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If started working out the day you started feeling unhappy with your body you should be fit by now
How happy I would be If I could lose weight in 2days!
Could someone please tel me what this means???
I salute the person who wrote this
Happy easter all of you beautiful people.. Yea I'm talking to u :)
When u find out you are your crush's crush as well #bestmoment...
I hate that I'm inlove with this guy soooo much... and not knowing if he feels the same :(
I hate when I have to start questions because I always feel like I piss you off
The worst feeling is loving someone and not having them feeling the same way...
I wonder why does guys have to be such assholes sometimes...
I hate it when people do this : I give them my phone to see ONE pic and then they start going through all of my photos like seriously?..
Wondering sometimes y u aren't good enough...
Me: can't wait for the weekend Weekend: sits at home and watch series... my life
I seriously want to tone up but still want to eat like normal what do I do? :(
if your boyfriend doesnt touch your butt all the time is he even your boyfriend
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Fans ask: what happened to Justin?... Beliebers: kidrauhl just grew up
Ever had that moment wen u read a picture and it kinda explains your whole life?..
I swear that sometimes school is my worst enemy...
Studying for a bio paper n just can't pay attention :( what am I going to do?..
Does anyone know of a sight that I could download moves from <3
Just think next year he is gonna to turn 21...
I don't get why everyone is so sad Yea he's growing I'm just happy that I can say I was here from the start
Sitting in this doctors room for so long now :(
I'm actually missing school didn't go for a week :/