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The Joker Fancy Dress selfie hello
I'm just a kid with too much lonely space
if u feed me pasta I will be forever ur best friend
"So where do you get your protein from?" 'The same place the protein you eat got their protein from'
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@shapeological I do that when I'm not drunk
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at the end of the day it's just a piece of paper that doesn't define you
Over a year later, I have discovered that I actually completed my Level 3 Engineering course, and I am about to soar Level 3 IT Networking
Some people: yay let's party on the weekend and get smashed Some other people: I have no friends to go with Me: I have no friends ?
15 minutes into photosynthesis and chill
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I have a strange infatuation with classical music at the moment and I hope it stays
Experimenting with my Joker fancy dress look today, interesting
I think I want to go to University
Scored an average of 161 on IQ tests online, maybe online isn't that accurate, but at least it's safe to say I am above 110
11:11 cute pizza date with cute dips and cute chips
2nd yr into college and i still type out my school username to log in
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The beauty of nature // Part 263
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that would be me
playing guitar before my college lesson was and is ideal
Little Adventure Big Vibes
R.I.P Terrence McKenna
Northlane // Singularity song of the day
I didn't realise that I signed up for twitter to lose followers
World Vegetarian Day woo
billy from green day can be woken up now guys
your future self is watching right now through your memories.
Person: The world is your oyster Vegan: I can't eat oysters lol Extremist Vegan: DON'T BE DISCRIMINATIVE AGAINST OYSTERS BLOODFACE
not uploaded one of these in a while and you can probably guess why ft messy hair rly dnt cur
Long exposure of tonight's sunset which was gorgeous 🌅4
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Henry VIII murdered his wives because he found out they had cheated on him with Indie lads at the Sugarmill.
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unpopular opinion: I think eating meat is wrong. I don't try to make people go vegan or vegetarian it's just a personal belief of mine.
libraries > people, books > people, truth > lies
We have a weekend where we get to have time off, so can we have a Monthend pls
I'm sorry weed smokers but there is a difference between Cannabis Oil and Marijuana.
David Cameron talking to Obama
Puddle Of Mudd // Blurry song of the day
Don't beg for anyone to stay in your life. If they want to be a part of your life, they will stay.
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Can't decide which white billionaire I trust the most to "shake up" the exact same system that makes them rich.
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this universe is very weird
my life without you in it is a life that's not worth living
I had my first therapy session today & I wore mascara as an incentive not to cry & I got through the whole thing and I am proud of myself🐢🌞
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