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Ryan Sharkey
not your mom not your milk
Let's spark a blunt and talk about the universe
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Being weird with friends is my happiness
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When you are far away from society for long amounts of time you forget the ideas that you create of yourself and you can learn to just BE
The highest form of human intelligence is to view without judgement.
Fall in love with the sky
These humans are ever so beautiful, so thankful for their existance
Why long for comfort? there is a beautiful adventure waiting for you out there
Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada. 5,000 miles and 110 days backpacking the US completely without money, living off the land. I have discovered and been accepted into the surprisingly large and diverse art community here in Vegas. Sleeping on top of buildings & going on ecstatic desert adventures, Ve
Made it to Las Vegas! 110 days and 5,000 miles traveled completely without money. ^◡^✌
let's makeout & listen to pink floyd
like the sun shines and the moon shimmers I fell in love with her ever so naturally
They call me the wandering guru
S/O to this dude Sergio for picking me up while I was hitchhiking and taking me to the Summit Inn, the famous Route 66 Cafe and buying me an Ostrich burger
Bungee jumping is ballsy #BulgeeJumping
I may go places I've never been just to find the deepest desires in my mind.
First time bungee jumping 🙆
As long as you're successful at what you're doing, people will always try to pick apart and tear you down without ever trying it themselves.
you have to truly be lost to find yourself ☯
climb mountains not so you can see the world, but so the world can see you
Had an amazing experience hiking 10 miles through the Sheep Mountain Wilderness to the "Bridge To Nowhere" with these fellas
When it comes down to it, the only person ever stopping you or holding you back from anything you want to pursue is yourself
Escape into nature ✿
S/O to @shopgroovy for giving me this snazzy shirt #ItsAGroovement
Stop being so preoccupied, embrace silence. BREATH; be conscious, mindful, & aware. Let go of your idea of the past & future. Live in NOW.
Follow my insta to stay updated on my moneyless journey. You can even see my route if you click the location tab!
eat fruit smoke pot
103 days & about 4,300 miles traveled backpacking the US completely without money, living off the grid. California has been so good to me & I'm so grateful to be in this beautiful place.
Ventura family pic
There is wisdom to be found in the act of hiking with good company
To live is the greatest accomplishment in the world. Most people just exist.
How can you stay in the same place, work the same job, with the same people everyday? The human spirit thrives on new experiences
I am so blessed to be friends with @mcfaithyyyy who let my stay with her in Fallbrook at her Grandma's extravagant home on a mountain
good people ☞ great adventure
The repetitive lifestyle of the everyday human makes people get used to life in a way that they forget how beautiful it really is.
I thrive in places where nature has not been rearranged by man ☮
My country is just border lines created by humans determining what society I am forced to participate in.
One of my favorite people in existence ◠◡◠
I never got to give my big S/O to @e.vaahh for letting me stay with her in Ventura for over a week and giving me an amazing Ventura experience. Much love ♡
Greetings from San Diego, California. 100 days and over 4,000 miles traveled completely without money. After I got mugged in Ocean Beach I decided to start traveling with my phone again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Greetings from San Diego, CA. 100 days and over 4,000 miles traveled completely without money, living off the land.
I have now traveled about 4,000 miles in the last 90 days, living off the grid without spending a penny, and using my phone for wifi. But I am now completely letting go. I am traveling alone, with no money and now with no phone. Nothing but the bag on my back with supplies to live off the land. I wi
I wasn't wearing pants

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