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Roy Grubb
'Billions' of records at risk from mobile app data flaw
They land on their bellies.
Somewhere, an angry theme park operator is writing a blog post about the inaccuracies in Jurassic World.
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Snowden’s lawyer slams Times story claiming leaks ‘betrayed’ British spies
George Osborne’s Tea Party settlement is the stuff of cold sweats…
The American far-right’s trojan horse in Westminster - troubling...…
Shock European court decision: Websites are liable for users’ comments…
Sunday Times: “This story was responsible journalism and another example of the Sunday Times setting the news agenda”…
Last time I checked, the role of journalist was to challenge power, not act as its secretary @thesundaytimes…
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So @thesundaytimes says 'we only publish what we can substantiate'. Asked: How do you know it's true? Ans: We don't.…
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.@JeanMarieCAVADA I'm asking you to stand against censorship. Will you to vote to #SavetheLink?
Your ‘offline’ storage may be putting you at risk
"given the revelations one would expect the UK government to now be advocates fr stronger encryption" ..not backdoors
All the advertised venues for Brian Clement's talks have now withdrawn their bookings. Thank you to everyone, not least the hotels involved.
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Ministry of Justice corrects corrected overcrowding figures - Full Fact
Meticulous (and brave) investigation, superb journalism. Worth your time to view.…
Cameron has betrayed every principle he mentions in his Magna Carta speech
The inventor of Chinese Whispers has died. May he test tin peas.
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you put your internal corporate services in the cloud and now you're pissed that they're not working? who do you think runs "the cloud?"
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I find it baffling that people want the BBC to end.
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Oof, you did it now @thesundaytimes. "We just publish what we believe to be the position of the British government…"
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Frustrated at @digitalocean - our account frozen for days due to PayPal problems at their end.
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Snowden leak journalist reveals lack of proof in car crash interview
Are states learning now what Reagan learned in 1982 - that cutting taxes usually just means higher deficits?…
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US police kill a person a day - because in most cases those killed have or are thought to have guns. US gun laws are themselves murderous.
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Government subsidies for fossil fuels far outweigh carbon pricing.…
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For the avoidance of doubt, this nonsense will never, ever end.…
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Password site ​LastPass warns of data breach >> Which is why I use RoboForm, with passwords stored locally *only*
Final thoughts on Daily Mail’s “BBC spends less than half its cash on programmes” story – here’s a summary.
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Dear All Governments Everywhere, health data saves lives thru research, pls stop scaring patients with recklessness…
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"Pause? What a Joke. The Reality is Global Temperatures are Skyrocketing."
"DART: An innovation that promises new online privacy technology" 'How is the dictionary shared?' is my question.
"Why Is The EU Forcing European Nations To Adopt ‘Bail-In’ Legislation By The End Of The Summer?" >> spoiler: Greece!
"21 Thing You Need To Know Before Visiting Britain" >> author's never heard of Northern Ireland apparently...
"Sunday Times reporter on Snowden story: We don’t have a clue!" So now Sunday Times takes on rôle of govt PR agency.
Twitter Ye Not – Microblogging Site Blamed For ‘Endangering National Security’
Russia, China have files leaked by Snowden - CNN Video Thoroughly embarrassing interview for Sunday Times reporter.
Well said, Rowan. (Atkinson, not Williams, obviously.)
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Coal crash: how pension funds face huge risk from climate change
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Why I make sure to eat 4 times my weight in cow each year. Deterrence.…
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South Africa has just become like Zimbabwe. NO rule of law #Bashir
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#BREAKING Sudan's Omar #al-Bashir flies out of South Africa, pre-empting court ruling on his arrest warrant
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Back in 2009 Zuma told @camanpour that SA would uphold its Rome Statute obligations if #OmarAlBashir was on SA soil.…
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'Learned' people easily may claim facts impossible to know >> This Dunning is the Dunning-Kruger effect guy.
The myth of more plant growth with more carbon dioxide levels in air. Restricts plants' ability to absorb nutrients.
Five reasons the MI6 story is a lie >> The most convincing take-down I've seen so far.
Cameron promises in/out Magna Carta referendum.
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The increase in state religious schooling in England is the greatest educational and social policy blunder of our age
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