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Ryan Sharkey
In the midst of all the chaos Stay calm in your heart
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You know it's real when you can feel it
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Just be kind and the rest will come ☻
I love this moonchild ☾♡ It was amazing performing with you ^◡^
Greetings from Albuquerque, New Mexico! 145 days and 6,500 miles traveled completely without money, living off the land. #SharkeyMovement ☮
You will continue to go through loops in life until you learn the lesson presented to you
walkin on the edge
Im just chilling, being lowkey and observing everything.
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It's pretty ironic how people get mad when you treat them the same way they treat you.
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I'm not sober rn but I will tell you that cigs & alcohol are not the way and I have done neither (>‿◠)✌
To touch the earth is to have harmony with nature
i run away from structure because i am not a box
Just ground yourself in your own little bit of happiness that radiates within you.
Why long for comfort? There is a beautiful adventure waiting for you out there
When you're able to tell your story and not cry, thats when you know you're healed
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if i was famous i would just knock on peoples doors and be like hello yes its me
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She's the type of girl you'll regret losing
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Just remember when you ignore your girl, you're teaching her to live without you...
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sending love & light to all from the grand canyon ◠◡◠
I fell in love with this timeless wonder
The Grand Canyon is so beautiful it is almost comical because pictures and words cannot express the feeling of being so small in such a big beautiful world
Greetings from the Grand Canyon, 140 days and 6,000 miles traveled completely without money, living off the land. After living on a roof in Las Vegas I backtracked to Venice Beach. I then walked and hitchhiked my way to Flagstaff, AZ, then up to the Grand Canyon where I hiked the 8 miles on the Brig
Greetings from the Grand Canyon! 140 days and 6,000 miles traveled completely without money, living off the land.
Never been drunk Never smoked a cig ~Drop Acid, See Reality~
Be free like nature ~ & the adventure continues
Be free like nature
The last few weeks in the city has been an adventure in its own, but it is time to continue the journey and keep flowin ~
"Emotional Art" -Ryan Sharkey
Hanging with these homies was such a trip. Love these wacky humans ✌
i am a flower and it hurts when you pluck my petals but it's okay
but at the end of the day the cat will pur and the dog will bark and they will both bite you :)
in honor of national dog day here's some pics with my fav paddle boarding companions
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I wish that you could understand
Yung Nomad, Sharkey ☯ 130 Days Backpacking the US completely without money
Yung Nomad, Sharkey ☯ 130 Days Living Without Money
live a happy life with other happy life livers
One can only achieve what they believe they can do.
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Don't chase success to prove your haters wrong, because even if you succeed, you'll still be a slave to their validation. Do it for YOU
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You want to go with the flow. The sea refuses no river.
it is always your decision who you are
beams of light and black holes are equally beautiful

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