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Amazon Fire Phone flickers out, now sells for 99 cents by @adra_la
Kids need to learn digital literacy before we start teaching them to code. Here's why:
The Bathroom Lines At Tech Conferences Could Use Some Disruption by @selenalarson #tcdisrupt
At last, PayPal is taking Bitcoin by @owenthomas
Tick tock! Time is running out to rescue your Twitpics from Twitter!
Twitch Is Bringing The Arcade Back From The Dead by @StephEllenChan
Apple's big event is more than just iPhones and an iWatch. Here's what else to expect:
Uber CEBro Travis Kalanick discusses his company's pesky human problem at TechCrunch Disrupt. #TCDisrupt
Why even "simple" technology can be hard for developers by @mjasay
Reddit rolls over, shuts down stolen celebrity photo forum (after it said it wouldn't)
Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Wants To Erase Your Digital Footprint by @selenalarson #TCDisrupt
It's been a week since YouTube's top star @pewdiepie shut down his YouTube comments, and we're still sad!
Apple’s big announcement is coming up tomorrow. Here's what to expect by @adra_la
Uber Is Waging A Battle Of Man Vs. Machine In Its Own Soul by @owenthomas #TCDisrupt
Quirky is reinventing invention—again! Want to learn more? Vote for our #SXSW panel!
Arrington keeps saying Travis Kalanick perceived is Darth Vader. #TCDisrupt
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If you couldn't care less about the new iPhones, good news! Motorola has new phones for every budget:
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What is the official hashtag for Disrupt so my followers can mute my future live-tweets?
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To start, @neddesmond’s microphones have been disrupted. #TCDisrupt
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@rlux @RWW That is a subtext of the gay-dance-club allusion. But actually, I am sitting next to a woman and there are many in sight.
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@owenthomas @RWW I assume that means there's no women at the event?
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Apple may be on the verge of breaking the digital payments logjam. Here's how:
What fashionistas really want in #wearabletech. Hint: It's not huge watches or rubber bracelets @RWW
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Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper make up computer history's female role models. Many others aren't on the books:
Beware, iPhone fans with small hands and/or pockets: The 4-inch iPhone may soon be history by @adra_la
Reversal of Fortune: Reddit Shuts Down Stolen Celebrity Photo Forum by @laureninspace
ReadWrite's @HelenASPopkin talks Apple's response to nude celebrity photos leak with MSNBC's @AlexWitt…
Kids don't all need to learn to code—but they do need to learn digital literacy by @selenalarson
Soon You’ll Be Able To Buy Stuff Via Twitter by @selenalarson #tweetcommerce
Prepare to export your photos, because Twitpic is shutting down
Failure is the key to learning from Big Data
Are you ready for Apple's big event on Tuesday? A "Phablet" is reportedly on the way
In history, female computer scientists are often forgotten.
Data scientists can track how people move through cities and towns as easily as e-commerce sites track them online
Popular this week: For once, the entire Internet isn't blaming the victims of the nude celebrity photo leak
How Apple made its users vulnerable to iCloud theft
From MIT to WhatsApp, how messaging has grown in the computer age.
The Internet Of Things will be huge, and so will Hadoop.
Did you know a team of six women helped build the first all-electronic programmable computer?
What do fashionistas really want in a wearable?
Check out the new Google Chrome extension called Pinterest Tab
History's Female Programmers Will No Longer Be Forgotten by @selenalarson
Motorola unveiled a slew of new products for every budget.
This is a backstage win for pay-by-iPhone.
Following the celebrity iCloud breach, Apple is increasing iCloud security.
For building a culture of experimentation, the essence of Big Data discovery, cloud is critical.