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Rohan Perry™
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You need to decide what you're willing to give in return for w... More for Scorpio
I live for @QuitePerry tweets during any major event / television broadcast 😂.
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I am legit in my bed crying.
J. Lo may not be the best singer, but she damn sure makes up for it in the execution of all her performances. Bitch says PRODUCTION.
Nicki Minaj look like she couldn' walk in a the shoes though. Young gal wear yuh size.
This AMAs "Bang Bang" performance is sending me to my grave with no edges.
Bitch, lend me piece of your voice box nuh @JessieJ.
Thou shalt not fuck with Jessie J vocally.
UNAIDS spokesperson and Miss Jamaica World 2013, Gina Hargatay, speaking at the launch of the @ProtectTheGoal global
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"Like in football, we must work together as a team to reach UNAIDS' vision of an #aidsfreegeneration" -@MichelSidibe
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The Walking Dead, then bed.
I'm too tired to watch AMAs.
Yes girl, you were having a ball! RT @oblessa: @QuitePerry sexy!! great seeing you last night hun.
Photo: Lastnight was all a blur! ✳️
Lastnight was all a blur! ✳️
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But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.
"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you....
TONIGHT is going to be AMAZING! The finale of KFC On The Verge will go live at 9pm on TVJ! #OTVLOUD!
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Anybody has the number for Boulevard Eatery? The new place on the Washington Boulevard.
Your thoughts are so loud today that you might believe everyon... More for Scorpio
@QuitePerry thought it was just me /: it couldve been better
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Not one bit RT @QuitePerry: I'm not feeling this season of American Horror Story.
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I'm not feeling this season of American Horror Story.
I'm logging off the internet.
--> RT @FilmFatale_NYC: So that heartbreaking voicemail was really just an alibi. Well played #HTGAWM
--> RT @wonderosa: Cause that policeman is gonna be assigned to this case and her alibi would be HIS PENIS.
Its always the last 10 seconds with you, @shondarhimes .. always.
All the feels. All the emotions.
The bitch said "thank you". I'm here tryna get my life together...
I'm having mixed emotions right now.