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Slave butter at Publix, so much for progressivism
Obama message: Come to US illegally, don't get convicted of felony, you're OK. Not really changing immigration law as much as erasing it.
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Congrats SC on finally being
I use the word 'synergies' now in business emails, because it really fits the context, but I die a little each time.
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I'd be surprised if "Facebook for Work" turns out to be a major strategic initiative for the company. Here's why:…
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Facebook turns its data policy into something a human can actually read by @HarrisonWeber
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Americans say they want privacy, but act as if they don't (Illustration: Ellen Porteus)
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Look at what's snappening now #snapchat #promotedcontent
The UNO: a $500 3D printer that gives the Makerbot a challenge. Support making 3D printing accessible to everyone!…
"@nytimes: New Prediction Model Could Reduce Military Suicides, Study Finds" salvation in the form of data analysis
They may not be leatherbound or mahogany-scented but it's starting to come together...
The UNO 3D Printer - top-quality 3D printing for less than $500! via @kickstarter
Thanks to the W.H. content wins and infrastructure loses. The time is now to create, not control #NetNeutrality
Do computers even like to be optimized?
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"@ClemsonIDEAS: First up at #SWClemson Ryan DeMattia, Clemson alum and founder of Voice, shares his story" @VOICEtheapp
RT @RyanDeMattia: #SWCLEMSON the difference between a wantrepreneur and an entrepreneur is the willingness to JFDI (Just Effing Do It)
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RT @RyanDeMattia: #SWCLEMSON the difference between a wantrepreneur and an entrepreneur is the willingness to JFDI (Just Effing Do It)
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#SWCLEMSON the difference between a wantrepreneur and an entrepreneur is the willingness to JFDI (Just Effing Do It)
Stoked to keynote #SWCLEMSON - the gap between idea and reality is smaller than you think!
"I like the idea of being able to shout my stupid desires to my house & have things magically appear on my doorstep."
It's all about timing and execution.
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@_barneybarks_ refuses to sleep anywhere but the very middle of the bed
"@slashdot: Study Shows Direct Brain Interface Between Humans" I'm already in your head.
It's been way too long twitter, but we've been busy - download VOICE today! iOS: Android:
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"@NeedleInTayStak: I just saw a guy standing at a redbox and accused him of urinating in public..." Abstract Of The Average Redbox Consumer
True Life: I Have Used My Nose to Tap Areas On My Phone That My Thumb Could Not Reach With One-handed Use
Today I'm brushing up on SAS coding by translating STATA programs... good thing programmatic data analysis is just like riding a bike(?)
There was a baseball game tonight?
Let me print you out some 3D happiness
Dinner at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company
Simple pleasures at home
Note Taking Level: Pro #SWgreenville
@RyanDeMattia Uh-oh! It'll make both of you work harder. Healthy competition is a good thing. #SWgreenville
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I talked my girlfriend into pitching an idea and now she's our top competition - #SWgreenville in a nutshell
Starts off deliciously sour and finishes with a malty perfection. A truly excellent bee... (Fierce)
Next time you're thinking about telling newbies to RTFM, just google the topic and consider how insane learning stuff on the internet is.
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So many great design enhancements in the lab for @VOICEtheapp -- can't wait to show you guys what we're working on!
Don't buy these oreos, they have crack cocaine in them. that's the only logical explanation for why I just ate a whole sleeve in blind passion
@BarneyBarks @RyanDeMattia No Barney, You're coming to dinner with us. It will be nice.
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The fear is real in Greenville
Friday night in Greenville
An existential stout