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He's about to lose to Algieri bruh @Seven13music
What?! @Seven13music is finally admitting that Manny is a shot fighter? 😳😂
Smh Man RT @A_Paladino: @Royceda59 they be wondering what happened like
Shit's hilarious until somebody picking their teeth up..
What Star say about me?
😂😂 R@hexhatesusu: Twitpic yourself dead.
Why do the "chefs" at the titty bars in Detroit sprinkle cheese over the top of everything? 😂😂
RT @CeeLoGreen: I see my episode of @AmericanDadFOX is on right now.... #HotTubLove
RT @wotbboxing: Pacquiao-Algieri HBO PPV all set for 11/22 in Macau, China. #boxing #Philippines
Royce Da 5' 9" (@Royceda59) was featured and narrated the Road to Total Slaughter: Bright Lights Special in a...
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I hate it when meetings cost me money... Hate it
My daughter has mastered the art of shitting with a cute little smile on her face ..
😆RT@JeanGreasyy: Dear Teen Jesus, make this real RT@Royceda599 I wish we could start a boxing
Ha RT @theonlyemanny: STOP MY TIME ROYCE!!! RT @Royceda59: Man.. Lotta people wishing they can get a "Do Over" .. Cherish these times..
Man.. Lotta people wishing they can get a "Do Over" .. Cherish these times..
😂 Nah man RT@iAmSourceMegaa:@Royceda599 I respect you my dude like I respect NaS! I see you as the BEST in this but was that battle staged?
I drink them out of habit now.. @RUN_DET039
Shit like that is what really causes all the protests and backlash.. It's wrong across the board RT @MAL___: That shit bugged me out.
Not cool RT @MAL___: I saw a chick walk into the clinic to get an abortion and she was like 5 months pregnant. Why wait that long ??
Deal! RT @DezzieMondo: @Royceda59 lol I'll be attending a major university not this fall but next fall. You have my word sir.
Depends RT @RUN_DET039: @Royceda59 do you drink 5hr energy often?
Haha. Nah man RT @DezzieMondo: @Royceda59 lmaoooo your hands aren't legal weapons?
💥👊 R@DezzieMondodo: So many people mad at me cause I can choose to go to almost any college I want and I choose not to go at all