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Hot damn. Deliciously creamy, smooth, a little sweet with a clean fini... (Winter Solstice) #photo
"We tried going viral but we wound up accidentally going bacterial instead.... it was a complete mess."
Overheard. Hipster Marketers @ coffee shop: "Dude, we have to convert web traffic. Your mom is the only person who has converted."
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Thanks to Android Wear we have probably communicated at some point while I was in the shower. #technology
Without fail I do my best work and find myself most productive 11PM - 3AM
"This is a completely logical place for me to sit." - foolish cats everywhere
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2014: The Year For Fear-Based Society (apparently)
It turns out that you can bottle happiness
Twitter ads >>> Facebook ads in every class, category and ranking. Better UI, better system, infinitely better support and customer service.
"I wonder what it would be like to follow every twitter user." - data
Join the conversation happening across the country now! iOS: Android:
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Did a Velo/Mellow bang-bang with @lotsofpasta today #fatswag
Apparently my apartment is Greenville's new favorite protest spot. Today we have an Impeach Obama Now // Amnesty=Treason demonstration. In this great country of ours everyone has the right to make their voice heard (no matter how ridiculous the statement is) #yeahTHATGreenville
Another peaceful protest by my apartment for another police murder gone unprosecuted. They said they will be there every Monday evening until justice is delivered - join them.
#1 single malt in the world thanks to my wonderful girlfriend. She has all the class at 21 that I never had
If I had a nickel for every time I dropped my phone I'd have enough nickels to buy another phone
I'll be honest I drank it just because the name - Drinking a Laser Pants by @HolyCityBrewing -
I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 5)' badge on @untappd!
Proud of Greenville to see AID Upstate activists out on the street in force for World AIDS Day handing out pamphlets. Global problems need global effort to solve. #educationawarenessprevention
One by one, potential 2016 candidates are starting to weigh in on Ferguson — carefully.
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From my experience, days are too short and we have too many of them.
"On a scale of 1-10 how badly did you want cookies"
These guys. #filmwillneverdie
Interesting farmhouse saison - a toast! - Drinking a Debauched by @StillwaterAles -
May the Schwartz bier with you - Drinking a Schwartz Bier by @dbbrewingco - #photo
IT'S A BEER BUT IT TASTES VAGUELY LIKE A PUMPKIN - Drinking a Boxcarr Pumpkin Porter by @StarrHill - #photo
Reflecting on a beer from earlier this week... hands down the best sour... (Duchesse de Bourgogne)
That time when everyone found out all those terrible things you said
Swing and a miss, Sturback's
Needs more to taste interesting, pretty standard dark lager. - Drinking an Old Virginia Dark Lager -
I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 4)' badge on @untappd!
I just earned the 'Beer-giving (2014)' badge on @untappd!
Not too bitter, hoppy enough, clean and crisp - Drinking an Eight Point IPA by @dbbrewingco -
Peaceful Michael Brown shooting verdict protest forming across the street from my apartment #yeahTHATGreenville
WOW: "What may become an iconic moment. One man stands with his hands up blocking armored vehicles." - @JuanDwptv
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Michael Brown's family: help us put a body camera on every police officer in the US
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If you can buy mine-resistant armored vehicles, you can buy body cameras. That is if you're interested in knowing the truth.
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Congressional Black Caucus denounces Ferguson grand jury
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Extremely rare for a grand jury to fail to return an indictment. Only about 0.01% of the time in federal cases (1/2).
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RT @USATODAY: #BREAKING Ferguson cop who shot Michael Brown won’t be charged; according to Michael Brown's family
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ABC: Always Be Curating
Slave butter at Publix, so much for progressivism
Obama message: Come to US illegally, don't get convicted of felony, you're OK. Not really changing immigration law as much as erasing it.
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Congrats SC on finally being
I use the word 'synergies' now in business emails, because it really fits the context, but I die a little each time.
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I'd be surprised if "Facebook for Work" turns out to be a major strategic initiative for the company. Here's why:…
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