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Rob Pereyda
#VOFF 3 is Now Live! Watch, Vote and Win a Trip to London for Two.
#protip: Whenever possible, try to work the title of your book/movie/whatever into your characters' dialogue. Your fans will LOVE it.
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Scotland will soon vote on a simple yes/no question: Should they be an independent country?
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"O-O-H Child" is such a well-picked song for the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack!!! Just loving the whole thing.
Kind of excited about the upcoming 49ers-Bears game since it'll give me a chance to gloat non-stop to @ElliottSerrano.
Edge of Tomorrow is out on iTunes now! Totally bought it in HD. I refuse to call it that "other" name.
I heard @D__Gee is good at the punching game and has big muscles. He beat me, @CoryCasoni, and @AlexCulang. Prolly @AshPaulsen too! #muscles
how come twitterbots offer me "prizes" when I type certain keywords but never free pies? boston cream kthx! #givemepie
I am so bored of console gaming I gave a friend my 500 gb launch PS4 I used less than 10 times.
Who loves yolo klonoa hot dog made from 100% dreams 'n bacon the yes? @CoryCasoni @AshPaulsen @CarminaSuva @buttersafe @D__Gee @JamesPopStar
I just like to shout "Wahoo!" because Klonoa pizza the hot dog Bravoman @D__Gee punching game @CoryCasoni muscles @AlexCulang @AshPaulsen ??
Hey #Bears fans, there's always next year! Go 49ers!
Grinding bones to make bread is an unforgiving job. But in Goblin Denver, it keeps the economy rolling.
In Goblin Denver, sometimes different guys named Herb get their bones ground up for a blend so they taste better. It's a rough life.
In my fantasy world, Goblin Denver is up in the mountains and they grow lots of people for consumption who are all named Herb.
Rob's LUV ADVICE: pulling someone's hair is the most mature way to tell someone you like them. Nothing beats a "classic" approach.
Rob's LUV ADVICE: on Valentine's Day, give every person you are romantically interested in chocolates and individually number each card.
Who likes making things? Making things is so fun and cool, it sure beats taking things.
@rpereyda ShiftyLook may be done but it will never be forgotten.
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I'm itching to make another song with @GhostOfSparkles & @Area11Band again!
reminder that pharrell remixed a hatsune miku song and this happened and its the best…
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Kid with high midi-chlorian count shits up everything. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly oh wait, I mean #ExplainAFilmPlotWell
Dimwitted chubby fellow who doesn't wear any pants plans a heist to steal liquid assets from the hive. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
Habitual liar causes problems with his wooden promises as friends get made into asses. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
Truck fights a gun, gets totalled, battery gets passed around, cheap car gets souped up, drives through a green eye. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
American kid moves to exotic country, gets beat up, learns how fight back, fights back, gets exotic girl, is a hero. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
Photo: kuki4982: ENG: My first BravoxWaya fanart and my second of Bravoman :D this is totally my OTP in...
Rob's LUV ADVICE: constantly checking your phone during a date shows how punctual and organized you are and shows you are super sexy,
Rob's LUV ADVICE: if you get rejected, just go to the mall and have an Orange Julius and tell people you are desperate.
Rob's LUV ADVICE: if the person you like is a serious Sidney, try wearing the exact same clothes as them on a date.
Rob's LUV ADVICE: practice kissing before your first kiss by bringing an 8x10 of their face and kissing it at the mall.
Rob's LUV ADVICE: there is nothing more romantic than independence, so never give anniversary gifts to the other person.
One day, we will attempt a project as ambitious as Namco High (OR MORE), but this time we'll control our own destinies!
Goo goo ga ga. That translates roughly to "New comic, 'Taking Candy From a Baby'":… -Alex
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I am really starting to like BoJack Horseman.
What Twitter doesn't need: Filtered feeds What Twitter does need: A "Report Tweet to Poster's Mother" button.
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"General Diggler, your battalion is overwhelmed by the fighting, but we need you to defeat the space dragons!" "I... I'm good to go again."
Twitpic is shutting down, read our blog for more info - Please retweet
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