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Want a page like this?
All go follow my new twitter @RonBelcherr - wont b using this no more
My mood can get changed by people so easily
Needs to be more local raves, got that raving itch
early weight session kills me
Stormin's sucha rad guy
the kooks ,arctic monkeys and biggie smalls are like the only other artists I listen to other then dnb.. Haha
want that feeling back
Wish I was born in the year above
bassman is such a heavy geeza hahahaha
Man that claim to be some next dnb raver guy yet clueless to what jungle is
Only person I know I can trust is the women what bought me into this world.
Love the drums n bass more then most things
Really don't know what I want
I feel alot worse than I did yesterday
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Need to get in some next trippy state soon
Not even feeling up for tonight at the moment
Eat your pizza upside down so the cheese has maximum contact with your taste buds
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Think to much sometimess
warm up your chest like benylin, I will make ya flyy like your high off of ketamineeeee
Dont bring the metal in, otherwise might be a mess where your buried innn
I'ma junglist guyy, cant stop me no matter how hard they tryyyyyyyy
Week days are dead
All go follow my other account @RonBelcherr ! this is way to full of slovaks, bots an virus links
But you're young youv got a lot of drugs to do, girls to screw, parties to crash sucks to be you
got the most jank headache right bout now.. need zut
brushing my teeth then having a cuppa tea is possibly the most disgusting taste ever
Ahhhh people piss me off why cant someone just be fucking truthful for once