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internets being a bitch again
that BASE jumping on sc is crazy😁
doesn't feel like a Friday lol
got soaked today at Thorpe park😂😁
beauty and a beat tunee👌
can i do school from here please
I don't wanna get up
so I went to the dentist today just before I came home after, I went into the sweet shop and brought 2 bags of sweets nothing fazes me😂😂
my chargers breaking😠
When a girl is mad at you, everything becomes reverse psychology. Yes means no. Go means stay.
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omg watermelon Bon Bons😍👌😋
I'm gunna miss my work experience😔
bbq beef hula hoops are actually my fav☺️
had a toffee apple yesterday🙊 mm
no school today😋
I eat so much it's unreal😁
through the key hole😂
I know I've already said it but I thought you might enjoy some birthday banta HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOZ loveyou💕
Can I wear you on my face for Halloween?
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fuck I'm tired lol
I only have one charger +my iPad and phone are 10% shitt
I have 0% energy rn
Sleeps left before: 🎃�#Halloweenen - 21 �#BonfireNightight - 26#Thanksgivinggiving - #Advent #Advent #Christmas#Christma#NewYear�🎈 #NewYear - 83
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can't be bothered today
there needs to b more emojis added tbf
fancy something to eat lol😋
I don't wanna go to school I just wanna break the rules🚫
had bacon for tea😋
I have 4 sides: 1. My quiet side😐😊 2. My goofy/fun/crazy side😜😝 3. My Loving/Caring side❤👫💏 4. My side you never want to see.. 😡
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don't feel the best tbf
I just wanna curl up in a ball and go to sleep please
internets not working now😔
I literally feel like a ice cube rn❄️
I'm actually quite awake hahaha
have to be up early tomorrow and I'm still awake👋
work in the morning and going for a shower now lol😎