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Photoset: yooneroos: the maknaes losing their minds.
Photoset: Chanyeol supporting Korea in Roommate teaser
I just love how Chanyeol squats when hugging his roommates! - i-have-a-kawaii-unicorn: I think that there...
Photoset:  Seo Kang Joon displaying his MC skills with Chanyeol as his mentor
Photoset: chanyeol’s reactions when watching korea’s football match against russia
Photoset: minwoo and soohyun discover chanyeol’s other power: hearing whispers
Photoset: Baekhyun visits Roommate preview
Photoset: how chanyeol welcomes dongwook home ㅠ_ㅠ
Photoset: Sherlock Bommes, Watson Chanyeol and the Phantom Thief Saeho
Photoset: traanmiao: happy 21st birthday our lovely maknae~
al-wayshere: Park -Dobi- Chanyeol don’t bother about his idol image anymore Someone..please control him on...
morebaek4me: ignoring people like
Photo: oh, you know, just a shirtless minwoo casually walking by…
Photoset: Bommie giving away Lulu to Seho.
Photoset: Bom: Seho oppa can like whoever? Seho’s mom: Yes, whoever Bom: Oh that’s why he looked gently at...
Photoset: Chanyeol can’t handle the heat (; ゚д゚)
Photoset: how chanyeol deals with spicy food
Photoset: Seho’s mom: I just wanted to hug Bom once and tell her that there are this many people who...
Photoset: the adventures of chanyeol and the hula hoop
Photoset: when chanyeollie is falling asleep in the car
Photoset: shin sung woo showing chanyeol some love first thing in the morning..
Photoset: SBS Roommate Ep. 4 - Park Minwoo & Song Ga Yeon “Skinship”
Photoset: the roommates after eating spicy food…