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Jason Lim
The thing about heart break is that it demands the pain to be felt ..
Well .. It's not that I'm fed up with my own race. I lived in a country full of racist ..
I'm a Bn supporter. That's the way it is ..
I'm back to KL lol ..
I'm so so drunk yesterday ..
First time being pulled by so many girls .. So this is the culture in Thai or I'm attractive ? XD
Geez soy cowboy bangkok. All those girls .. Wtf ?
Clubs here are weird
Morning :) it's time to fly ..
I can't live without not working out 😒
One thing I hate about KL .. Jam. And yes we spent half of our life time in car. Lawls :S
In Penang now for few days.
I don't mind living in a tough life .. I can't stop trying ..
I cried whenever I failed convincing my investors and when they turn me away. Life's getting tougher .. Sigh ..
Fact about me. Introvert ttm
I was so high yesterday lol
Leaving KL for a vacation.
So many unsolve questions in my head ..
If I failed pursuing my dreams. At least I tried to change the world. No big deal of you having 5 cars bragging infront of me
2.3m project to create an app. 3 more investors who are willing to invest 300k each in it. Pray !
Programming is so difficult ! Damn !
Jason lim Soren .. My name in full.
Anybody going pav later ? Solo
Can't afford to lose any more time ..
On a 1.5m project for 6 years from today. I hope I can at least change Malaysia ?
And finally my phone is alive .. Let's celebrate at zouk tonight :D
Mao sang bak kut teh klang .. Best bkt in Maia
Heading to pavillion later to get some kicks ~
Honestly I don't feel like leaving penang. Penang is one of my fave beside NYC.
Hate waking up early .. Felt like a ghost ..
All i want now i chill .. im too old for those rave ~
I'm not that party kinda guy now .. friends in KL, sorry no zouk :3
The story of wrecked love .. i love that idea. 1.5m budget movie .. under mediacorp. Script done .. investors ? Jesus ?
All i need now is investors ..
Ice bucket challenge is not to raise awareness of the disease, it is simply for the sake of trends and fame. I'd rather donate ..
Ice bucket challenge .. so you think by splashing yourself with ice water and you can actually feel the people who are suffering from ALS ?
I'm kinda reproductive today lol
On the way to pavilion ..
Burger lab later <3
Bored at taiping .. Bored at KL .. Where else i doesn't get bored ~_~
Feeling lifeless here LOL
Here's the question. Who do you want to look like. Nick bateman ? or the popular GDragon ?
a pretty girl's impression is totally wrecked with who she date ..
I've two protruding rabbit tooth. How could that be a perfect set of teeth 😭
What's wrong with dentist nowadays. Has been rejected twice for admitting the dentist for braces. Geez ..