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Rob San Miguel
Some people will never be happy no matter what you do for them.
A girls biggest fear sometimes is being loyal, faithful, and giving her all to someone and then have them turn around and fuck her over.
Industry Night Lusso Lounge tonight #FreeEntry
Blurry like my vision #drunk #selfie #smile
On my Mad Men shit #OldFashioned #Zimms
Weekends were made for celebrating #LussoLounge #Houston
OPEN CALL for Houston area models Houston Fashion Week! DM for details or call the number on the flyer!
Looking for beautiful ladies to join the Lusso Lounge promo team! Cash paid nightly! #nofilter $$$
The hottest NEW party in the city. #nofilter
I don't do mixed signals. I straight up tell you how I feel.
Your girl doesn't need to tell you straight up how she feels. It's written all over her and the way she acts she's around you.
Nothing can save a relationship that doesn't have trust. Plain and simple.
When a girl is really fed up, "I'm sorry." means nothing to her. Period.
Texans 2-0 Colts 0-2 Now what bitches #TexansNation #Texans
Halloween this year is gona INSANE
S/O my dude @KozmoRadio1 for the follow. HTown reppin #Love
The end of a successful night. Saturday Lusso Lounge
Matt Schaub sucks just standing on the sideline. #TexansGameDay
Brooks Reed if you have hate in your heart, let it out #WhitePower
Fitzpatrick put that ball right on the money #TexansGameDay
Texans looking so good right now #TexansGameDay
When your so successful you don't give a fuck what you wear. #MyLife
Is this the Argentiniean Kenny G? #MayweatherMaidana2
Mayweather or Maidana?
Celebrating life with my dudes @braulio08 @EHoffHtown at #LussoHouston tonight. Come join us! #TurnUp #Houston
My week on twitter: 2 Mentions, 503 Mention Reach, 5 Replies, 63 Retweets, 26.8K Retweet Reach. via
Female volleyball players stay winning #UT
The best love is the love from a loyal female
The party is happening at Lusso Lounge as we speak!
Man the @nfl can't seem to keep any of their players out of the news. #Controversy
Lusso lounge tonight. #TurnUp
"Stuff to do" means "Completely made up bullshit created to avoid having to do, go, or participate in the activities you just invited me to"
Lusso Lounge right now! Epic
This is how my first night at Lusso Lounge is starting. #IndustryThursday
Come experience the upscale side of Houston night life tonight 526 Waugh Dr. #IndustryThursday #LussoLounge
I'm ready for a drink.
If were together you're going to get random texts saying "I love you bae" everyday. That shit is just gona happen.