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Jason Lim
Gayson in the house :) any boys wanna date me ? 😍
Going for MCD today, not a cheat day. My mum called me and says she like the toys. lol .. Is there hello kitty toys in MCD now ?
I hate furniture design .. Lol
It's killing me ! :(
A girls heart is fragile than anything else in this world. Be patient if you're dating.
What will it take or make to break this hint of love ?
Once graduated. We are strangers. Knew it :)
Usually people laugh at my dreams. But in 5 years time I will be on theatre.
A girl should never forget that she doesn't need anyone who doesn't fucking need her.
So fucking stress ..
I don't usually do this, becoming random outta nowhere lol. Anyway, I'm doing this because I'm super stress by now. Dealing with finals, gym and tournaments. Graduating in 2 weeks time. It's like I'm dying real soon. Living everyday as if I'm gonna die tomorrow. And ignore the book, it's just some r
I'm disappointed of Malaysian Asians ..
You can't choose to get hurt in this world, but you have a choice of who hurt you.
We all have a second chance to define who we are.
English Ed sucks :(
Sometimes I think back and wonder why am I English Ed. And then suffered in the society.
When so many people cheer for you. Thanks all :)
I wouldn't mind staying single forever as long as I got my dearest mom :)
Dealing with floods, wars, all the endless argument. At the end of the day. Dear mommy, you're always my life.
My exhibition is near. Feel free to visit me at island plaza :)
The thing about pain is that, it demands to be felt.
When people called me a player. I would take that as a compliment. Cus I'm a player try hard wannabe.
Although it's been a few months since we broke up... At times, I wonder how you're doing... I hope that everything is going great for you.
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Im dying real soon. Graduate is a headache .. Studies is a headache .. What else ?
That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt. There's no choice of being hurt in this world, but there's a choice of who hurt you. What else do your fear ? Monsters under your closet ? There's nothing scarier than oblivion. Being forgotten in a state of " eternity " is much more scarier than