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Rob San Miguel
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The Rockets are pretenders not contenders with Dwight out of the lineup. #RedNation
James Harden just let Kobe come into our house and punk us. A REAL champion will score late. 12-1 run? Harden aint shit. Punk ass #RedNation
#WorstRapLyrics Whenever DJ Khaled says "DJ Khaled, WE THE BEST"
#WorstRapLyrics "Got ya grandma on my dick" - Tyga
#WorstRapLyrics Anything Pit Bull has ever said in a song.
You'd be surprised how many guys are guilty of this here...
In the last two years you been seen all these new dudes growing beards. Rob San Miguel been rocking his since 2005. Sexiest Man Alive swag.
I female that's in love has better lurking skill than FBI under cover agents.
Call me when you get married and celebrate your 10 year anniversary.
If you don't put in effort, I won't put in effort. Simple as that.
Show me you care. That's all I fucking ask.
Having someone loyal by your side is a blessing. Don't ever take it for granted.
When them late night thoughts hit you
I'm the friend that always goes above and beyond for his friends. That's my fucking problem.
Talk know who ya'll are lol
Opinions are like ass holes. Everybody has one.
Grown women wear heels not Jordans
White girls who wear Jordans always got kids.
"Boo" to "who" real quick
If you're a girl that wears Jordans you are not wifeable, how TF am I supposed to introduce you to my family when you lookin like Big Sean.
I will never let my daughter wear a pair of Jordans. She's gona grow up knowing niggas that wear Jordans aint shit FR #GrowUpLames
If you had me once and you lost me .. SUCKS FOR YOU BECAUSE I'M FUCKING AWESOME. via @CBSSports Gary Payton says he'd fuck Dwight Howard up if he caught him "in the streets" #WorldStar
80 year old Charles Manson get married to 26 year old woman. What are the odds this chick is white? #whitepeoplebecrazy
If it aint about the money...
When you know you got something good.. Just hold on to it and don't let it go. Not too many real ones left out there.
If you have a good girl that would do anything for you, don't take her for granted.
Please save this generation and share a million times. #FuckBoy
"I'd like to take you out on a date" > "When we gona chill"
We should all try to be nice to people because the world is a shitty place and we all need a little help sometimes.
When you think your slick and try to like a girls picture from 187 weeks back, so your girl don't find out...
JJ Watt doing everything possible to get another win. How bout them Texans!
Saturday selfie with the homie Jess. We match. Lol #AllBlack #LussoLounge #LussoSaturday
Cleveland fans leaving the building early like coward ass fans do when things get tough. #TexansGameday #BullsOnParade
The Ryan Mallet era has begun in Houston #Texans #HOUvsCLE
If she has her priorities straight, her goals in order, and morals right, wife her immediately.
#WhatJJWattWillDoNext Drop a mixtape with Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and Bun B. #Houston #HOUvsCLE
#WhatJJWattWillDoNext Sign with the Astros, be the cleanup hitter, and lead the team to the World Series, and win MVP