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Sachin Tendulkar
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#RanjiTrophy QF, #Mumbai vs #Maharashtra: Mumbai 92 for 3. Jaffer (44) ct Bawne b Mundhe. And that's Lunch.
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2nd ODI. 42.4: R Jadeja to D Sammy, 4 runs, 237/5 #IndvWI
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if people only offered good wishes at festivals, and not gifts, the world would be happier and less messy!
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Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen - BAFTA Britannia Awards 2013 Red Carpet
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@patkennedy17: @MichaelVaughan You couldn't suck any more. #flog” Morning Pat... You are my hero...
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Stumped on #YOLO, #SMH and #GOML? You may need a refresher on Internet slang! - sp
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Ponting at the crease at the him while you still can people
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Babies + Cats = Cuteness Overload! - sp
I don't know how I ever lived without these life tips. Never get a mosquito bite again! - sp
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