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“There's a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought; thought is just a tiny element of that intelligence”~@EckhartTolle
Truth! RT @Official_Harold: The albums @RevoLucian produced are Ru's best. Every song is good
🎶Music Vote🎶 @RuPaulul~~ SISSY THAT WALK or COVER GIRL ❓?❓?❓?❓?❓?❓
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“Hello hello hello!” RT @mikewassmusic: @RuPaul you're on The Comeback?! If Val calls you baby girl, I will pass out and die
Just curious for @RuPaul fans: Do you listen to the full albums or just one or two songs from each album?
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I guess the secret we were sitting on is out, babygirl. @RuPaul
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Wise words from @RuPaul today: "I don't lend, I don't borrow, and I don't visit!" #werk #qlshow
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@RuPaul Don't know if you seen this but it's something to be seen! These dancers turn it OUT with their sissy!…
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Yep, that’s it! RT @teamweasley: This really your signature? I’ll be the happiest lady in the land.
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Drag Name Of The Day: Ava Nagila (as suggested by @TOMofLA)
Ha! RT @CasparSalmon: "How's your head?" "I haven't had any complaints!" @michellevisage @TheRealElvira…
ShowBiz 101: Create a stage name so that you can retain some anonymity on public records
Thx for coming up to see me @ErikTLA - Next time, I’ll train down to Philly to visit you
Just read that @RuPaul will be appearing on @TheValCherish's The Comeback. I DO endorse it! #dignity…
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Suivez votre coeur! XORU RT @phoenix_elvis: 👋Bonjour gorgeous Ru’ 💋 kiss From Paris 🇫🇷😚
TeeHee! RT @drethehomie: Ru was weird way before you or any of your friends. Freaking reddit.…
Love it! RT @gueerodrigues: @RuPaul vs @JLo vs @IGGYAZALEA "Dat A Starrbooty" (mashup)
@RuPaul Your pix as a young up & coming legendary kid makes me wonder what was going in your head back then :3 <3
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YES! RT @aahyesss: #SissyThatWalk on my office soundtrack has revolutionized my walk to the printers @RevoLucian
"Grandpa, you have boobies!" Shut your little whore mouth sweetheart.
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Been working my tuchus off! RT @weird_mustaches: @RuPaul I've missed you!
'For those of you who didn't believe, roll up your sleeves' RT @17days: hot potato!
Hey, kitty girl! RT @juanreynajr: Ru replied to @Sandrastic & I on reddit AMA. *heavily breathes* @SANTINORICE
Oh BTW: Never underestimate the magical healing power of a braided headband
Starting now! RT @HoserUSC: Waiting for the @RuPaul AMA to start on @reddit
RT @clydetombaugh: Happy bday to my fave ex-@kroq DJ, the talented, eternally cool, & dead-sexy @TheRealElvira