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Roger Miranda
Just got braces! 😁
Finally! Exams are over. School has ended. Holidays for 2 weeks!
I wouldn't be surprised if I got trench foot with the amount if water my shoes were filled with.
Been studying. No time for twitter.
What if I told you, you can play your facebook games without inviting me.
Why are iphone chargers not called apple juice...
Tell a therapist, not Facebook.
I hate the new YouTube layout!
Studying History is basically a way of learning from mistakes so they don't occur again.
Having that ugh feeling.
The coolest answer to a multiple choice question is B)
Looking outside and wishing you could jump out the classroom window.
I wish I was a kid again so I wouldn't have to care about anything.
The Tooth Fairy teaches us to give away our body parts for money.
When I'm home alone, every noise I hear is a serial killer.
That awesome feeling when there's no need to put your alarm on.
If Twitter was a subject, my parents would be soo proud of me.
I hate it when you have peanut butter but no jelly.
When you're parents think you're friends with everyone at you're school.
That one moment when I actually NEED my phone, I can't find it.
My phone flies more than Flappy Bird.
Some people are like Dora. They don't let me finish my sentence.
Every time I tell myself I'm gonna sleep early I don't.
As a kid: "Go to Bed." "NOOOOO!" Now: "Get Up." "NOOOOO!"
I put the "dying" in studying.
I blame everyone on twitter for making me download Flappy Bird.
I wonder how many people have taken pictures with me in the background.
I need counseling after playing Flappy Bird.
A rejected high five is one of the biggest insults there is.
People saying not to download Flappy Bird makes me want to download it.
I feel like the only person not viewing the Grammy's.
Dear teachers, it's gum, not cocaine, calm your tits.
Wishing everyone around the country a great #AustraliaDay.
#YouKnowYoureAustralianWhen you don't put shrimps on the barbie.
Happy Australia Day to everyone!
I'm not a kid. I saw "Frozen". I regret nothing.
I remember when I thought 1 page of homework a week was too much.
I can see Justin Bieber going Lindsay Lohan.
Even though there's nothing bad on my phone, no you can't look at it.
If only I could hug a bear without dying.
Gordon Ramsay: This pork is so raw it's still singing "Hakuna Matata".
What if I told you, you can play your facebook games without inviting me!
People who CHOOSE to wake up early on weekends clearly have problems.
When you start writing on paper without margins and this happens.
Can you believe these animals are actually real?!…
When you walk into a room and forget what you're doing? That's God playing Sims, he just cancelled your action.