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Rob Pereyda
Guy Brand at @welovefine is one of the nicest, most energetic and life loving guys you’d ever want to work or hang out with.
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Time to cut Cutler, Bears! #overrated #washedup PS: at least the '85 Bears have kept your hopes up for almost 30 years. CC: @ElliottSerrano
@jimcaple congrats on getting every single series wrong this post season...
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Creative fields require discipline and dedication, however you get there. It's not just about going to school or following tutorials.
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thanks @viewster now i have a new alternative to anime other then @netflix
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Refresh every second on the coaches poll will work eventually. #ncaaf #cfb #collegefootball
Had @xianfoods for the first time last night in St. Mark's and WOW, is that good.
The joy of iMessage in iOS 8 is mega chat rooms and tons of zany voice memos. Who's in? :D
NLCS Prediction: Giants win in four. It'll be close, blowout, close, close (extra innings).
Giants!!! YOOOOOOLOOO!!!! Hot Dog Pizza Klonoa That's Baseball Ballgame Ballpark!!!!
John Oliver Emmy here we come! Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture (HBO): via @YouTube
If you didn't answer being a tree, then you have some serious cinnamon to honey the apple.
If you had the choice between being a human for the rest of your life or being a tree, which would you choose?
Cinnamon is the key to being a tree. Especially if you like to go to the cinnamon on the weekend as a people before honey.
The best way to say you love trees is to take a bite out of a tree. But make sure it's not a people and that you have ample cinnamon.
If you support trees, cover yourself in bark. And consider a career in being a tree and not a people.
Trees used to make war. But then they discovered honey and covered themselves in honey. Now trees are the honey people.
Trees don't make war, they just make more trees and delicious honey. Honey is where trees come from!
Trees are the largest -- and most intelligent -- life forms on the planet.
What's so great about being a people?
Who's going to New York Comic Con? This year's #NYCC looks to be insanely cool!
ROVER Dangerfield
Kind of want to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch while I'm in town for #NYCC. Absolutely LOVE the film. Anyone seen it? Want to see it?
Currently setting up meetings at NYCC, MIPCOM, and TIFFCOM on three continents/time zones -- total madness!
Who is going to #NYCC?
Goodbye, @ShiftyLook. You were an awesome adventure for all of us involved, and we'll miss you!
THANK YOU @HARDWELL, your Ultra Japan set made my weekend!!! #ultrajapan #awesome
Intensity with @HARDWELL and bazillions of Ultra Japan fans!!! #ultrajapan
Animated maniacs, get it?
I like comic creators who put a lot of stuff out online for free and are active on social media. Bonus points for funny. #takemymoney
Watched Anastasia today. Hadn't actually seen it before, so was excited to watch. Enjoyed some of the numbers, liked the visuals. Overall B.
Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy! CC: @CoryCasoni @D__Gee @buttersafe @AshPaulsen
freedomfreedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom!!!!!