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Emma Roberts
Last nights dinner vibe wearing my @BaubleBar Jasmine Ribbon Necklace #astoldbyemma
Last nights dinner vibes with my @baublebar Jasmine Ribbon Necklace. #astoldbyemma
@RobertsEmma I think I would rather have Twisty kidnap me than be in school right now
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β€œ@SpookyPietray: @RobertsEmma @AhsImages I hope your character dies” that's so sweet of you!!
Thanks guys for the #FreakShow love this AM! Makes going to work even more fun. Shooting episode 9 today...things are getting verrry weird!
β€œ@FlONAGOODE: @RobertsEmma I actually liked seeing how maggie and stanley work together.” @denisohare is the best. I love our team
Last night's episode of American Horror Story was on point πŸ‘ Looking forward to seeing more of@RobertsEmmaa πŸ’•
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Dammit, why am I gay crushing on @RobertsEmma so much. So much fab in such a small body.
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β€œ@jackrice: @mashable @RobertsEmma Huge fan. Magnificent last season and really surprised me with her range.Great work.” Thank u :)
Next weeks episode involved tears and poison ivy while filming. Get ready! #AHSFREAKSHOW ##AHSLiveTweet
Witches and freaks! Thanks for watching with me tonight. I love you guys!!!! See you next week!!!!
I love how the cast like @RobertsEmma is watching it with us, like we are all in the same room on the edge of our seats! @MrRPMurphy
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β€œ@CLangwald: Is it Esmeralda or Older more powerful Nancy Drew? @RobertsEmma”LOL
@RobertsEmma You should be Madison and Maggie a la Bette and Dot. Two heads are better than one lady. #AHSLiveTweet
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Loving the new @RobertsEmma character, innocence and beauty masking sharp intelligence and manipulation... Scary good. #AHSLiveTweet
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Oh snap what's about to happen is EPIC! @MsKathyBates @MrRPMurphy #AHSLiveTweet
β€œ@nicolapeltx: @RobertsEmma Emma Who is your favorite Tate, Kit, Kylie or Jimmy? #AHSLiveTweet” Tate !
@RobertsEmma you are running bad bitch boulevard. Seriously killin the game Ms. Maggie
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How do you not die in Queen Lange's presence? I can't with her. She shuts it DOWN @RobertsEmma #AHSLiveTweet #AHSFREAKSHOW
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Retweeted by Emma Roberts
β€œ@MsSarahPaulson: @RobertsEmma you are my little angel person!” I love you!
β€œ@alexiaa_13: This show is so intense and It's only the third episode!!! πŸ™οΏ½@RobertsEmmama” oh JUST WAIT!!!!!
β€œ@Summer_Grace: #AHSLiveTweet @RobertsEmma If you were really going to join a circus/traveling show what would your ideal role be?” Acrobat!
β€œ@Hitsuzen__: who would you prefer to kiss? Dandy or Twisty? #ahslivetweet @RobertsEmma 6” I think twisty needs a kiss !
@RobertsEmma is absolutely slaying. Literally screamed when I saw her. #Slay #AHSLiveTweet
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β€œ@Catrice1400: #AHSLiveTweet @RobertsEmma What was you favorite scene to film in this episode?πŸ˜β€ arriving at the camp was a fun day
β€œ@Brookslay: @RobertsEmma QUICK, what's my future?!” Youre gonna watch #AHSFREAKSHOW next week πŸ˜‰
@RobertsEmma you're too pretty it should be illegal...even if you die the makeup is no match
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This show just got even better, more insane, and crazy awesome! @MrRPMurphy @RobertsEmma @AHSFX #AHSLiveTweet
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@RobertsEmma i love you so much it gives me the heebeegebies!
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β€œ@Dwyer213: @RobertsEmma how is it to work with a legend like @MsKathyBates ? #AHSLiveTweet” I'm so in awe of her all the time!
@RobertsEmma Youre so awesome as Maggie!! I can't wait to see more of her in future episodes!! #AHSLiveTweet
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β€œ@LOHANTHONY: @RobertsEmma you're so vulnerable and innocent with maggie it's so cute seeing you portray her” thank you boo ! Means a lot
@MrRPMurphy @RobertsEmma we haven't seen enough Maggie yet to compare Ryan!
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Should I be Madison for Halloween @MrRPMurphy ???? #AHSLiveTweet
β€œ@queen_goober: i wonder if @RobertsEmma remembers that we went to camp birchwood? #AHSLiveTweet” duh
@RobertsEmma #AHSLiveTweet Does Maggie have a dark side like Madison had? Or is she just caught up in some risky business?
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@RobertsEmma hey Emma, your first scenes were already amazing and pulled me in! so excited to see more of her #AHSLiveTweet
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Interview tip from @RobertsEmma: pretend you're a fortune teller and tell the hiring manager their future is bright. #AmericanHorrorStory
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β€œ@Rachellefebre: @RobertsEmma do you believe fortune tellers can really see into the future?? #AHSLiveTweet” yes!! Some.....
β€œ@dreamsbuzolic: @RobertsEmma how is working with @MsSarahPaulson?” We never stop laughing. Which can be bad sometimes....#AHSLiveTweet