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Michael Ruhlman
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TY RT @NCHPedSurg: Another good read: Walk on Water: Inside an Elite #PedSurg Unit by @ruhlman
grt IPAs from strngsvlle n N. Olmsted! grt deal RT @cconner2: I swear I saw @ruhlman having a beer outside B-Spot today. How cool is that?!
potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite, latter best RT @brettle: @brianpolcyn @ruhlman Saltpetre or Pink Salt, what's better and why please?
Join me for lunch @ThePalm in NYC! Go to @caafoundation #SchoolDay auction at @charitybuzz and bid for a good cause.
a worthy unitasker RT @beatgozon: Cold butter on morning toast is the worst. Here's a smart fix >> via @foodrepublic
more evidence, but no ref to wrangham, the 1st to say this? MT @tboneinFC: @ruhlman you now have SCIENCE backing you…
great meal @TrentinaCLE thanks everyone!
.@lisameid @MQAvatar lots of pasta basil going on last night thanks to @Food52 even my daughter gave it a go…
@altonbrown @ruhlman supermarkets taking locally sourced labels a little too far.... But are they gluten free?
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- Fifth Quarter - Tripe & Sausage // honeycomb tripe / smoked blood sausage / beef tongue / tendon annato...
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hoping for return of local RT @smokedandhung: @scatteredmom It's tricky because we let B&N kill the local bookstore before Amazon killed B&N
My week on twitter: 75 Mentions, 162K Mention Reach, 57 Replies, 37 Retweets, 10.9K Retweet Reach. via
thx! if you buy, do so from indie seller! RT @scatteredmom: @ruhlman @Food52 Egg is a gorgeous book. Have drooled over it in stores.
.@scatteredmom @Food52 my book well hidden by amazon to punish hachette/@littlebrown into reducing price of ebooks. #amazonfucksauthors
.@Food52 thx 4 linking my amazon authors pg… I want all to notice amazon hiding my most recent book EGG #hachettefeud
thx! RT @Food52: Tomatoes do double-duty in the summer's most #Genius pasta courtesy o@ruhlman
yes RT @KeegoMyNeego: @ruhlman Using my cellar as a cure room. Little air movement. Would you recommend running a small fan? If so how long?
To watch David Letterman’s admiration for Robin Williams is overwhelming. What a beautiful tribute.…
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in my room RT @gavinthenext: @Bourdain @ruhlman if you could only have one meal in Vegas, where would it be?
misspelling congrats results in autocorrect cog rats. what are cog rats?
.@stevehoff glad you liked the strata. You have @cookskorner to thank for it.
.@CarrieG2BPub pate is fully cooked, kept refrigerated. why would you use pink salt?
Hey Boston theater fans! Have a look at a new play my pal @ColeBurden is helping to produce—raising $ @Indiegogo…
The Hour is near, and this one packs a punch:…
.@FudgySweetTweet hope you bought egg from indie store (or barnes and noble). #darthamazonmort charging full price to punish my publisher
.@FudgySweetTweet always meant to do this. The brownie recipe in Egg is killer. 1/2 sheet of them #brownieratio could be extrapolated
dude! #CLE!!! RT @brianpolcyn: Looking for new cities to hold my charcuterie class. Any thoughts??? #locationlocationlocation #pigisking
WSJ Headline: “Low-salt diets may pose health risks”—study of 100K ppl found those eating <3k mg have great risk of death from heart disease
but on release, marinade rushes in RT @BobdelGrosso: @jamiesamons @bensukle @shulgasquad No, it vacuum sealing actually slows it down.
My week on twitter: 94 Mentions, 763K Mention Reach, 83 Replies, 64 Retweets, 236K Retweet Reach. via
TY! like ur twitter pic MT @altonjharewood: @FoodNetworkCA fans—my educ continues Shout out to @ruhlman GREAT books!
Leah, happy to help entrepreneurs! AllSpice: Serious Spice Racks for Serious Cooks by Max Osterhaus via @kickstarter
.@cjchivers good luck on the smoked bluefish. ate lots when we loved on the vineyard. hope you know about my book Charcuterie.
.@cjchivers and I’m glad you didn’t let the ceviche sit for 3 hrs! 30 minutes is perfect.
disguised as a recipe article, this @cjchivers essay almost too good for the “Dining” section…
@WindsweptCoast I love baking bread. The @ruhlman Ratio makes it so easy. Takes abt 10 min in the morning to put together, rises all day.
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The Soil Will Save Us on NPR's Science Friday! Friday the 15th, talking about soil and soilmates! @ruhlman @billmckibben @michaelpollan
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new post on a spirits made just outside #CLE out of sheer mania and a love of distilling…
Any "eating" chocolate that is more than 70% cacao is only meant to be eaten by hippies. #quoteme
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Any suggestions of where to eat around Newburgh or Kingston? Not fancy, just good?
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douglas preston ad published double truck in sunday nytimes, thank you.…
horrible irony that creator of most powerful book selling mechanism ever, now actively harms the people writing those books
so sad. RIP the brilliant Robin Williams…
hey @epan11 how do you know about my new books?
cc @hippressurecook RT @greenbeer35: @ruhlman @MeatEaterTV what's the best pressure cooker for canning?