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Who's up for some #PLO action? Maybe 4 card, maybe 5 card, maybe 6 card, maybe 7 card?!?! (probably not 7 card)
Gonna switch it up and do a late night stream today, so I'll be going on in ~10-12hrs with some 4/5/6 card PLO! #twitch
I stand by my mantra to never ever ever ever ever ever fold double suited double pair hands #coldcalling4bets pre…
My mind doesn't get blown often but.. WTF DID HE FOLD?!… #BOOMPlayer
That was a REALLY ambitious river call by him..… #BOOMPlayer
It's always nice winning with the _literal_ nut low… #BOOMPlayer
"How to fold full houses in PLO" difficulty level: easy… #BOOMPlayer
I think i'm gonna go live with a cheeky midnight stream soon. Been tinkering around with my HUD for too long, need to put it to use now!
In the transition from HEM 2 to PT4 i've somehow added like 50% more stats to my HUD :\
Open up 1 table of zoom to troubleshoot my HUD, get stacked first hand. At least I think I have it figured out
Been grinding for 7hrs, gonna stream an hour or two now let's go for some more suckout/resuckout hands
I'm killing it at the "suck out -> re suck out" game today… #BOOMPlayer
I actually felt a little bad for Player 3 this hand as the board ran out.… #BOOMPlayer #justkidding #sorrynotsorry
Another example of why flat calling the nuts the river "to save rake" is pretty insane… #BOOMPlayer
Playing a PLO MTT (for once!), $82 6-max, Progressive, Super Knockout. Come hang out
My new mod site is officially live @! Mods tailored for multi-tabling and max HUD space... :)
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
Live with a random saturday stream sesh @
On #FamilyGuy Brian sweats, But Dogs don’t have sweat glands. I then figured Dogs don’t talk either. So I left that one alone
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
Live with some $1/$2 PLO, we're winning again! Come hang out
'Shuller_A1t Twitch challenge - Beating the micros: PLO Zoom from $100 to $10k @PokerStars' posted by #poker
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
*Dogs on coffee break* Dog 1: Heard a great joke. Dog 2: Oh yeah? Dog 1: Knock kn- *Dog 2 goes fuckin' nuts*
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
It's that time of the day again folks (..folks?). Anyway, live with some PLO action @
We took it down! @PokerStars Sponsorship too my biggest score ever. Ive never felt this good. Thankyou all for being with me #twitchpoker
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
Come on back to watch @jaimestaples FT the big $109 @PokerStars on @Twitch (which is back up).
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
Sorry guys my internet cut out, restarting router hopefully back soon!
Live for my daily PLO stream
Shut it down infographics nerds, the greatest chart possible has been made
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
quickly turned to the the dealer and called him a "Right Royal C$nt" then went on with his game. Rip mate. Tear it up where ever you are.
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
So he calmly asked the floor man if the penalty only applied to the F bomb. Upon hearing the reply, @devilfish2011
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
him a penalty. So he calmly asked the floor man if the penalty only applied to the F bomb. @devilfish2011
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
@devilfish2011was pissed off with a dealer was ready to fire off the F bomb, but as witty as he was he quickly realised that that would get
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
One of my favourite memories is from 2007 when the F bomb rule was being enforced stringently. @devilfish2011
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
RIP old friend, you will be missed @devilfish2011. Hate waking up to this shit, f&$kkk, so tilted.…
Retweeted by GodlikeRoy
Now live with some #PLO action at - our goal is to get a $3k stack today #dreamingbig #verywishfulthinking
Going live soon for an early morning stream for the euro's out there! #twitch #Poker
Day 1, minute 22 of writing my book and i'm already heading to twitter to procrastinate :\ #longroadahead
Now I have to ask.. when cutting your nails is it also weird to go hand-foot-hand-foot (one side first, then the other)?
Seriously why is this so weird. Surely SOMEONE else out there goes sock-shoe-sock-shoe?? I legit thought it'd be close to 50/50 :\
I put my shoes & socks on: sock, shoe, sock, shoe. A friend saw me do this and flipped out. Standard or insanity?