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Rohan Perry™
Ce'Cile's little princess is featured in the booklet of the #StillRunning album. You can get your…
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Without these people, today would not have been possible. Cheers to these greats! #HappyHeroesDay #NationalHeroes 👥
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"Without discipline, we cannot succeed; and with disorder we will fail." - Sir Alexander Bustamante #HappyHeroesDay
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Its Mashujaaz Day (Heroes Day) in Kenya as well. Hope you all are living it up over there for me. Xoxo.
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Happy National Heroes Day. "Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will." - Marcus Garvey #HeroesDay
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I'm here doing album promo for #StillRunning. How are you all celebrating our National Heroes in Jamaica?
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From point to point we are all thankful for our National Heroes, because out of many people - we are one! #HeroesDay
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RT @UnionOneJA: Today we celebrate those who fought for us in the past. What are you thankful for? #HappyHeroesDay
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#FF Go follow Blogger • Youtuber • Social Media Manager - CEO of @PerryPromotions Ltd #FollowFriday
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I googled "Jamaica National Heroes" and pictures of 'Dudus' came up. You had one job Google, one job.
If you find yourself pulling your hair out while trying to wor... More for Scorpio
RT @StephDas: My circle gets smaller as my goals become bigger.
RT @StephDas: Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.
Watching some dancehall skinout video online. I feel like I'm in the dance with them *grabs a magnum* :D
Hold me down. Pimp squad for life.
I'm legally blind. Thats my story. I'm sticking to it.
Only watching this because I'm here digesting my food. In case you're wondering.
15 second Instagram videos are funnier than a 30 minute episode of Ity and Fancy Cat.
Again... skit TOO long.
Ity and Fancy Cat needs to hire someone to just tell them when to cut a scene and what is just not funny. I'll do it for free.
Ity and Fancy Cat skits just never know when to stop.
Who is this ovoniko person people keep talking about, what does she do?
You intuitively know how people will react to your words today... More for Scorpio
I am done with social media. I am deleting all my accounts.
Someone needs to come collect their father 💀
Nothing infuriates me more than when my headphones stop working.
Headphones are such an investment.
You have all the right stuff to shine like a bright star today... More for Scorpio
This girl setup herself, yo.
Turn to TVJ NOW for another episode of KFC ON THE VERGE! #OTVLOUD!
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We're a GO on TVJ! Watch now with us or online at - use the hashtag #OTVLOUD to join in the conversation!
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Tweet while you watch @OnTheVerge_JA with us. Use the hashtag #OTVLOUD!
"Chris Martin, pretty much playing himself" - Anthony Miller. Again, nail on the head.
"Karian Sang not much of a convincing lead" - Anthony Miller. Nail on the head.
E.R. why we come back again with Alkaline she this week? Enough.
You might misread someone's intentions today and turn an other... More for Scorpio