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Rolando Gomez
On occasion, #photography parallels military #strategy, sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war.
Grabbed @redbull this morning & now I've got the energy to soar, photo by me. #givesyouwings
Photographs are slivers of life's moments. #photography
The sky is not the limit, men have walked on the moon.
It takes dreams to create great photos, but it's the nightmares that got you there. #photography #wisdom
Photographers photograph the present for the future to enjoy. #photography
If you compared the time spent on #Facebook to your food intake & diet, would you be slender, average or obese? Bhonest!
The grass is green on one side, but great photographers will photograph the fence first. #photography
Some of the most important photos are the ones we see, but never take. #photography
Have one spot left for Moab in Sept., #photography workshop w/beautiful models. Info:…
An original is a hundred times or more appreciated than a duplicate, especially in #photography.
Difficulty in capturing a great image can cause some photographers to fail while others will face it and succeed.
#photography is just another channel for the mind to tune into.
Saw this and reminds me of my ex-wife. Just saying...
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde
Confidence in photography is funneling your creative thoughts into a photograph.
You live with what you see forever, but you photograph only what you want to cherish along with others.
Sometimes taking a photograph seems complicated, but afterwards you realize it was truly simple.
Not happy with your photography, well you can either move forward or march in place.
"I'd rather die on my feet, than live upon my knees." Emiliano Zapata #dignity #wisdom
Photographers photograph the present for the future to enjoy.
The future allows you to heal from the past, and as photographers, we funnel that through our lenses.
If you were allowed only to take one more photo in your life, who or what would you photograph?
Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! My Facebook was flooded this morning. Thanks!
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#Photography is like putting a puzzle together, you've got to know how each piece fits in order to create the final image.
Photographers aren't supposed to force the moment, they capture it.
Blast from the past, music by Shahin & Sepehr. Next #Moab workshop in Sept!…
Sometimes the best thing for love is pure silence, are you listening?
#Photography is mere medicine that heals us.
"Creating A Photograph From Scratch" past article from my photo blog. Enjoy!…
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Photographers photograph the present for the future to enjoy.
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Mirrors don't lie, #cameras do.
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