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RT @TRICKTRICKGS: SHADY 955 @Channel955 We're Bacc at the Fillmore tonight for the Monster Tour After Party w @Royceda59 @Alchemist DAY 2!!
Welp.. Whenever y'all r bored, check out this beautiful work… RT @VitoKing: Sleep @JOHN_STEVE_FOO @BoxingHype
Beautiful 💥👊 R@JOHN_STEVE_FOOOO: Yo son peep this@Royceda5959 R@BoxingHypepe: @_ahmedelbiali first Rd KO �
All I watch is boxing
What you watching?? RT @VitoKing: Muthafucka hit me like that, I'll quit boxing and take up crochet
Haha RT @NerdAtCoolTable: What it mean if I put "😍😍" under your girls pic?
I met @ZoltShady tonight.. Had to follow him.. He's a real supporter of the family
I actually do have a bottle of Joop, while you're playing RT @creep23: @Royceda59 all cool water and joop huh
Just sitting here having a wiff of myself right now
I have the Goat cologne collection.. I smell fantastic
I fuckin hate it
I need a vocal coach.. I've been losing my voice a lot during performances every since I got sober
You ain't got the answers RT @Rawbz09: @Royceda59 How Sway
Nah. You a hater RT @Rawbz09: @Royceda59 sending me music will help you sleep better
Any chance of sleep; slimmer than that chick in Calvin Klein pants's
Marvin RT @marvwon: @Royceda59 Young Nickle.
Easy fix RT @ashleyshoate: @Royceda59 we don't have tickets for tomorrow tho 😔
Sorry I missed you @DetroitChe I'll come up to VIP tomorrow
Ha! If you go back n look, you'll see that we look exactly alike 😂@theonlyemannyy
Tony Montgomery.. They DQ'd him and then your Dad punched after the call lol.. Vegas @IAmDonCurry
Of course.. He fought my uncle... He's one of the most underrated in history @IAmDonCurry
Yep RT @OfficiallyIce: Bruh. I don't care WHO it is, they gettin that fight. RT @Royceda59: Baha hahahaha…
Ain't no loser in that one RT @Chris_Dibiase: @Royceda59 you a boxing expert who you got?