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If you be the sky then i'll be the bird
Vegan Doc Martens' boots are the bomb, I'm so glad I got them and polished the fuck out of them, british weather cool down a bit pls
"Whatever makes people happy they should just do it, ‘cos time is a mere scratch and life is nothing." (NME, 1985).
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I lost you, r.i.p
other animals understand our communication
Today I waved at a birdy and it came to me and I had no food but it still appreciated my company as I did to it
Super awesome win for equality!
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There's no reason to look back when you have so much to look forward to
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do u see the contradiction
*preaches against animal cruelty and abuse* *eats meat*
no one meets u when u live the truth cause most of them live the lie
that lyric tho
and if i lived a lie, would someone meet me on the other side?
the amount of adverts on YouTube is more than the amount of friends I don't have
Stop being pushed by your problems and be led by your dreams.
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Today is #WorldMeatFreeDay! THEY are why you should be meat-free every day! #FriendsNotFood
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Accept others for who they are.
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EVERYONE is born sweet and innocent, with no hate in their heart. It's the world that turns us in to something we are not
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old school isn't dead, I am
old school isn't dead
"You're like a grey sky. You're beautiful, even though you don't want to be."
very important take notice parents
11:11 travel to lots of places around the world
don't bare the weight of the world on your shoulders
you me at six // fireworks
aqua aura: made of clear quartz, gold and aquamarine. a success and abundance stone 🌊1
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It's not fun being constantly ignored when you try to open up. It's not fun being pushed to the side when you decide to stand forward
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calling someone 'gay' as a joke or insult isn't funny, it means you're part of the problem and the stigma around it.
Don't believe the fucking idiots who say that animals don't have feelings.
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fuck the past n all the heartache, the growing pains that keep u awake, i'll sing u to sleep with songs that let you know that we'll be okay
11:11 alien friend pls

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