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Rob Pereyda
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I'll be tweeting a lot about WAYWARD today. It's Final Order Cut-Off day, your last chance to pre-order a copy from your local comic shop.
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@rpereyda @breadpig @Bouletcorp I got the first one here on my shelf. They're pretty cool :)
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Slept 7pm to 4am.
Hi from Shanghai (via VPN)! #chinajoy
Want an insider’s perspective on the animation wage fixing and what caused it?…
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Check out the Olaf in Summer cocktail at @urbansolace in San Diego. Was a great way to end #ComicCon
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Re-rank of Doctors (pre-Capaldi): Tennant, Pertwee, Davison, T. Baker, Eccelston, Hartnell, McCoy, Troughton, McGann, C. Baker, Smith #drwho
Katamari Vol. 1 hardcover pre-orders available now from @UdonCrew drawn by @buttersafe!…
I'm back in Japan after a ninja quick trip to SDCC.
@rpereyda #ShiftyLook to Klonoa sleep things talking i'm diagnosing you feel alone.
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I'm at SDCC til Sat AM, please hit me up, would love to say hello!
pft, why are they making a 12 monkeys tv show it's such a loop-off of looper they got looped #freedom #usa
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Check out this cool deviantART with "ShiftyLook Remastered"…
Ready for Comic-con? I am! See you in San Diego! #SDCC #freedom #usa
Hey @CarminaSuva we will toast for you with a new mixed drink called "The Hot Dog" CC: @AshPaulsen @tommyisawesome @AlexCulang @JamesPopStar
@rpereyda ShiftyLook to weather thunderstorm down feel alone.
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Almost time for San Diego Comic-Con! See people there!!!
Overheard at a Hawaiian BBQ joint in Fremont: "loco moco, no gravy" - uhhh, without the gravy, what's the point? ;-)
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There's always time for Icona Pop.
PEOPLE IN THE PAST (e.g. not in Japan): see you at Comic-Con if you'll be there!!!