia No Barney, You're coming to dinner with us. It will be nice.
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The fear is real in Greenville
Friday night in Greenville
An existential stout
Furniture isn't being delivered until Tuesday.... this is my dinner table until then
Opinion: What the Bushes and the Clintons can learn from the Roosevelts | AP Photo
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I <3 the "Do Your Thang" guy in downtown greenville, this guy is out here singing like 7 days a week
With a few shirts and boxes the moving process begins, I forsee myself eating downtown way too much in the near future
@RyanDeMattia The #Ello hype cycle - Another social network gets its 15 minutes:
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Tryna be famous enough to drive the google car
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Apple Developer Support plays Call Me Maybe for their hold music. ....gather from this what you will.
VOICE is coming to wrists everywhere with Android Wear!
“We are using passwords hard to remember for humans, but easy for computer to guess” #fappening @RyanDeMattia…
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If someone tells you that business and dating are any different from one another they are clearly very bad at one of the two.
And technically, the word community cancels out the word college.
The only technical thing about a technical college is that it's technically a community college.
Props snapchat, for letting me experience tomorrowworld in 150 seconds. I miss it, wish I could be there.
My name is on the door, I don't want to watch football any other way again
I always knew we understood each other @ritzcrackers but wow, idk what to say. I think I'm about to cry right now
a desperate entrepreneur is a well-motivated entrepreneur. Some of the best innovations come from places where people battle great hardship.
"@WSJ: A Japanese gadget maker has a solution for phablet-sized screens:" @The_Eric_Dunn LOL
"Most research shows that incubators are not effective at all for actually producing companies” @danestangler
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Honestly feeling bad for Apple on this one. "We tried to bend your phones and they bent" .......uh YEAH? What'd you think would happen?
Hey android folks, what's the feedback on Yahoo Aviate?
“Walk and talk. You'll be surprised at how fresh air drives fresh thinking.”
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Spent a great weekend with the family AND finally found a political platform I can get behind!
OMG This is a liquid reese's cup - Drinking a Sweet Baby Jesus! by @DuClawBrewing - #photo
I just earned the 'Photogenic Brew' badge on @untappd!
3 hours. 60 breweries. Challenge accepted #TopoftheHops
There's an entire spotify Tastemaker Playlist of chill dubstep over Alan Watts / Carl Sagan sound bytes
As you update to iOS8 keep this in mind when you set that password for all that lovely cloud-stored content & data:…
"ISIS bans math..." sorry ISIS, but that's not how math works.
"Welcome to 'Whose Startup Is It Anyway?' the business where the valuation is made up and the product/service doesn't matter."
Ugh. #yeahTHATGreenville
Next-level wrapped salmon game
Germany might have the most ambitious national effort to combat global warming on the planet
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Here's a clip of what happened last night at the official launch party in South Carolina for @voicetheapp
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The launch party for @voicetheapp will be making some loud noises tonight, get ready Clemson
A little foolish to think I'd sleep tonight
Execs spend too much time on legal, financial, compliance risks—not enough time on more impactful strategic risks:
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Google is offering $100,000 in Cloud Platform credits to select #startups via @TechCrunch @fredericl…
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Saying yes to this apartment and its view. Hello Greenville, check out the new digs
Always remember that your company's HR department doesn't exist to protect you, it protects your company from you.
"Where are your next 6 months headed and what's your burn rate?" STARTUPS, ALWAYS BE ABLE TO ANSWER THIS ON THE SPOT #entrepreneurship
Few things are as awkward as a first date at a Starbucks inside a mall - got half a mind to sit real close and live tweet this #firstdate
Don't sleep on substitutes. They'll put you out of business. #entrepreneurship #business #startup
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