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Ron Paul
VOL Contributor @cwade12c fears that Ferguson is just a glimpse of what is to come. Read more @VoLiberty ––> #liberty
Voices of Liberty looks at eight absurd government projects funded with your money.
Discrimination against minority political parties is a real issue. Sign up and tune into the discussion on @VoLiberty
Obamacare workers are getting paid to sit at computers and hit refresh all day. What a great use of taxpayer dollars!
Are there lessons to be learned in the Middle East from the rise of Pol Pot? Sign up & watch the Ron Paul Channel:
Listen to my podcast with Charles Goyette where we discuss the stock market roller coaster.
Today's @VoLiberty Show episode covers how US aid to Syrian Kurds will do more harm than good. Sign up & tune in ––>
I look into an article by Justin Logan in Politico: Does the Middle East Matter?
Government control over money & banking hinders liberty. Only free markets & consumer choice threaten that control.
Despite evidence to the contrary, Bloomberg asks if inflation could be a good thing. Here's the answer: No.
My latest column explains how the totalitarian policy of mandatory service is anti-liberty. Read it on @VoLiberty ––>
Contributor Ben Lewis finds neoconservatism largely insufferable. Here are the 5 most annoying things neocons say:
Facebook users push CNN to include a libertarian in its upcoming debate featuring candidates for governor of Florida:
Read @jasongpeirce's liberty version of the @HuffingtonPost article on times Obama did things we don't agree with:
Watch Ron Paul and Kristin Tate discuss hot button issues like immigration and government corruption.
20-something Murray Rothbard lived the American Dream, according to @nickpropaganda (who happens to be a millennial)
More autonomy given to smaller units of gov't gives the people to better hold accountable gov't actions. Tune in:
Obama sends National Guard to "battle' Ebola in Liberia. Sign up and tune in @VoLiberty ––>
ISIS advances to the city of Kobani, threatening the Kurds of Turkey. Is this the spark that lights the powderkeg?.
It's time to look at how corporations are keeping Ebola from spreading. Sign up and tune in here:
A German journalist reveals how the CIA influences the media (hint: cash for favorable coverage). Sign up & watch:
It's only a matter of time until another downturn hits our economy & economies around the globe. Sign up & tune in––>
I am saddened to hear of the passing of Leonard Liggio, one of the founders of the modern libertarian movement.
.@ThomasEWoods sets fire to the index card of allowable opinion. Watch this video to learn how you can, too! #tlot
Just how horrible is President Obama's record on the economy? VOL's @jasongpeirce did some digging & published this:
The US can't buy missiles fast enough to keep up with demand. Hopefully the public wakes up to demand it stops.
Elliot Engstrom shares the latest efforts of @YALiberty. In what ways are you active in the liberty movement?
Police departments are using seized assets to pay for clown services and other wasteful things. VOL reports:
The Ebola epidemic allows the government to use its favorite tool for increasing its power: Fear.
The next good war is about to begin and we can be certain that it, too, will end badly. Listen in on @VoLiberty ––>
.@VoLiberty, in partnership with FFF, brings to you The Libertarian Angle on free trade, in principle & in action ––>
ICYMI: Elliot Engstrom shared 5 ways to become an activist for liberty. Be inspired and stand for freedom today!
This edition of my weekly column explains why limited government is key in containing Ebola.
Here are 10 awesome movies with libertarian messages to watch this weekend, courtesy of VOL Contributor Jason Peirce:
Here's a video on bankrolling real estate in Australia: (@VoLiberty has contributors from around the globe!) #liberty
Could Obama have a better economic record than Reagan? Ron weighs in.
More fallout from the Secret Service being serviced in Columbia.
It's the one-year anniversary of Obamacare. Is it a boon or a bust?
When it comes to squaring off with ISIS, is Turkey chicken?
Jobs, the Deficit, & the Economy Behind the Curtain: Charles Goyette and I discuss in this edition of the podcast ––>
What are the consequences of continued intervention in Afghanistan? Watch the latest episode of the Ron Paul Channel:
Is the government capable of telling the truth anymore? Charles Goyette explores this question in his latest article:
For this #ThrowbackThursday we look at how WikiLeaks truth dispels neocon propaganda. @VoLiberty seeks truth. #tbt
.@pmfoss says the collusion between the Treasury & the Fed today is hidden behind a facade of Fed independence. ––>
.@scotthortonshow joins @ThomasEWoods to dissect the campaign against ISIS. Listen in @VoLiberty –>
.@BenSwann_ responds to my take on how marijuana prohibition benefits drug cartels. Watch the premium exclusive:
ICYMI: Radley Balko examined a 501c3 being used by law enforcement to hide SWAT raid records. Should this be legal?
In this premium podcast, I discuss why easy money destroys wealth. Sign up and stand up against easy money policy!
ICYMI: VOL Contributor Mike Marion's article "Anti-War is Pro-American" examines peace, commerce & honest friendship.
On the violent conduct of some NFL players: making a federal case is more than what needs to be done ––> (premium)