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Michael Ruhlman
writers cook 162,585 followers
Ambrose antiques 20th n prospect. The best “@jws919: @ruhlman have a couple good knives in need of professional re-edging. Any CLE recs?
Watching grill cook who prepared my burger tapping out a text on iPhone. Glad he's got those sanitary gloves on.
The Hour approacheth on this fine Friday, a new All-Natural cocktail!…
will someone please tell me what the fuck 'all-natural' means. i want to stick needles in my eyes every time I see it.
indeed “@TheGurglingCod: I'm guessing that @ruhlman is also wary of brines w/ ice measured in cups.”
puree or sauce “@SaveTeamCasey: @ruhlman I have an overload of organic tomatoes and I want to freeze them. What's the best way. Thanks.”
This is an insanely good dish from @ruhlman. @hrhqkns’ leftovers are better than many restaurants.… #useyourtomatoes
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yes! and turning bones into charcoal among many other efforts “@Gilgulis: @ruhlman @DanBarber Are they still growing tall heirloom wheat?”
@ruhlman, the guanciale I tweeted you about trimming last Fall turned out ACES !
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Stone bars sheep; chickens will move in behind them
At @DanBarber's stone barns. I could be in Tuscany.
i use @WestonProducts good for home kitchen “@cuttys: @ruhlman What is the electric meat grinder that you recommend?”
Yay! @HellaBitter kickstarter for DIY bitters fully funded!…
nice piece, thanks! “@davidfarkas: @ruhlman Appreciate your help.…
What was life like before owning @ruhlman 's flat, wooden spoons? I don't recall, nor do I want to. #GameChanger
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grill to flavor, low oven to tenderize. @drewpihlainen: @ruhlman best technique for spare ribs? i'm thinking smoke->oven->grill. overkill?”
@ruhlman: .@gardencafetx the ratio chart...chart info here:…” // Post this in your pastry kitchen.
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thank you! “@DaisyNYC: @ruhlman Try Florence Meat Market on Jones Street or Pino's on Sullivan”
I call myself chef only when I want to piss symon off @kocsan @chefsymon @JBARH #imawriternotachef
.@SamSifton and it's an excellent video; i'd drop the newspaper gig and go straight to TV. You're a pro.…
In which @ruhlman comes out hard for the grilled burger, and it's a good argument:…. Still:….
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any place in the west village I can find fresh sweetbreads, need to be picture perfect. #photoday #timetoshavetheknuckles
been gnawing at me for a week: @SamSifton quoting @chefsymon "a grill is too difficult" had to get it off my chest…
miss you both! @stresscake @KatedeCamont raise a glass of floc on my behalf while I pray to return to your heavenly land #OH!GASCONY!