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Most enterprises hire people to fix things. Netflix hires people to break things.
All the cool kids write Node.js. But the rich kids? They're into COBOL.
5 new iOS 8 features developers need to get their heads around
.@mjasay talks to one of the leaders of the reactive-software movement, @jboner.
How many gingham shirts can you count on a single day in San Francisco?
How to fix common complaints about iOS 8.
All the cool kids write Node.js. But the rich kids? They’re into COBOL: /via @RWW, @data_nerd, @hadooping
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MIT is hosting a breast pump hackathon this weekend. Read more about it:
How to downgrade from iOS 8 back to iOS 7—while you still can by @selenalarson
Here come Apple and Google in the battle for your health
TwitPick is saved by a mystery buyer.
How to fix common iOS 8 complaints:
iOS 8 comes with a huge load of new features for iPhone users—some of which you could easily overlook.
iPhone users have a lot to explore. Start here
Hardware keeps getting smaller, more powerful and more distributed
Good news for image sharers—Twitpic lives!
iOS 8 took off more slowly than its predecessors, though it's not exactly struggling
Your Twitter profile is going to look a bit different to users on iPhones
Facebook is now getting into the "trending topics" game we know from that other social network...
The gingham shirt remains mission critical in Silicon Valley
Sure. "@RWW: Tim Cook is keeping your Apple data safe from the cops"
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Luv gingham! RT @RWW: Silicon Valley normcore nerds are flocking to gingham shirts @StephEllenChan #tech #fashion
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Apple and Google are in the battle for your health
ReadWrite readers: Do you rock gingham fashion? Check out our new Silicon Valley Street Style & show us your gingham!…
Five Common iOS 8 Complaints And How To Fix Them by @laureninspace
iPhone 6 promises another row of application icons on your home screen. But can you usefully fill it?
Ginghamception!! An awesome @SayMedia engineer is at a career fair in Berkeley and sent me this super meta pic
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When it comes to owning your entertainment experience, Amazon is not playing around
Tim Cook is keeping your Apple data safe from the cops
With iOS 8, you now have greater control over how apps track you
Have you noticed? Apple's iOS 8 doesn’t push change in your face the way iOS 7 did. You might miss something!
Just because Twitter wants to be more like Facebook doesn't mean Facebook doesn't want to be more like Twitter.
Never mind Apple's iPhone 6 - remember that one Apple Keynote guy's ginormous purple scarf?!
What do @zwaldowski and @RandomStep think about Auto Layout and Extensions? Find out in @RWW's writeup: #iOS8
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8 Things New iOS 8 Users Should Do First (via @RWW)
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Twitpic Lives! Mystery Hero Buys Twitter Photo Host by @laureninspace
Silicon Valley normcore nerds are flocking to gingham shirts by @StephEllenChan
8 things iOS 8 users should do first @adra_la
As systems grow more complex, programming needs to get more "reactive" -- a Q&A with @jboner by @mjasay
Amazon rolled out its largest product launch since it entered the hardware business, introducing six new tablets.
Here come Google and Apple in the battle for your health.