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See you this weekend Puerto Rico
Judging from the comments, I feel like there should be an intelligence exam for folks to determine if they should be allowed on twitter.
Last one for now.. Excited for what's to come. Stay tuned my friends
With @Lucha_Rios @Lucha_Cruz ya know, just chillin in our wrestling gear... pic by @TheModern_Myth
@lucha_rios @lucha_cruz ! Thanks @modernmyth
First match back on the scene is in the books. Packed house at @TeamVisionDojo tonight. Thank you to everyone that came out! #Guardrail ;)
First match post wwe tonight at @TeamVisionDojo ! Chimaera unleashed and FREE
@WrestlingChron: @RRWWE hey hey you better quit bashing mi gente buddy!” Me vale huevos
Proximo sabado aqui lo tienen. Puerto Rico, isla Bella pero con gente mas sucia y llena de jibaros
@SanBrunoJess: @RRWWE @TheModern_Myth badass! sucks that we didn't get to see that side of you in WWE.”their loss. It happens #Freedom
@screamqueendaff: What a great @LFC game! Eat your heart out @RRWWE”hush
@screamqueendaff: @RRWWE You a Tottenham fan?” Oh god no... Just anti what you and @Sheamus are for lol I'd add @WadeBarrett but I forget
@screamqueendaff: @RRWWE Do I detect a bit of jealousy? :) That clearly was a penalty!” Hush I don't want to hear it especially after now
No Fue Penal!!!
What a bunch of wankers! That wasn't a penalty! Sissy little poo butts @screamqueendaff
If you know what 'cajeta' is then you know what happiness is... If not, Nutella can suck it and you have to go to the Hispanic food section
Infinite symbol with the trinity of the body, mind, and, soul. #Namaste
@RRWWE you YOU are the Man sir... Looking forward to seeing your ReDebut in. #Ring soon...
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Visiting a very windy Puerto Rico
There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk... @RRWWE
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Seriously, let me manage @ManUtd ! I was like manager of the year last FIFA '14 season. Gimme the piggy bank and I got this! Sheesh
@gmehaffy: @RRWWE what u think so far? Still need a central midfielder who can tackle” I won all the titles .... On FIFA '14.. I got this
@ErikVanDjismie: @RRWWE Who's ur fav player of all time?” Dude! Jorge Campos cus of the outfits and Maradona cus his antics. #Entertainment
@JakeLeslie23700: @RRWWE Di Maria is a beast at the moment are you watching ?” Of course I'm watching! Been a @ManUtd fan since I was 10
Definition of loyalty... Me... Why? Because I'm still sticking with ManUtd. Come on guys! Y'all got A LOT of making up to do!
So decided to relive my childhood and started watching Lion King... Was great up until that one dreaded scene... #TheFeels #DadWakeUp
OMG! @RoccosTacos is badass! Actual real tasting Mexican food here in Florida? Say whaaaa? Thanks @ImJeniLynn @ChristinaPeebs
My Lucha Brothers @lucha_rios @lucha_cruz #LuchAmigos #illumiNaughty
A drawing of a terrified @RRWWE ,after he saw his friend 'Dave' got shot. (A drawing for a book, that I'm writing)
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Love this place. Had a great day
Little kid at the airport.."I know you from WWE, right?" Me, "yeah, how's it going buddy?" Kid, "Good, you're Alberto"... Meh, close enough
@RRWWE "feels like I'm wearing Nothing at all... Nothing at all.. Nothing at all" .... "Stupid Sexy Flanders!" 🙌
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Here is another one... "If you're ever in trouble just remember..." #EverySimpsonsEver
“@Jito_316: @RRWWE espero que en @WWCPR puedas demostrar lo que @WWE No te permitio. Un excelente talento!” Eso sera muy facil ;)
Tonight is a good night. Gentlemanly drink at hand, great tunes, and peace...Alejandro Fernadez- Yo naci para amarte
Before I forget.... Song of the Day: Avenged Sevenfold- Chapter Four