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Got out 3 mins early, yes
5 mins and I'm out till 1 â˜ē
I have the song Hot Nigga and like 4 remixes, da fuck lol
All she like is the way I ball out
Watching the Breakfast Club
I have to wait till the morning, ahh 😕
Went through old dm's, trippy
GTA5 will be the death of my grades
Think my phone is disconnected
S/O to Bobby Shmurda
Sucks when it's all quiet and dark in the room and you just lay there thinking about home but you know you have to be gone for your own good
Class at 8 but I slept all day
My roommate is watching Orange is the New Black and my tl is full of lesbians
Gonna have to wear a hoodie today 😆
For anyone that got to leave to college but still gets to go back home for the weekends, I'm super jealous
I thought la joya beat donna redskins and palmview beat psja bears but nevermind
We are who we are, we can never escape ourselves
I don't think I've ever been more mad in my life
"@JuanNDaCut: My teacher got me fucked up with this test 😩īŋŊ" is it weird that I would get a 100%? 😂
I wish my school was a State school
Tornado warning and there's lighting everywhere and the city's emergency siren is going off 😱😱
Is there anything to do here? fuck!!
If you made what I made a show you'd probably throw it to
Match the 5 rings then we'll have the legit argument
If you think Lebron is better than Kobe then you started getting into basketball a little late
"Hi Garrett" "Don't say hi to me, I threw up in your bed bitch, making shit awkward" 😂😂😂
I'm early to the party but my Rari is the latest
Not having a lab today would be amazing
8 AM class later, yea cool
This dude is snoring so loud 😤
What do when the love turn to hate? Gotta separate from these fuckin fakes
I love you so.. But why I love you? I never know
I see no need for me to tweet, Y'all already know my status