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I'm excited that my grandfather's surgery went well however the recovery is what counts now
Yea read my message and don't reply to it -_- go shoot yourself
So today my back hurt and I sat in a empty seat on the transit hope for a beautiful girl yea.... Nope a fucking obese bitch sat next to me !
Dear fat people SKINNY jeans are called skinny for a reason!
Transit bus is quiet in comes the Dominicans Loud As Fuck -_- #DominicanApocolypse #Dominicanstakingover #Providence #BroadSt #HopeHigh -_-ยค
Wanna know what's the best part of work? It's getting off work and getting paid
Lmfao this is how everyone who smokes weed yearbook photo is gonna be
I've been stressed the fuck out so imam use this twitter to blow some steam if you guys and girl whatever get offended then trust me Idgaf!!
Ronny: I think your attractive and (long ass paragraph) 5 hours later Woman: k Ronny: you dumb bitch -_-
Dear ratchet girl who take #instagram pics covering only 1/100 of your body parts why not just take nudes?!? -_-
Abunch oh Dominicans from Hope ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Bought a XSmall burrito from @McDonalds when I could have bought an XXL at @TacoBell for the same price -_- #FML
This world I live in today makes me sick this is ridiculous
Out of like 1000 #facebook "friends" I deleted like 999 cause they were either fake unreal or not cut out lol
I don't give a fuck who you are #vampirediaries is the shit
First day on the job #success!!!!!
Is it just me or does ever Damn vampire end up separating from their girl in shows and movies?
Just cause you seen Donnie brasco and use the word #fugazi doesn't mean you know italian that ain't even a word it's a mob term #Idiots
I hate people who use there #facebook wall like it's #twitter
I don't believe in Valentine's day
And I'm sick again -_-
Unbelievable I went 5 years 5 long years not eating meat and I decided to start again
That's ironic how I mentioned #tacobell and #starbucks in my #RhodeIsland tweet and it trended right after lmao Oh Well GOOD MORNING WORLD!
Woke up in a hell of a good mood today listening to @baauer lol