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#ChildrenInNeed advertise everywhere, are corrupt, give their money to corrupt corporations and we trust them, i don't.
it's weird waking up minutes before my alarm clock goes off
someone dm me pls i can't sleep
You fell in love once but you didn’t like it, wasting your time when all you want is to be you
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I'm just not going to say anything if people don't want to hear it from now on and let the boring side roll in 'cause that is encouraged
Saying what you feel isn't rude, It's called being real.
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bring me the horizon make everything better tbh
mini collection of pictures that i really adore the shit out of
people that like bands like BMTH and then like Justin Bieber and One Direction really confuse me
there is probably a load of college work i should be catching up on but i'd rather put my tits in a blender
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yeah by walking straight back out of it
sit next to a printer if you want to hear a really irritating beeping noise every two seconds :)))))
my mind will be my murderer
stop living a lie, existing just because you can
my feet get so cold at this time of year
and even when you're wide awake, you're drowning in your sleep
@shapeological Disrespect the governments that sent them to war but NEVER disrespect the veterans who gave their lives. #Remember
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if you sleep with the button end of the duvet on your side up on the bed then you need psychiatric help
#RememberanceDay you have a choice to remember those who shoot strangers, or give peace a chance instead of ignore
fuck two minutes of silence i support white poppies
Don't feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.
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True friends won't grow apart even when they don't talk everyday.
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intelligent conversations are great
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i love cinematic conversations capable of allowing your mind to wander while talking about it
extreme feminism be like: i judge feminism on the title feminism, i hate the men real feminists be like: we are all equal, let's get peace
i like feminists who realise feminism is for men too, but i despise women who are dumb enough to think it's all about the women
be reckless, allow yourself to embrace itself, be unorganized but happy, allow your mind to wander without anxiety, outgrow the world
pain is happiness because it's the only time you know you're alive and it's real and then it numbs into a nothingness while you smile back
"@UberFacts: 50 percent of married women have a "backup husband" in mind." and i hate people
universe state of mind
The Economist explains how Guy Fawkes became the face of post-modern protest #MillionMaskMarch
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Whilst BBC airs #londonwhatnext debate right now; gives next to no coverage to #MillionMaskMarch currently blocking Westminister Bridge
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selfie and part of the group outside Piccadilly
broadmoor is only showing what we're allowed to see, dont forget that
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TV is bullshit at the moment, and i can't believe people even watch it
protesting is fun