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Rob Pereyda
Power sashimi dinner! Down over 11 kg past month, let's keep it up. Gonna try and find somewhere good…
Bideo Jeemusu Montagunaa
Try and find me during AX and/or SDCC. It will be insane, but no simple universe can stop us! 🙏🏻⚡️🎉❤️🍆
Thank you, Disney, for banning selfie sticks! :D
Tokyo, I'm going to miss you... 8.5 years almost up! :(
I wanna start a trashy anime cover band at @viewster -- we can be garbage but play at cons and weddings for free.
suuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmer aaaaaaniiiiiiimes
In case you missed it earlier, our full summer 2015 anime preview guide is now online!… #anime
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So, you're upset because you want your religious laws to be the law of the land? You know who else wants that? ISIS.
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mmm, thinking of writing another post on my barely-used tumblr.
My past three dreams: 1) consumed by 1000s of spiders 2) obliterated into million particles by giant tidal wave 3) torn apart by zombies
I guess I should get a haricut before Anime Expo / Comic-con / Otakon...
random q: do @reiley & @BaykdBeans know each other? two awesome friends who do awesome creative things!
#LoveWins American everyone in feeling alone to that's rainbow surrender.
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Been tracking my steps w/ @MyFitnessPal & overall good trend up. Couple of the low days was traveling but do my best!
|LIVE NOW| Rainy Tokyo jogging! (many from incase) #meerkat
What a week! In a cab en route to a lunch meeting now but this morning managed a 2km walk to…
See, all you need is some anime dance music and the will to go forward, and you too can do it, too! I suggest a good dance mix of Butterfly.
Goal for 2nd month is -5 kg but we'll see what happens. Honing in on the mythical "back to double digits" XX kg I haven't seen in forever!!!
One month of paleo and ramped up running (eg started 3x week but now every day) = -11 kg first month and that involved ZERO starving, woo!!!
Back! All in all, 2 km warm-up walk, 5 km run, 1 warm-up difficult song on DDR, 5 expert songs on DDR, train, 1.5 km walk home. :D #exercise
Three hours of morning calls all done! Time for a run. And then DDR. Then more "making business" phone calls.
I'm not obsessed with the concept of eating Klonoa.
After 5 years, House of 1000 Manga is coming to a conclusion. First part of the finale up today; final installment next week.
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I can't stop listening to @ilonqueen's "This Game" cover... ¡estoy encantado! XD… #nogamenolife
Can't believe it's almost time for Anime Expo.
Why is there not an iTunes Radio station for anime trash remixes and mash-ups?
Hi all, @CarminaSuva made a new public Twitter handle, @MrCarminaSuva, please follow them! 😎
This show and its characters are so sweet and adorable. Go Team Viewster! Enjoy, UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia! :D…
Hey, British anime fans! You better stock up on dry ice now because Viewster's summer lineup is so FLAMING HOT it's gonna roast you silly!!!
Hi @iTunes Radio, why am I hearing a Beatles albums ad during Hardwell Radio? How about an EDM ad instead? Or a beverage?
My favorite anime song ever, though, is Oracion, the ending theme from No Game No Life. That song means a lot to me, so good!

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