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every single 'now' moment is new and the past as we know of it, is only in our memories
imagine saying "okay google" to a hundred phones at once I wonder what would happen
I have decided to netflix and chill with pizza and me
ive been pretty successful with altering waffle recipes i find online to make em vegan #lovebylizee
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I'm the kid that stays behind in class cause I enjoy the lesson too much, you never see that kid only if you need help with the work
to be a profile picture or not to be idk
when a #pisces cant have what they want they will create or take it #piscesareus
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#Pisces: These dreamers are great to lean on because they know exactly what to say and what to do during the hardest times.
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When a #Pisces is happy with you they cant hide it and when they are unhappy with you they wont hide it.
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#Pisces set their standards so high that even the flaws are considered excellent.
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I like her 'cause she's smart, headstrong and indendant, she puts me in my place but I don't know where I stand
going to leave this here bc huskies are cute asf
Day 200. Sometimes a little light makes all the difference. #GoodNight from @Space_Station #YearInSpace
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Karl Pilkington, man of the people.
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skipping school to catch up on school
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One lesson today, it's in the morning. It can be seen as a bad thing bc WHY ONE WAT or a good, bc, only one. I do try to see good. It works.
I hope my teachers understand the strength it took me to get out of bed this morning
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#Pisces gets irritated by almost nothing; they're that chill.
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the best advice I've found is don't look down
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Programming is really fun, I like the fact it runs on the purest logic
The New Age // Creature of Habit
Friday for most people: let's go for a massive party!!! woo me: in my room me: in my computer me: with my internet friends
when my laptop is fixed on Friday I am going on an immediate and much anticipated Netflix binge
Psychiatrist: how you Me: do you even read my goddamn blog
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When a new brand of clothing goes out on the market and everyone's like…
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot // Brand New
Am I the only one that actually wants to do work at lunchtime rather than socialise oh wait yes I am
fuck off it's not that hard to step over a puddle
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the sky looks amazing rn wow
*coughs* cultural appropriation *coughs* 😕
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if it's you that makes the first mistake then it's me that makes the last
Blink 182 never will get old and idc what anyone says about that
The slim odds before your life coming together is the same as a nine sided dice rolled over one hundred trillion trillion times
"I have found that if you love life, life will love you back"
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Blink 182 // Aliens Exist
Look at the fucking sky being all beautiful
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