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Rob ❤︎ Otakon
TCGMMS: Trading Card Game Moe Middle School. All-girls school EXCEPT for a cross-dressing Kaado-chan who loves TCGs.…
Live-action like VGHS but with YuGiOh! as a one-shot show could work.…
I don't mind if you send me some snapcash. How does that work???…
I am the real Carmina Suva now. Worship me.
i mean, why NOT have a magic the gathering reverse harem sports anime? amirite???
if someone would make it, i would SO watch a sports anime about MTG. make it a reverse harem but have like a sub-story with the cards, too.
My 1st Fanime: 1998 My 1st Anime Expo: 2000 My 1st SDCC: 2004 My 1st NYCC: 2006 My 1st MCM Expo: 2012 My 1st Otakon: 2015
Where is the best place in Baltimore near the convention center to get BBQ during @Otakon?
Ant-Man was boss. Breath of fresh air compared to Age of Ultron!!!
Time for Ant-Man in IMAX 3D!!!
Carmina, a Coke isn't a burger! But at Burger King, it's probably as much as "burger" as the Whopper. That your fav?…
Carmina! What's your favorite kind of hamburger? You sound like a Burger King "Rodeo Burger" kind of person... 🍔🍔🍔…aCXXh
I should do a comic of just Klonoa crying all the time.
I love my new Twitter name and pic.
anyone attempt both @AnimeBoston & @SakuraCon the same weekend? and by anyone i mean should @nameoftheyear & @TheMrHankSmith try next year?🎉
anime to introduce to @TheMrHankSmith & @WeebCheese: gravitation, X, tenchi muyo, fushigi yuugi, flame of recca, skip beat, getbackers. XD
after talking w/ @TheMrHankSmith, i am gonna grow a beard for otakon. BUT for @nameoftheyear we are gonna buy a fake beard. #beardster 🎅
gonna see PIXELS after otakon teardown next sunday night -- who's in??? gotta figure out dinner, too...
Who wants to see a movie in Baltimore after Otakon teardown???
Jurassic World was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
about to see Jurassic World... heard this is good!
What is the single best thing about going to anime conventions?
Retweeted by Rob Pereyda / ロブ ペレダ
Post-run breakfast with @missyleep -- EGGS, EGGS, EGGS, EGGS!!!! @ The Socialight - Restaurant
OK I threw a poorly taken video of me drinking iced tea POV all ghetto @BeckiiCruel @GhostOfSparkles @nameoftheyear @WeebCheese @AshPaulsen
i forgot i had rpereyda on snapchat since the beginning and never used it. what do i do lol
Carmina Suva, Chief Klonoa Officer! Can you draw a Klonoa version for @GhostOfSparkles? :3…
Who has woken up versus who is still awake?
Woke up at 3:20AM today. Jamming to Anison FM (…) right now!
Rob copy Hanku-tan beard? Fat chance? Or I'm okay with this?…
Saw a Kenma cosplayer at Starbucks w/ friends & dad. He said: "My daughter has gotten me into that volleyball anime." Melted! cc @WeebCheese
Tweet of the YEAR: the Magic Mike REAL sequel crossover with Blood Blockade Battlefront! #kekkai_anime #MagicMikeXXL…
Retweeted by Rob Pereyda / ロブ ペレダ
Hi, @CarminaSuva. Are you going to make a new Klonoa comic? Can you make Klonoa crying the whole time and in the rain? #AskCarmina
i wouldn't mind reading some animes now.

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