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And no one casts and stocks talent in front or behind the camera better than Marvel. Also - a talking Raccoon with attitude and big guns!
The Marvel Cosmic Universe launched in my youth, a boon of the 70's and this touches on all of it. Audiences will go gaga.
Having seen no footage other than trailers, I absolutely guarantee Guardians will ROLL EVERYTHING in its path the entire month of August
You’ll Believe An Elephant Can Fly: Disney Doing A Live Action DUMBO… via @badassdigest
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One of the highlights of following @LarrysComics feed is his weekly breakdown of this weeks books as he reads and racks em. Blunt, honest!
I would love to see Lebron back in Cleveland, but I'm not buying it.
Why Hollywood Isn't Sweating Summer Slump at Box Office
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The ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Ending You Didn’t See (And Why You Saw The One That You Did) (via @GoIntoTheStory)
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No doubt about it, Jim Lee is the definitive, #1 - top Batman artist. No else close.
Excl: Disney is developing a live-action version of DUMBO with TRANSFORMERS writer Ehren Kruger penning the script.…
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Moses! Moses! MOSES!! RT @cosmicbooknews: Three New Posters For Ridley Scott's Exodus; Stars Christian Bale
James Gunn: GUARDIANS features the most amount of Marvel characters that have ever been in one movie--times four!
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!! RT @Pedro_LC: My new mutants #98 is ready 4 you RT @robertliefeld: Very close 2 coming RT @actionscomics: @robertliefeld come to Brazil?
Move Mazzucheli up to #3 and...Yes! RT @IGN: Top 10 greatest Batman artists of all time ||
Upcoming page from RE:GEX Re-Mastered debuting at Comic-Con 2014! Art by #robliefeld colors by Tom…
'The Americans' Bosses Ink Overall Deals at FX
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Very close to coming.. RT @actionscomics: @robertliefeld will you come to Brazil?
Agree. RT @DAlter007: There is no movie I am more excited about right now than @JamesGunn 's and @Marvel 's #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
Comic-Con: Warner Bros. Bringing 'Mad Max,' 'The Hobbit' to Hall H
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Christian Bale is Golden on 'Exodus: Gods & Kings' Teaser Posters
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Check out the extended GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY trailer, with tons of new footage!
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Adidas pays the NBA an avg of $36M a year for the rights to outfit all the teams. Manchester United could cost adi 3X that.
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Amen! RT @Genghistwelve: @robertliefeld Come August, Rocket Raccoon will prove this-There is no bad IP, only good or poor exploitation of it
Sources confirm that Nike has informed Manchester United it will not match adidas for future kit rights. Deal worth $100M+/year.
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My point is not about current comics, more so, it's about how smart exploitation of repackaging old work is bringing great profits to pub's
Last night's purchase at Big Red's Comics in Orange! Classics! Great series!
Kirby left so much genius behind at DC and it is wildly under-developed. New Gods/4th World >>>>Thor any day-But Thor developed w/top talent
FF RT @JimViscardi: @robertliefeld Do you have any complete runs of anything (not your own work)?
Sampled RT @arch_carrier: @robertliefeld Not even following JRJR's Superman?
The work of true genius RT @mirrorcomics: @robertliefeld sprained a finger reading the X-FORCE Omnibus Vol 1 this week - sooo awesome.
The ending was weak RT @THE_REAL_JLUCAS: @robertliefeld What did you think of Forever Evil (if you checked it out at all)?
..Of a $300 million movie/marketing budget pushing it. I like new, unexplored worlds.... Or in GOTG case, previously, underdeveloped.
Over exploited and as such FEEL and WORK as new creations. Gas-Mask Star Lord is like 6 years old, Groot, Rocket, all fresh w/benefit -- 2/3
Thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy - the reason Im psyched and buying 3 GOTG titles is that, as former D-list characters, they weren't- 1/3
Feels like the 52 never happened. All Batman books or books with ties to Batman or featuring Bat-family. Dropped Superman books.
I try and go to a comic store twice a week, buying great collections and trades. Been a year long binge.
In TPB!! RT @thecapcrusader: @robertliefeld I still very much enjoy your run on Hawkman with @KoniWaves! Will always be one of my favorites.
Stopped digital when they disconnected the app RT @Greygor: Have you made a jump to Digital @robertliefeld
Anyone else buying more old than new comics?
My dollars spent on comics are way up but I'm not buying many current comic books. I'm not buying DC after last week--sampled and done.
Fact that all my local comic stores attest to - 90% of my purchases in the last 12 months are reprints/trades/collections/omnibus.
Gasol does not want to live in Texas!! RT @mdeleon: Why the Spurs are Pau Gasol’s best option #spurs
Man, listening to all this Miami nonsense, Bosh is NOT the problem there. Wade is the dawg.
Need this! RT @RyanOttley: Flashback Friday on Tuesday! Some of you remember this thing I drew before Invincible.
Flashback Friday on Tuesday! Some of you might remember this thing I drew before Invincible all those many years ago.
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