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Rob Lowe
New @Stanford students: Welcome to the best 4 years of your life! Opportunity to learn socially & in the classroom. Enjoy! It will go fast!
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One of the best, (and most disturbing) mascots ever. #DropOffDay
"@ScottWapnerCNBC: Thanks @RobLowe for coming on @HalftimeReport today. Great discussion!" Thanks! Let's do it again soon.
Sitting in a coffee shop in Palo Alto waiting to talk to @CNBCFastMoney
"@Jxnewton: @RobLowe Would you eat at an "Eatery" ?" Possibly. But not a "Factory" or somewhere "Olde."
I'm really not inclined to shop in a "Shoppe."
"@sorkinese: @AnnaKendrick47 @RobLowe Pretty soon, you'll get to see Sam get all puffed up." Yeah, he was prone to that.
@sorkinese @RobLowe Holy shit I'm watching THAT ep right now. Are you watching me?? What's happening??
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'Unique' means 'one of a kind.' Something can't be 'very unique,' nor can it be 'extremely historic.'
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FINAL: Duke defeats Kansas 41-3 to improve to 3-0. Best start for the program since 1994. #GoDuke #KUvsDUKE
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@_SelenaJ @RobLowe Ha! This is how I always see you! One of my boys.
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"@_SelenaJ: @RobLowe You look exactly the same." I see my boys when I look at this.
@RobLowe we're heading for a 80%+ turnout. The national conversation has been incredible. Politically-engaged youth bodes well for future!
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UK followers: How do you feel about the vote for an independent #Scotland ? Please educate this interested Yankee.
pjs on, drink poured, snuggled in....torn between @RobLowe 's Love Life and Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl
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I've always loved my #NFL football, but based on this week's news and the culture it seems to represent... for now, I'm out.
If @AdrianPeterson did what is described here to his four-year-old son, switch or not, that is child abuse.
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Thanks for your really smart answers to my ISIS/ISIL query. Next burning question: BEYOnce or BEyonce?
Legit question for my followers: Why do most say "Isis" but POTUS always says "Isil"? What's the thinking behind that? #tomato/tomahto
"@HuffingtonPost: Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln ads just got even more amazing"
TV Pet Peeves: The Distinguished Gentlemen, Filthy Dude-Bros, and Wise Animals That Drive Us Nuts, by @andygreenwald
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"@danamgrasso: @RobLowe i read your book rob, this must hit you differently than one could understand." Thanks. Yes, it does.
Today I think of those murdered, their beloved families and remember: evil is real, hates true freedoms and cannot be dealt with civilly.
Let me get this straight, Roger #Goodell gets to hand pick the "independent committee" that will investigate himself? Spinal Tap anyone?
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@RobLowe "Sex Tape" movie going down a storm in the UK! You got to love us Brits!
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"@politico: Ted Cruz: Amendment threatens SNL | Photos: Getty, AP" NOT the folks to mess with.
@RobLowe You're scarily psychic. MT @TMZ John McCain--GOODELL HAS 'CREDIBILITY ISSUES'...Should Call Condi for help
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@RobLowe Rob.Do I get a retweet if I say that this is an extremely underrated film? Excellent, underrated film!
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Tim Cook sounds exactly like Al Gore. #AppleiPhone6 #LockBox
Roger Goodell says NFL asked for Ray Rice video and didn't get it. So his investigators can't compete with TMZ?
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She said it's her dream job, the #NFL should give the job of commissioner to Dr. Condi Rice. Today. #TheGoodRice
"@JamesGunn: @RobLowe @prattprattpratt Thanks, man! Keep it on the DL that the Weevil is the villain in Guardians 2." My lips are sealed!
On this day in 1985 : "St Elmo's Fire" (Man in Motion) by @JohnParrAmerica hit #1 on the @billboard charts! @RobLowe @justdemi @EMILIOTHEWAY
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Missing my boy abroad, @matthewedwardlowe
Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Mitt is running again.
Michigan beats MSU. Stanford beats Berkeley. Which colleges people pick when they have options
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Listening to Dr. Bob Lefkowitz from @DukeU talk about winning the #Nobel prize. Proud to celebrate such achievement.
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"@AnnaKendrick47: @RobLowe Thank you for this" Any time. Any time.
Let's go Cardinal!! Time to put a hole in those Trojans. #Stanford #ncaafootball14
Very proud of GP and the great night she helped put together. So glad to have been a part of #StandUpToCancer
"@ChrisLeahey1: @RobLowe Did you guys ever work together ? @kevinbacon" No. Would like to. Blew out my knee auditioning for Footloose.
Major surf today with my beloved @johnnylowe Off to college soon!!
@RobLowe My daughter is amazed by the fabulous birthday gift her father gave me ;) #lovelife
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Love Pharrell holding mic out to crowd and his voice continuing to sing. #FootballNightInAmerica #NFL #LipSyncFail
Checked my bag for United flight NYC/North Carolina. Never made the plane. Arrived two DAYS later. On a flight from Seattle. #FriendlySkys