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Ron Paul
VOL Contributor Rob Kampia shares his top 5 reasons why the US should end marijuana prohibition. Share if you agree:
Have you joined the #Declassify campaign? Make your video, upload it and make your voice heard! Learn how:
I am giving the keynote address at Stansberry & Associates' libertarian-themed conference on October 18:…
Propaganda, the beheadings and whether or not ISIS is the only target of Obama's campaign. Tune in on @VoLiberty –>
The latest episode from the Ron Paul Channel, only on @VoLiberty: The Fed, Syria & Congressional Action (premium):
In a 60 Minutes interview this weekend, Obama said the Islamic State caught him by surprise. Here's my response:
We need to protect whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. Please sign our petition and share it with your friends! –>
Eric Holder is an enemy of justice for these 3 reasons, according to VOL Contributor Jason Peirce. Do you agree? –>
Don't miss my free guest lecture at FSU on Thursday, October 2! Learn more:
Illegal war in Syria, the Tea Party and more: My interview with @AbbyMartin on her RT show @BreakingTheSet ––>
There is concrete evidence that we conspired... to overthrow the elected government of Yanukovych." Watch (premium):
The Fed admits that it could be another six years until things are back to normal. Read the weekly column by @pmfoss
We deserve to know what's in the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report! Join the #Declassify campaign today ––>
Attorney Gen. Eric Holder's resignation does nothing to change the authoritarian political system. RT if you agree –>
The Looming Global Economic Slowdown Evident on Every Content - the latest article by Charles Goyette - is on VOL!
We look back at an interview w/ CNBC about the Fed abusing its position as the monopolist currency issuer this #TBT
VOL Contributor Jason Peirce shares 10 reasons why it's time to end marijuana prohibition. RT if you agree!
Is it John McCain's America now? We need resistance against the neocons & war propaganda. Watch (premium): #ISIS
A new poll shows a quarter of all Americans are open to their home state become independent. Tune into the podcast –>
Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute and Scottish libertarian David Farrer review Scotland's vote for independence here:
Obama's war against ISIS in Syria is illegal, unconstitutional and will only increase the dangers America faces ––>
Why don't the Arab states confront ISIS? Why does the US have to lead the charge? Watch this (premium) video ––>
Watch Ben Swann discuss the hypocrisy of our govt owning medicinal cannabis patents while prohibiting marijuana use.
Tune into this week's podcast on the upcoming Swiss referendum demanding the repatriation of the country's gold.
VOL Voice Mike Maharrey doesn’t put much of faith in Washington D.C. to ever “fix” the surveillance state. Learn why:
"War... distracts from the malfeasance of the political classes as it busies giddy minds with foreign quarrels."
ICYMI: Suspected terrorist data, Obama's terrorist tracker info, leaked by a new whistleblower (not Snowden) ––>
VOL Contributor Jason Peirce says the cost of US interventionism is leaving Americans "with nothing left to defend."
ICYMI: AP says White House secrecy is undermining journalism. Check @VoLiberty daily for news, analysis & more ––>
Read my latest column & RT if you agree that continuing the 24-year war in the Middle East is a HUGE mistake:
VOL Voice @pmfoss explains the road to a market-oriented monetary system. Share your thoughts in the comments ––>
Have you joined the #Declassify effort demanding the government release the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report?
VOL Contributor Thad Beversdorf puts his analytical finance and economics background to work, examining the Fed ––>
My thoughts on Reagan's quote about "rethinking of policy before our men die" in this premium video, only on VOL ––>
Browse this interactive presentation VOL Contributor Curran Higgins created about government’s role in be in big data
What prompts our concern for one crisis while completely ignoring another? Listen to this audio clip ––>
The House vote brings us closer to an audit of the Federal Reserve. VOL's Junior Robinson on why we need a Fed audit:
My latest VOL Audio Show with @tiffanylrider covers the use of Tasers & excessive force by police. Sign up & tune in:
My interview w/ @ThomasEWoods: Education, libertarianism and how "Hillary Clinton is as hawkish as any Republican."
Join the #Declassify movement! Demand the truth in the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report –>
#TBT My farewell speech to Congress
A bill to audit the Federal Reserve just passed overwhelmingly in the US House of Representatives! My reaction here:
Central banks lowering interest rates, stimulating the economy does not create wealth. Watch the (premium) video:
In this article, @pmfoss discusses what Scotland's money & banking system would look like if it breaks from the UK —>
Lew Rockwell and former FBI counterintelligence agent Sibel Edmonds discuss US government oppression. Tune in at VOL:
Remember when Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu told the Obama Administration, "Don’t ever second guess me again,"?
On the FBI's new facial recognition program: "This is a move in the wrong direction of big government surveillance."