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Ryan Collins
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@nosirromrolyat: Definitely going for Germany tonight! @zachfoster24 🇩🇪” I'm German dick
so @RyanCollins03 is currently working with a playlist that has a total of 2 songs on repeat
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My roommate has a bad day so I buy him a can of dip, I should get the roommate of the year award or something.
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I get to tour my new schools campus with my long lost best friend @devinashleyxo 💞
I will never understand people who don't like someone just because of what they've heard. #haveyourownopinion
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My phone will be off all day for anyone who cares
I could really use someone to make me smile right now
Be all mine and complete me
Being classy isn't about just how you dress, it's about how you perceive yourself
Is it bad that me dressing lazy is still classier than half the people I know dress #ComeOn
Probably ain't a good idea to tweet about how you use illegal substances of any kind. News Flash law enforcement monitors social media
Decided to let the beard go with the flow
Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Dies At 84. Who wants to protest a motherfucking funeral?
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#1 Copenhagen vs. #8 Kayak RT for Copenhagen Fav for Kayak Voting ends at Midnight EST
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Call me the king of advice
If you're nice, you're creepy. If you're mean, you're an asshole. If you're quiet, you're weird. If you're confident, you're cocky #Labels
Walked all the way to class found out what we were doing and found out I had one more absence #✌️