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Rob Pereyda
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Very excited about the new anime that just launched on Viewster -- nice work entire content team!
Welp, I basically have a final copy of augie. Just about ready for print. Hope you like it.
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Is it just me or is the whole tone of the Raccoons cartoon kind of depressing?
New invention: DESSERT STUFFING w/ bourbon and maple syrup-macerated California/Turkish raisins, figs & cranberries!
@rpereyda only horrible people. Kermit Skyhopper forever.
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I mean, who doesn't love Muppet Babies?
Given that the latest Muppets film underperformed, I hope Disney considers a live-action Muppet Babies film.
Starbucks shortened the name of "White Chocolate Mocha" in Japan to "White Mocha," explaining why I got a white hot chocolate the other day.
Nothing but 80s jams!
I wouldn't call myself "8x10 pretty", I'd say I was more, "thumbnail attractive".
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Need more anime songs like Papermoon (2nd Soul Eater intro).
T H E S K E L E T O N H A S A L L T H E A N S W E R S , B O N E H E A D !
I love holiday season film viewing. Excited to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, Rudolf, Grinch, Peanuts, Frozen, and many holiday specials!
.@CarminaSuva just asked a question to @ImAaronJ for @ElliottSerrano but I'm not sure what the answer will be! #YOLO #HOTDOG #CHICAGOPIZZA
Who LOVES @butterfactory's "Get Buttered Tonight" flashing Twitter icon? We totally got buttered there! CC: @AlexCulang @CoryCasoni @D__Gee
@rpereyda Ray didn't oblige you! What a jerk that guy is!!!
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@rpereyda They sent enough french toast toast to feed an army so we're starting there :P
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Twitter Protip: CC: @CarminaSuva on every tweet EVER. #yolo
I DEMAND TWICE WEEKLY THANKSGIVING COMICS, @buttersafe! #yolo #turkeyjokes
@dyemooch Hello! Thank you for following! I loved your works a lot and your cover colors from mtmte!! Here's for you!
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If there were a Dirk Diggler Transformer, what would he transform into?
Once, there was a bear with really long fur who loved to eat rabbit. So he got a hair cut.
I love holiday specials and wish there were more.
There needs to be a live-action BoJack Horseman movie (CG animals) or at least a Roger Rabbit approach with 2D cartoons.
I'm sad these "enhancements" never happened: Gungans on Alderaan (ANH), Hayden under Vader mask (ROTJ), Peter Cushing CG model Tarkin (ROTS)
Before his body dissipates, Old Luke time tells Young Luke to use the pickup line: "Hey, so I heard you got some Luke Skywalker in you..."
After going back to before the origin of the midi-chlorians, Luke couldn't use any force power, so he knew he had to yolo sacrifice himself.
It turns out that Luke Skywalker travels back in time approximately 100,000 years and dissipates his body and THOSE become midi-chlorians!!!
Coming to McDonald's Happy Meals worldwide: Star Wars Origin of the Force, a direct-to-video prequel movie on the origins of midi-chlorians.
Congrats, @TronKnotts on the new gig as eic of @destructoid! totally awesomesauce and jem rocks!!!
*HOT NEWS* Star Wars Episode VII's plot is all about the midi-chlorians disappearing and a gang of kids looking for them across the galaxy.
Looking for some new anime to binge watch? Check out our Fall Simulcasts!
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