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Apologizing doesn't always mean you're wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego.
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You never really live until you find someone worth dying for.
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If your girlfriend is pretty and many guys want her, that's another reason to keep her and treat her right. You got what they can't have...
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#Aquarians are mostly friendly and helpful people, but they put on stern face that leads you to think that they're always tough and rough.
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Hari ini judulnya gagal diet gara2 pizza and beef fetuccine berdua pino aaaaaaaaa!!!!
If they don't fight for you, they're not right for you.
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A real boyfriend will blow up his girl's phone when she's mad at him. She may not want to answer, but at least she'll see his effort.
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It’s painful to say goodbye to someone you don’t want to let go, but more painful to ask someone to stay when you know they want to leave.
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I think one of the greatest feelings in the world is when someone openly tells you how much you mean to them. stuff like that is so rare.
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God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn't. Trust and let go. Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there.
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Orang kalo lagi ada maunya, ada butuhnya baru inget. Apalagi kalo masalah "keuangan", beuh bukan main!
Nah ini bener banget nih (with @SaoVino) [pic] β€”
Makan lagi, lagi dan lagi! :'( [pic] β€”
Tadi baru dessert. Sekarang yg berat2 ya (with @SaoVino at Food Louver) [pic] β€”
Nomnomnomnom @ Hong Tang Grand Indonesia
Semangkok berdua (with @SaoVino at Hong Tang Grand Indonesia) [pic] β€”
Jauh di mata namun.... β™« Dekat Di Hati by Ran β€”
Left to right. 1. Bunny gave me a surprise in his office 2. Me and bunny had a dinner in my…
I love youuuuu bunnyyy :*:*:* (with @SaoVino at Pizza Marzano) [pic] β€”
Amin, makasih ya bon :* @bonethasari: Selamat ulang tahun siti semoga panjang umur selalu murah rezeki dan sukses selalu yah..
Amin, makasih yaa vit :* "@novita_cicilia: Happy birthday okti, wish you all the best :) (with @rubyoktafiani)"
Udah biasa jadi ga kaget :)
Di masker bobo manis dia hahahaha (with @SaoVino) [pic] β€”
Happy Birthday my lil handsome nephew! I love you soooo daaaamn muuuch cutie pie!!! [pic] β€”
Si ngeselin. Hari ini ngeselinnya pake banget!
Padahal ketemu tadi pagi tapi kenapa gue lupa ya? -_-" anyway happy birthdaaaay taraaa!!… (w/ @madinatara) β€”
Mau jadi penjahat sekali2. Mau ngerampok ah (at BCA KCU Suryopranoto) β€”
Hello October! Hello my month! Please be kind and awesome!! [pic] β€”
Superb cute!! Hahahahahaha [pic] β€”
With @SaoVino at Ikan Bakar & Sea Food Muara Angke β€”
Hey, hey, hey. Just think while you've been getting down and out about the… β™« Shake It Off by @taylorswift13 β€”