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@RRWWE "feels like I'm wearing Nothing at all... Nothing at all.. Nothing at all" .... "Stupid Sexy Flanders!" 🙌
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Here is another one... "If you're ever in trouble just remember..." #EverySimpsonsEver
@Jito_316: @RRWWE espero que en @WWCPR puedas demostrar lo que @WWE No te permitio. Un excelente talento!” Eso sera muy facil ;)
Tonight is a good night. Gentlemanly drink at hand, great tunes, and peace...Alejandro Fernadez- Yo naci para amarte
Before I forget.... Song of the Day: Avenged Sevenfold- Chapter Four
California!!! I will see you on October 25th at @VendettaPro !
Puerto Rico!! Will see you September 6 and 7 for WWC! Nos vemos Puerto Rico Septiembre 6 y 7 para WWC! :)
Well since it's #ThrowBackThursday here is one with Dave Marquez and Bob Saget from a few years ago
First year in wrestling :) back in 2006-2007
My 1st and 2nd year of wrestling... Enjoy my mishaps
@Professor_Leech: @RRWWE Looks like you guys were having a great time in that match.” I believe the ancient term is called "fun" idunno
Oh YouTube, constantly reminding me of my past and first match in Europe :)
@roderickstrong: @RRWWE sounds perfect to me!!” Work on that jaw and I'll work on my back.... #FaceKicksVsBackBreakers toodles
Great watching @TeamVisionDojo for the first time. Definitely not the last! Good job @RRWWE really great talent!
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@roderickstrong: @RRWWE thanks for the kind words! You are too my friend! I look forward to working with you!” We will soon.
Also big thank you to @roderickstrong . You're a good man. See you soon my friend
Btw guys, @BRye726 is a genius! Follow the man. He is the real life Crane Game Champ with a hang wire and keys inside a locked car
Things I didn't expect to have happen to me during an interview: @RRWWE taking the mic from @tristankeali / face off at @TeamVisionDojo
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