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Rob San Miguel
I find it ironic that MTV still has the #VMAs considering the fact that haven't shown any music videos in years. #VMAs2015
Beautiful people! Great music! Amazing party! And a GUARANTEED PACKED HOUSE! Seven River Oaks 2207 #SevenUltraLounge
Forecast for this evening. Smelling amazing, looking handsome.
Ladies show this tweet at the door for free entry all night! The most diverse UPSCALE party in #Houston
Why Donald Trump and his team look like the Purge 3 squad. Just sayin #fuckery #funnyaf #nofilter
When you real life fixin to go Purge
How I did on Twitter this week: 13 Mentions, 53 Retweets, 38.3K Retweet Reach. How'd your week go? via
Come party with the beautiful crowd tonight. Seven Ultra Lounge in River Oaks 2207 Richmond Avenue
I ain't gonna pretend to give a fuck when I don't.
Coming out the car after the club like...…
Once you find loyalty, hold on to that
Come see our Pin Up dolls tonight! 2811 Washington Avenue #HughesFusionFridays
#YouKnowYouHaveAProblem When Donald Trump is a serious candidate for the President of the most powerful country on Earth.
#YouKnowYouHaveAProblem When a reality TV dufus is considered the front runner of your lame ass party. Donal Trump equals Kim Kardashian.
Never underestimate a girls ability to post a quote regarding something that's bothering her in less than a minute. They stay ready. #facts
A crazy girlfriend will always laugh before she does some crazy shit like stabbing you for using a letter that's in your ex's name.
The top 15 twitter accounts by followers. Artists, companies, a president, sports figure, then one famous useless hoe
Nah fam that's called collagen injections. Don't get it twisted.…
This isn't a commentary on skin color as much as it is about income class. Rich people HATE poor people period.…
All the girls that didn't want to put on makeup in the summer cuz it would melt off are about to do a Kylie Jenner transformation this fall.
Professors to late registered students: Do you have the syllabus? Do you have the textbook? Do you love this shit? Do you ever get nervous?
Miley Cyrus Turns Into An Australian Reporter On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' -- Watch  -
Miley Cyrus Says Nicki Minaj's Comments About The VMAs Were "Not Polite" -
When you eat a big meal before going out...
When you eat a big meal before you go out..
You can always tell the number of dudes a girl got fucked over by, by the number of Drake quotes in her twitter.
I just found out today that Fruity Pebbles are just gay Rice Krispies. #ChildHoodRuined
I refuse to call a girl beautiful any more until I see her without her filters.
When you're Mexican but you like tall white girls #nofilter #funnyaf #fuckery
#GrowingUpMexican When you're Mexican AF and you trying to hit on white girls taller than you.
If you can't say anything nice then shut the fuck up.
I can not be in a relationship with anyone who doesn't love 90's R&B
The ladies love to party with Rob San Miguel. Book your party now and celebrate in style with Houston's sexiest most diverse UPSCALE crowds. #noratchets
Things you should never give a girl you really like: Heartache, Lies, Excuses.
Dollar menu dates cuz my life too hectic.
It's hard to seduce each other when neither one of us wants to leave our houses to see each other.
#FakeFriendsBeLike Hey want to make plans to do something and then cancel them last minute with a really fake excuse this weekend?
This tweet deserved to be retweeted 1,000,000,000 times…
We need more entrepreneurs not more college students. Just sayin.
If you can't even support yourself, you probably shouldn't be having children.
That's what Jared from Subway said when they arrested his ass.…
Counting the days till Christmas. Not because I get shit but because I gota buy my family gifts. #adulthood

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