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Roger Miranda
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Just got braces! 😁
Finally! Exams are over. School has ended. Holidays for 2 weeks!
I wouldn't be surprised if I got trench foot with the amount if water my shoes were filled with.
Been studying. No time for twitter.
What if I told you, you can play your facebook games without inviting me.
Why are iphone chargers not called apple juice...
Tell a therapist, not Facebook.
I hate the new YouTube layout!
Studying History is basically a way of learning from mistakes so they don't occur again.
Having that ugh feeling.
The coolest answer to a multiple choice question is B)
Looking outside and wishing you could jump out the classroom window.
I wish I was a kid again so I wouldn't have to care about anything.
The Tooth Fairy teaches us to give away our body parts for money.
When I'm home alone, every noise I hear is a serial killer.
That awesome feeling when there's no need to put your alarm on.
If Twitter was a subject, my parents would be soo proud of me.
I hate it when you have peanut butter but no jelly.
When you're parents think you're friends with everyone at you're school.
That one moment when I actually NEED my phone, I can't find it.
My phone flies more than Flappy Bird.
Some people are like Dora. They don't let me finish my sentence.
Every time I tell myself I'm gonna sleep early I don't.
As a kid: "Go to Bed." "NOOOOO!" Now: "Get Up." "NOOOOO!"