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me: *hey* in my mind: *omg did i really just send that, what if i'm annoying them, i should stop, they hate me, omg i'm so embarrassed*
guys please, i can't answer all 0 messages at once
*wears yoga pants to everything but yoga*
I like wearing big sweaters. Not cause they're all comfy & cuddly, but when the sleeves are really big i get to flop them around & smack ppl
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If you say you’ve never bought clothes influenced by a fictional character you're lying
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i look really cute when i wake up and by cute i mean homeless
"i'm over him." him: "hey!" me: "nevermind."
*owns 9000 iphone cases*
i wish the "saved" button on wanelo meant "now in your closet"
*wears yoga pants for the next 45 years*
i text back embarrassingly fast or three days later there is no in between
*takes 3,000 selfies and hates all of them*
"perf" says the white girl, as she selects an instagram filter for her panera lunch
sext: stay weird with me forever
*sits in my towel for 6 months after showering*
Don't need anyone who don't need you.
Music is WAAAAY better when it's loud.