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Anthony Smith
Well, there was my welcome to Newark, Ohio. The Longaberger Basket Company ;)
The famous Y Bridge in Zanesville, Ohio :))
I dedicate today's 24.9 mile Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) run/walk into Zanesville, Ohio to Jean Sumner. She passed away in May of 1999 from emphysema. She is loved and missed tremendously by her entire family. I send my deepest thoughts and prayers out to each of you today. I know the cherished
Thank you to Darlene (middle) from Zanesville, Ohio for sponsoring my meal at Applebee's tonight :) #C2C2C
Looks like home for tonight :)) ...Zanesville, Ohio.
Big thank you to WHIZ News from Zanesville, Ohio for meeting up with me and giving me an opportunity to tell my story :))
Thank you Michael Neilson from The Daily Jeffersonian newspaper in Cambridge, Ohio for visiting me on the route this morning :)
I have the tremendous honor of dedicating today's 27.3 mile Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) run/walk into Cambridge, Ohio to our beloved Ally Franks. She took her life recently at a young age, and I simply want to ask everyone to join me in lifting up her family and friends in prayer. Please leave c
My official C2C2C entry into Cambridge, Ohio :)) home for the decade of the 80s. The town that potty trained me, taught me that I loved to run, and fed me an ounce shy of 40 tons of Wally's Pizza :))
Thankful I got to see Kinsey, Ella, and Olivia one last time before I got too far west :))
You know I'm enjoying the scenery today :)) O-H...???
Was amazing to hang out with Jack last best friend from elementary school in Cambridge, OH :)
I am honored to dedicate today's 23.2 mile Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) run/walk to the memories of Whit Reeder and Hannah Michelle Reeder Messina. They both passed on this date in different years. Whit passed 1 year ago today, and Hanna passed 19 years ago today. I offer my run as a token of con
Awesome being back in Ohio...still feels like home, and always will ;)) ...that makes nine states and territories (VA, DC, MD, DE, NJ, NY, PA, WV, and OH).
Thank you to the "$4 Lunch Spot" for sponsoring a free lunch for me and my family earlier today :))
Here I come Ohio ;))
I have the extreme honor of dedicating today's 32.6 mile Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) run/walk into Wheeling, West Virginia to the beautiful memory of Virginia Smith. She passed away in January of 2007, and has been thought of and missed dearly each and everyday. She lived in Pulaski, Virginia an
You may be smarter, wealthier, and faster than are definitely better looking. BUT...good luck trying to outwork me ;)
Hello West Virginia! ...I give you my "Super Creepy Rob Lowe Pose" ...which oddly enough, is the exact same post of every teenager across the country!
Well this house in Claysville, PA gets the nod for the most interesting I have seen!
So happy to be on Old Route 40 :)) ...and loving the sunshine :))
I dedicate today's 27.1 mile Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) run/walk to the wonderful Robert Nielsen. He passed...
I dedicate today's 27.1 mile Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) run/walk to the wonderful Robert Nielsen. He passed away on Thanksgiving Day in 2011, but is loved and missed more and more each day. He proudly served our great nation as a member of the Navy...for that, we salute a true hero for protecti
This journey is helping me to realize that I'm just as much of a people watcher as my mom was! I used to make fun of her for it, lol!
It has been pretty cloudy, rainy, and gloomy over the past week. Will just make me enjoy the sunshine more when it does come :)
Happy National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day! ...and thank you Olive Garden in Washington, Pennsylvania for this beauty ;))
Heavy rain and thunderstorms is reason enough for me to stay inside and rest today :) ...needing to get caught up on some things anyways.
I have the honor of dedicating today's 20.3 mile Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) run/walk to our beloved brother Matt Yohe. He passed in February of 2012 from suicide...but will never be forgotten. He is thought of, loved, and missed dearly every single day. I am honored to run in his memory once ag
Stopped at Critter Country Animal Farm in Smithton, PA today and had a blast! Please check it out if you are ever close!!!
Have you taken a selfie with a camel lately??? Random!
I have the true honor of dedicating today's 29.9 mile Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) run/walk in to Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania to a remarkable woman named Kim Kingrea. She passed away in May of 2012 from health complications, at only 53 years old. She has been missed more and more each and every
The greatest success in helping others is the opportunity to help even more :)
I have the unreal honor of dedicating today's 36.1 mile Coast to Coast to Coast (C2C2C) run/walk in to Somerset, Pennsylvania to an amazing young man...Adrian Barajas. He passed by the way of suicide in March of 2014 at the age of 11. Words can't describe the pain felt by the family, friends, studen
Just keeps getting better :))
This journey has been one amazing history lesson! You just can't learn this in a classroom :))
Bedford, Pennsylvania :)
Taking today off to rest my body...I'm going to need to ease back into the running after taking time off for military training.
I have the honor of dedicating today's 29.1 mile C2C2C run to our beloved Bucky Seagle. He passed away a little over a year ago, but is deeply missed more than ever. Bucky...a genuine hero who fought for our country as a U.S. Marine. He loved nothing more than gathering and spending time socially wi
What an absolutely beautiful day in Pennsylvania :))
I am dedicating today's 29.6 C2C2C run in the memory of our beloved little ones waiting for us in Heaven. Today, October 15th, 2014 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This tragedy has touched many of my friends and family for whom I send my thoughts and prayers out to today. I simply can'
"Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey." ~ Babs Hoffman
Yeah...been waiting all day to see you!!!!
Rainy day...but loving it :))
Love being back on the road today :) ...rain ain't stoping my parade!
@RunHopeLive good luck as you head back to PA. Talking to you this weekend was an inspiration for us. Can't wait to run with you!
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