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The future of "Netflix & Chill"...
the other day nd comes on in Pulp me: dude, neck deep are on friend: me: *starts singing* friend: friend: never heard of them me: i hate u
idk what to do today may just go for a lone skate in the park and cry about food
there is a huge difference between "defiantly" and "definitely" some people don't grasp that concept so be warned grammar nazis
Kurt Cobain, Nikola Tesla, William Shakespeare, Alan Turing, Albert Einstein to name a few
most of my idols are dead
for when I dive into your iris, my brain erupts into biochemical mayhem, and I feel like a man with two hearts, with two hearts...
I threat not, I threat not, I threat not, just put your weight on my shoulders
I threat not, I threat not, for I made my own my discovery, I threat not, I threat not, I threat not
enter shikari // dear future historians hits me right in the core of my feelings every single time and it's so liberating
look ur girl in the eyes and tell her u are going to have pizza together and start internally screaming so the anticipation is stronger
A place to die...
not sure if my middle name is skate or guitar
@shapeological I CAN BE THE DREAMER, I CAN, I AMMM
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Seriously Northlane make it all better
I can be the dreamer, I can, I am
How amazing is it to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head
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it's almost as unreal as surrealism
staring at candles, taking away the troubles, the flame itself is hallucinating, they say the clock is ticking, it was a manmade mechanism
just crash, fall down
i think we better go, seriiiously better go
you say we go where nobody knows with guns hidden under our pettycoats oh we're never gonna quit it we're never gonna quit it no
oh we're never gonna quit it we're never gonna quit it no
the smiths >>>>
someone play guitar w/ me
getting drunk every blue moon is perfect balance for me
need a meditation buddy
"you could have it worse you could be in poverty in a third world country" or I could be dead but I'm alive and being alive is freedom
"@iIovenature: " u never see me anyway
I am so chilled rnnnn like rn
candles lit >>>>>> not candles lit
I'm a bit drunk
Meditation is always beneficial
Create Happiness If You Cannot Find It.
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that's how interesting I am (not very)
so today I am going to get drunk later on, go home, write some songs / think about shit, play my guitar and expand my insight slightly more
a location to die
if you ever feel like you hate your thoughts just remember that you are absolutely nothing without them
I could go to Leeds fest but I have no friends going, fuck yeah
the people I pay my bills to meditate understand about the cosmos and syncronicity so I enjoy paying my bills early and talking to them
nah it's cool most the time i just have minor preferences

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