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Michael Ruhlman
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Obsessively listening to The Soul of a Chef by @ruhlman while I run. Ended up w/ 5 extra miles (supposed to be a rest day) b/c it's so good!
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.@LiamLaCivita @rtruskeyjr so sorry for your loss. ben whats his name even kind of fell apart at the end. so, 67-57, pitts-CLE, all time?
It's a special day ina Cleveland sports fans heart when pitts get their ass handed to them #GOBROWNS
Cleveland Beer Week is a favorite time of the year. Our favorite brewers come to town and we get to eat and drink...
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help my pal quintin @mmknives raise what he needs to keep making handmade chef knives
of course nothing beats homemade mayo.
you may. beats Helmanns to my mind. RT @hamptoncreek: @ruhlman @DavePolak @andrewzimmern Hey, we will take that as a compliment. :)
dont think it is but its pretty damn good RT @DavePolak: @hamptoncreek @andrewzimmern How can it be mayonnaise if there are no eggs in it?
just got @hamptoncreek mayo and letter from @andrewzimmern andrew what is your association with this co.?
sidesplitting! TY RT @wisekaren: I have a feeling @ruhlman will laugh his ass off at this: (h/t @Fritinancy)
you were all fabulous, thx so much for the honor RT @BryanVoltaggio: @ruhlman It was great to have you @VOLT_RANGE tonight.
nice! RT @Briowa: @ruhlman 72 hour sous vide Char Siu pork jowl, black garlic, cilantro, lemongrass aspic
no read ingrdnts, will work tho RT @MichaelTrippe found this in store. Same as 'pink salt'? @mortonsalt #TenderQuick….
finely julienned deep-fried flank steak, scallion RT @RBrown1518: @ruhlman made ur sweet bell pepper soup How would u garnish it?
absolutely RT @SeamusLowry: @ruhlman Venison Bresaola doable??
Following the recipe in @ruhlman Ruhlman's Twenty, I make bacon from scratch.… Crazy delicious!
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An honor to b there. Your front and back staff rocked. Grt grt food “@BryanVoltaggio: @ruhlman It was great to have you @VOLT_RANGE tonight.
Nice @bittman oped on ways to reduce soda consumption and more imp, keeping general issue out there and in ppls minds…
Nice piece, just tweeted separately “@SmithMeadows: @ruhlman Thought you might get a chuckle out of my op/ed…
Author/farmer Forrest Pritchard asks why @nytimes food summit has invited no farmers.
Congrats! Look forward to reading! “@mbhide: Hey .@ruhlman I am now taking a bite of fiction!
Thx! “@hmorrell: Another great (and short) rant from @ruhlman. Bonus, recipe I've made and love: Eat Your Medicine…
The port hole in Norfolk! Bardo. Grt bourbons their well is woodford cc @nickkokonas
Who can tell me where to find the most expensive #burger in #SanFrancisco? Doing a project... #foodie #westcoast @Bourdain ? @ruhlman ?
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And even the blue crab tastes off. Hope I don't get sick
@eatniks @ruhlman bacon is mostly salt, fat and smoke when used in cooking. Maybe try cured duck breast. Or maybe liquid smoke + duck breast
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Underneath all the crap, like a pile of cut grass @likesquirrel317: @ruhlman that a salad? Er, a "salad"?”
Gribenes @eatniks: @nerditry @ruhlman I avoid bacon for religious reasons not health. Just wondering if there is a decent sub for bacon.
.@eatniks Google "mechanically separated meat" then read turkey bacon ingredient #wearesofuckedup
You know how that shits made? “@eatniks: And I might be setting myself up for public stoning... but is turkey bacon ever a reasonable sub?
Yes but no reason not to cook “@eatniks: @ruhlman Right... but is it even worth it with this dish? Doesn't it then lack important flavor?”
Sigh... But at least there's blue crab in there #virginia
Why being on the road is so damn depressing not to mention unhealthy.
If you don't dig on swine, leave it out! “@eatniks: @ruhlman Is there any way to make a decent version of this dish w/out bacon?
new post: eat your medicine (which today is a simplified coq au vin)…
45 mins “@JHGraas: @ruhlman after raft has formed in stock, how long to leave going?”
.@Chefjefflive I'm here now, reading at #ODU theater tonight, and will be there tomorrow as well. So we shall meet. Love your new book
hey @Chefjefflive look forward to meeting you at #ODU this week.
.@Fierylake better to hang in your kitchen, whatever temp and humidity
slimy never good “@Fierylake: @ruhlman Currently drying Guanciale and Pancetta, just a few days in, they are kinda slimy. is that ok?
many thanks! “@MarkHasty: @ruhlman I could spend all day reading stuff on your site and so far I pretty much have. Thank you.”
.@Terry_the_Blade if rolling the pancetta off. Otherwise ur call
Writer in rez at #ODU, kicking off lit fest mon night, 7:30 reading open to public “@stanfieldm: @ruhlman what are you doing here?”